Frontline Optimization

Workday, Inc.
23 Nov 2020

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Frontline Optimization

  1. Machine Learning for the Frontline Workforce: Where We Are & Possibilities
  2. Machine Learning for the Frontline Workforce: Where We Are & Possibilities Looking Forward with Workday is a webinar series designed to give you insight into how your organization can do more with Workday. This series will share how we support how you manage your people and your business. Topics will include solution strategies and roadmaps, specific use cases, live demos, and customer stories.
  3. This presentation may contain forward-looking statements for which there are risks, uncertainties, and assumptions. If the risks materialize or assumptions prove incorrect, Workday’s business results and directions could differ materially from results implied by the forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements include any statements regarding strategies or plans for future operations; any statements concerning new features, enhancements or upgrades to our existing applications or plans for future applications; and any statements of belief. Further information on risks that could affect Workday’s results is included in our filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission which are available on the Workday investor relations webpage: Workday assumes no obligation for and does not intend to update any forward-looking statements. Any unreleased services, features, functionality or enhancements referenced in any Workday document, roadmap, blog, our website, press release or public statement that are not currently available are subject to change at Workday’s discretion and may not be delivered as planned or at all. Customers who purchase Workday, Inc. services should make their purchase decisions upon services, features, and functions that are currently available. Safe Harbor
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  5. Jackson Bryant-Comstock Sr Manager, Product Management Workday Workforce and Pay Goli Cobbe Manager, Product Management Workday Machine Learning
  6. Agenda The Frontline Workforce Workday’s Focus Machine Learning Roadmap Q & A
  7. Workday’s Focus on the Frontline Covid-19 has reminded us more than ever how essential the workers on the frontlines are. They also represent a major subset of the global workforce - In the US Today, over 55% of all workers are hourly - Gig, Contract and Hourly worker numbers are all on the rise across the globe - Focus on industries that dominate this worker persona including retail, food services, healthcare and more
  8. Frontline Centric Solutions Geofencing Mobile Check In Pay On Demand Scheduled vs Actuals Detail Worktag Automation
  9. Workday for the Frontline Workforce Expand Functional Capabilities Create an ideal user experience for mobile workers and managers Expose Business Value through delivering prescribed analytics Drive efficiencies through targeted machine learning
  10. Workforce and Pay ML Opportunities PayrollTime Tracking Absence Management Core HR Mobile
  11. Workforce Management is Ripe for ML Disruption Data, Data and more Data 10+ Million Active Time & Absence Users Frequent Feedback Loop Weekly business process approvals, corrections and entry allow for fast ML training Fast Business Value Time Saved is Time Back for your most valuable workers
  12. Opportunities for Machine Learning Application Time Entry Time Approvals Pay Worker, job and talent demographic data provide contextual insight to make increasingly more accurate ML driven suggestions to global organizations
  13. Success for Our Customers Deliver differentiated value by giving your most valuable users time back in their day to do what matters most
  14. Machine Learning for the Frontline Workforce
  15. Machine Learning Frontline Worker Focus Areas • User Experience • Business Value and Cost Savings • Low-touch, effective, automated • Helping create an engaged and productive workforce • Simple and personalized
  16. Building Intelligent Computing Into the Core of Our Products Prism Analytics Workday Human Capital Management Workday Financial Management Workday Planning
  17. Early Time Entry Error Detection Has Downstream Benefits Worker: Submits Time 1 Payroll Admin: Approves or Denies Errors can result from Time Issues 3 Manager: Approves or Denies Catching errors at this stage prevents a future Payroll error + High Administrative costs 2 4 Worker Is Paid Workday confidential
  18. Complete ISA and opt in Models are deployed in tenant & continuously updated (off cycle) Models are Trained Machine Learning EA Customer Engagement
  19. Planning & Discovery Identify high impact use cases Data Extraction Gain access to customer data via ISA Development Explore data. Select Algorithms. Build model pipeline Deployment Release to EA customers Iterate Use customer feedback and data to continuously improve ML model More feedback. Better predictions. Virtuous cycles Our ML Dev Approach
  20. Machine Learning Dev How Do We Chose the Right Model? ML Journey Plan Train Validate Scalable High Quality
  21. Time Anomalies
  22. Frontline Manager “I review my worker’s time cards for a week, bi-weekly period or month. This is a tedious task that I’d rather spend as little time on as possible, but it’s my responsibility to make sure that time is accurate for payroll, project invoicing and audits. I’d ideally like anomalies surfaced to me so I can make the best use of my time.” Matt Frontline Manager ● Costly mistakes ● Spending too much time on manual review FEARS
  23. Time Admins Spend: On Administrative Work 2 days/week 8 days/month Reaching out to workers who forgot to report time Analyzing time for exceptions Reaching out to managers who forgot to approve Reaching out to workers who forgot to submit time Make individual corrections as needed
  24. Frontline Manager “As a manager, I want to be alerted when my team’s specific time entry codes, projects, tasks, worktags or quantity of time entered is anomalous compared to what is expected based on past entries.”
  25. Goal: Maximize True Positives and Negatives True Positive Time to action well spent False Negative Completely missed anomaly False Positive Not a good use of time True Negative No action required ACTUAL NO ANOMALYANOMALY PREDICTED “I think there is ANOMALY” (+) “I think there is NO ANOMALY” (-) 🙂 🙂
  26. Vision Manual, labor intensive, and error prone Deadlines are already tight Inexhaustive: can’t review every associate Identifies trends not visible to a single individual Helps timekeepers prioritize items needing attention Improves manager confidence and time back in their day 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 Calendar Day Traditional Pay Period Close Analysis Close Activities Business Activities 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 Calendar Day Analysis Close Activities Business Activities Machine Learning Infused Close Workday Confidential
  27. Feedback from Customers Wow, this will save me time This is useful We don’t populate that field We use a 3rd party system to store that information We added a new location in the UK
  28. W & P - Time Anomalies on Review Time • Filter time entries by different categories including Time Anomalies • Workers with Time Anomalies are sorted by count Reduces the amount of manual review required in reviewing timesheets, frees up time for other tasks. What Benefit / Value
  29. The Tip of The Iceberg
  30. Payroll Insights
  31. Persona: Payroll Analyst ““Meet deadlines, no errors. That’s what it is.” Pat ● Getting delayed due to my inability ● Not being able to explain reasoning behind my payroll processing ● Many service tickets from employees (“customers”) questioning paycheck results FEARS ● Process payroll in time and successfully without errors ● Store all payroll trails to be prepared for any future audits (by leads, employee, external auditors) GOALS
  32. Time and People Value Time Value: ➔ Organizations spend up to 80% of pay cycle on reviewing payroll ➔ 50-80% of payroll review is spent on just identifying anomalies People and Business Value: ➔ Opportunity to save time for payroll teams, allowing efforts to be spent on more strategic and higher priority tasks ➔ Opportunity to narrow the pay tolerance interval, decreasing costs and increasing pay accuracy.
  33. Settlement/ACHPay Input Integration Pay Calc Pay Complete File from External Vendor (Time, Stock, Benefits..) Pay Inputs Corrections Payroll Insights Pay Professionals How Payroll Insights Can Help
  34. Assistant • Simple navigation, task execution, and information retrieval through natural conversation • Start a conversation • Available in Workday Desktop, Workday Mobile, Microsoft Teams, and Slack Workday Assistant
  35. • Time Anomalies • Payroll Insights • Additional Workday Assistant tasks At a Glance: ML for Workforce and Pay Workday Confidential Model Training & Validation Early Access Release General Availability • Customer partnership • Model training • Qualitative and Quantitative measurements • Time Anomalies in EA • Payroll Insights in EA FUTURE
  36. Key Takeaways Workday Confidential Investments at the core have acted as a flywheel to accelerate delivery of ML capabilities over the past year. Tip of the Iceberg This year was the tip of the iceberg. There’s even more coming from Workday to make better decision makers and more efficient workers. Embedding Machine Learning into the very core of Workday enables us to more efficiently provide ML capabilities that deliver real value. Flywheel Effect ML Foundation
  37. Machine Learning at Workday: Innovation Services: ML Roadmap: Access More Resources Workday Confidential
  38. Q&A
  39. Thank you for joining us! Join us in these upcoming sessions: Workday Confidential December 1, 2020 Tuesday 10 AM PT Workday on Workday: Best Practices for Building a Financial Data Hub with Workday Financial Management and Prism Analytics December 8, 2020 Tuesday 10 AM PT Belonging & Diversity: Learn how Netflix is using Workday’s Solutions to VIBE in their Workplace December 15, 2020 Tuesday 10 AM PT Why Investing in Digital Technologies Now Can Radically Change Your Business December 16, 2020 Wednesday 10 AM PT Using Prism to Manage Your Data Through an M&A: Learn How Warner Bros is Using Workday’s Prism Analytics to Establish One Source of Truth December 17, 2020 Thursday 9 AM PT Unlock New Value from your Workday Investment: Discover the Power of Workday Extend Apps
  40. For a changing world. TM