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7 Steps: How to Run Successful Contests on Your Blog

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Do you run contests on your blog? Are you failing to get the results you need?

Whether you’re a small business or a large one, if you’re a socially savvy company, you’re using contests, sweepstakes and group offers on your website. Contests provide incentivized interaction that can drive traffic to your site, generate new email leads, and even allow you to crowdsource product developments.

I’ve seen a lot of companies use these marketing tools to resounding success. I’ve also seen epic failures. I want your next blog contest to leave you with a win.

Here are 7 actionable steps for a highly successful contest on your blog.

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7 Steps: How to Run Successful Contests on Your Blog

  1. 1. 7 Steps: How to Run Successful Contests on Your Blog
  2. 2. Table of Contents: Know your Goals and Target Market1 3 Build your Contest Choose your Contest Type, Details and Prize2 Market your Contest Track your Results 4 5 7 Learn and Repeat 6 Follow-Up Post-Contest
  3. 3. Know your Goals and Target Market 1
  4. 4. Know your Goals and Target Market 1 2 Define your objectives to both motivate you, and give you measurable results Align your contest goals with your business and marketing objectives Define your target market, so you know who you need to reach 3
  5. 5. Choose your Contest Type, Details and Prize2
  6. 6. Choose your Contest Type, Details and Prize 1 2 Decide on the frequency and time frame of your campaigns. Short, weekly contests build momentum and habits in your customers. Choose a contest type(s) that works best for your business goals and target market Your prize is key. Keep it related to your brand, desired by your market, and suited to your contest ask. 3 Wishpond social campaigns
  7. 7. Build Your Contest3
  8. 8. Build Your Contest 1 2 Make your title short, clear and actionable, with your prize and business name Use a third party app to build your contest - it will make your life a lot easier! Use enticing images in your contest to motivate people at a glance 3 From Wishpond social campaigns
  9. 9. Market Your Contest4
  10. 10. Market Your Contest 1 2 Use email and your social networks to generate a buzz for your campaign Promote your contest to boost your success - use website banners with clear CTA’s Use targeted online ads to reach your market niche3 Example of website banner with CTA
  11. 11. Track Your Results5
  12. 12. Track Your Results 1 2 Track the metrics of your objectives to measure your contest success Monitor your contest in real-time to improve it as you go Use analytic tools like Google, Wishpond’s Social Marketing Suite, and your website 3 Example of Wishpond contest analytics
  13. 13. Follow-Up Post-Contest6
  14. 14. Follow-Up Post Contest 1 2 Congratulate your winner(s) by email, on your blog, and through social sites Follow-up with your contest participants to deepen customer relationships Send a follow-up email to all of your participants to thank them, and invite them to your next contest 3 Example of website follow-up from Stitch Collective, who run vote contests to choose next product design
  15. 15. Learn and Repeat7
  16. 16. Learn and Repeat 1 2 Learn by defining your successes and failures to make improvements going forward When your contest is complete, take the time to compile your results and analyze them Repeat your contest3
  17. 17. Thank you for viewing! Wishpond makes it easy to run interactive social media marketing campaigns. Learn more at Wishpond.com Did you like this presentation? Check out blog.wishpond.com for more! Share our blog!