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Hexlant Octet Pitch Deck

  1. COPYRIGHT © Hexlant, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Octet Blockchain Developer Platform
  2. Hexlant Introduction Participant of TIPS* Program ($500,000 USD) *State-led Tech Incubator Program for Startups Accelerated by Leading Financial Groups Pre A-Series Investment POSCO Capital ($400,000 USD) Backed by Blockchain Innovation Leaders Driving the Adoption of Octet
  3. $- $4.50 $9.00 $13.50 $18.00 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 Unit: $1 Billion $17b $2.3b 30% YoY Growth Source : Blockchain Market Outlook to 2024 by Ameri Research Inc. Global Blockchain Market Value Blockchain Recognition by Enterprises Blockchain Market Trend Source : 2019 Blockchain Report by Deloitte Global blockchain market is showing 30% YoY growth Blockchain recognized as top 5 priorities for enterprises
  4. Q. Why greater blockchain adoption faces challenge? A. Absence of blockchain developer platform that anyone can use ? Blockchain Infrastructure Market Valued at $1 billion USD in 2020 (CAGR 85%)
  5. Blockchain Service • Bitcoin • Bitcoin Cash • Ethereum • EOS • Ripple • Klaytn Public Blockchain Cloud Computing • Multi-Signature • Private Key Management • Suspicious Transaction Monitoring / Report • Emergency Response SecurityCloud Computing • IBM Hyperledger • Samsung Nexledger Private Blockchain “Every blockchain protocols have different security measures” Non-blockchain Service 3 Blockchain Development Layers BlockchainProtocol– CloudComputing–BlockchainSecurity
  6. Blockchain Layer Development Layer Security Layer Node RPC Support Enterprise Wallet Blockchain Explorer On-chain Analytics On-chain Alert Transaction Monitoring Key Management System Virtual Asset Whitelisting Suspicious Transaction Report Emergency Response Plan Wallet Exchange Custody De-Fi Finance Dapp Gaming Supportedby Octet BuiltwithOctet 1 2 3
  7. Security Key Management Scalability Infrastructure Usability Commercialization 20202018 2019 * Cryptocurrency Prepaid Card Transaction Method and System (Patent Registration Number: 10-1922912) Area of Focus
  8. · Streamlining of Product
  9. · Octet Dashboard
  10. · Real-time Monitoring
  11. · Pay-as-you-go Subscription
  12. Users Developer Service Planner Student Others Select the service Select the mainnet Select the library Select the security De-Fi Data Monitoring Voting Exchange Private Wallet Bitcoin Ethereum Klaytn Tron EOS Full History JSON-RPC Explorer On-chain Analytics On-chain Alert Private Key Management Suspicious TX Report Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Blockchain Service Release Before 120 Days 5 Devs After 7 Days 1 Dev
  13. Diversified Use Cases Octet is implemented across 9 different industries
  14. Customers 76 Mainnets 18 +3 TBA by 2020 Users 269,291 Wallets 845,129 Audits 61 Daily API Calls 21,445,129 2018 - $575,000 USD ACHIEVED 2019 - $1,536,000 USD ACHIEVED 2020 - Rapidly Expanding Customer Pool
  15. Blockchain Infrastructure Market Octet’s competitors include BitGo and Alchemy Competitors
  16. Target Customers in Japan • Blockchain Company - Virtual Asset Exchange - Blockchain Wallet Provider - Dapp Developer • Octet’s compliance with FATF’s Travel Rule (AML, STR, Real-name Verify) Our Primary Focus (2020) Our Secondary Focus (~2022) Stage 2 Stage 3 • Financial Institution - Commercial Bank - Insurance Company - Legacy Custodian • Octet’s diversified solution for financial institutions • Non-blockchain Company - IT Company - Telecommunications - Legacy Manuafacturer • Octet’s blockchain infra connecting entreprises with blockchain Fintech Stage 1
  17. Blockchain-as-a-Service Body of Hexlant Team Experience Spirit of Hexlant Virtial Asset Managers Bank of Hexlant Blockchain Leaders Brain of Hexlant Dynamic Production Heart of Hexlant Business Development Face of Hexlant Goal Develop Blockchain Infrastructure Goal Propose Blockchain Standard Goal Develop Blockchain Service Goal Deliver Octet to Global Customers Goal Management Support Goal Safeguard Digital Assets Max Ryu Alex Park Sam Kim Mark Lee Eun Cho Leo Park Tae Hwang Emily Lee Katie Choi Myung Han Eun Cho Jinwoo Ro Henry Kang Hoon Kwun Jaehan Kim Retin An Won Kim Jinwoo Ro Max Ryu Carson Lee Jinwoo Ro Henry Kang Jinwoo Ro
  18. Jinwoo Ro Henry Kang Alex Park Max Ryu DP Team Octet Team Octet Team Management
  19. Investment RAISING $3.5M SERIES A TO ACCELERATE GROWTH $400,000 $500,000
  20. Vision Octet, behind the scenes Enterprises like SK Planet, Shinhan Bank, and Samsung Blockchain have adopted our technology. Korea’s leading universities are using our solution as an official blockchain software.
  21. Ambition for New Technology “Tech Ambition” Vision Every team member at Hexlant is equipped with Tech Ambition. We will become a key player in blockchain market.
  22. COPYRIGHT © Hexlant, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The land where all blockchain starts Hexlant