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Stories to Watch 2015 #stw15

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What stories will impact people and the planet in 2015?
2015 will be a decisive year for major environmental and sustainability issues. On Thursday, January 8, Dr. Andrew Steer, WRI’s President & CEO, discussed the issues and stories that will shape the world in economics, business, natural resources, and the environment in 2015. Now in its 12th year, Stories to Watch is a go-to event for media, policymakers, business executives and consultants. Find out more at http://www.wri.org/stw15

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Stories to Watch 2015 #stw15

  2. ENERGY PRICES ARE COOLING DOWN Source: US Energy Information Administration
  3. Image: Joe DeSouza/Wikimedia
  4. 2014: A YEAR OF MOMENTUM Image: United Nations/Flickr
  5. 2014: A YEAR OF MOMENTUM 38 countries have a price on carbon Source: World Bank
  7. GLOBAL EMISSIONS RISING Source: wri.org/blog/2014/05/history-carbon-dioxide-emissions, image: Theophilos Papadopoulos, Flickr
  9. COUNTRY PLEDGES: HOW AMBITIOUS? Image: The White House/Flickr
  10. US: TAKING A LEAD? Image: Wigwam Jones/Flickr
  11. POWER PLANT RULES BY THE SUMMER? Source: NRDC Summary of EPA's Clean Power Plan
  12. COP21: WHAT WILL THE DEAL LOOK LIKE? • How Ambitious? • Regular Review? • Role of Finance? • Long-Term Goal? Image: Simone D. McCourtie / World Bank
  13. Will the world rise to the climate challenge?
  14. Image: Ollivier Girard for Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR)
  15. SEPTEMBER 2015 Image: utenriksdept/Flickr
  16. MILLENNIUM DEVELOPMENT GOALS 1990-2015 Source: United Nations
  17. PROGRESS: GLOBAL POVERTY Extreme poverty cut in half Source: World Bank data (POVCAL)
  18. PROGRESS: CHILD MORTALITY 17,000 fewer children are dying each day Source: UNICEF
  19. PROGRESS: UNIVERSAL PRIMARY EDUCATION Number of children out of school halved Source: UNDP
  20. BUT… Photo: Anduze Traveller/Flickr 1.2B people live in extreme poverty 6.5M million children under age 5 die annually 58M children out of school
  22. THE SDG PROCESS SO FAR Image: CIFOR June 2013: High Level Panel Report July 2014: Open Working Group on SDGs Proposal August 2014: Expert Committee on Finance Report December 2014: UN Secretary- General Synthesis Report
  23. WHAT’S DIFFERENT THIS TIME • Universality: A New Global Reality Image: United Nations/Flickr
  24. WHAT’S DIFFERENT THIS TIME • Universality: A New Global Reality • More Comprehensive in Scope Image: United Nations/Flickr
  25. WHAT’S DIFFERENT THIS TIME • Universality: A New Global Reality • More Comprehensive in Scope • Sustainability at the Core Image: United Nations/Flickr
  26. WHAT’S DIFFERENT THIS TIME • Universality: A New Global Reality • More Comprehensive in Scope • Sustainability at the Core • A New Approach to Finance Image: United Nations/Flickr
  27. FINANCING FOR DEVELOPMENT: JULY 2015 Image: Addis Ababa; Flickr/David Stanley
  28. Will the world embrace a new approach?
  29. Image: Wikimedia Commons
  30. SUSTAINABLE COMMODITIES: TROPICAL FOREST ALLIANCE Partnership to eliminate tropical deforestation from commodities by 2020 Image: Jan Van Der Ploeg For CIFOR
  31. RENEWABLE ENERGY: SE4ALL • Universal energy access • 2x the global rate of improvement in energy efficiency • 2x renewable energy by 2030 Image: Jiro Ose/UN Foundation/Flickr
  32. SUSTAINABLE CITIES: COMPACT OF MAYORS • 228 cities worldwide • Commitment to cut 13 gigatons by 2050 Image: J.P. Engelbrecht, City Hall of Rio de Janeiro/Flickr
  33. RESTORING LANDSCAPES: NY DECLARATION Commitment to restore 350M hectares by 2030 Image: WRI
  34. RESTORING LANDSCAPES: GLOBAL MOMENTUM BUILDING? 60M hectares committed so far Source: WRI
  35. INITIATIVE 20 X 20 Source: WRI
  36. PRICE ON CARBON CLUB Image: Julie Falk/Flickr 73 governments, 1000+ companies
  37. Will Clubs Drive Global Results?
  38. Image: Wikimedia
  39. A GLOBAL PROBLEM Image: UN Photo/Albert González Farran 1.2B people facing water scarcity
  41. US WEST: WORST DROUGHT IN 1,200 YEARS California produces nearly 50% of US-grown fruits, nuts and vegetables Source: Aqueduct, CDFA
  42. ` SÃO PAULO: WORST DROUGHT IN 80 YEARS 20M People Affected
  43. BRAZIL: A WATER RICH COUNTRY… Amazon basin: 50% of Brazil’s water, but only 4% of population Image: Keith_Rock/Flickr
  44. …A WATER-STRESSED COAST 80% of Brazil’s pop. in coastal mega-cities Source: Aqueduct
  45. CHINA 90% of coastal cities face water stress Source: Aqueduct
  46. EAST CHINA: WORST DROUGHT IN 60+ YRS. Image: Asian Development Bank, Flickr
  47. RESPONSE: PRIVATE SECTOR Image: MPhotographe, Flickr
  48. RESPONSE: PRIVATE SECTOR Image: Raiffeisenverband Salzburg/Wikimedia Commons Aqueduct maps on Bloomberg terminals reach 320,000 subscribers
  49. RESPONSE: GOVERNMENT Image: US Army Corps of Engineers, Los Angeles/Flickr • More water laws? • Water pricing? • Efficiency mandates and incentives?
  50. RESPONSE: INFRASTRUCTURE Image: Circleofblue.org Total cost at least $62B
  51. WHAT'S COMING IN 2015 Source: Aqueduct
  52. Will Water Risk Rise to the Top of the Global Agenda in 2015?
  53. Image: Salil Wadhavkar/Flickr
  54. A NEW MANDATE Source: Al Jazeera English/Flickr
  55. FOCUS ON GROWTH Source: World Bank 2014
  56. CITIES ARE BOOMING Source: Ankur Dave/Flickr Urban population 2x by 2030
  57. AIR POLLUTION RISING • Delhi: World’s worst air pollution • 5th leading cause of death in India Image: Kara Newhouse/Flickr
  58. MORE ENERGY NEEDED 300M+ Indians lack access to electricity Image: Abbie Trayler-Smith / Panos Pictures / Department for International Development
  59. URBANIZATION: 100 SMART CITIES Source: NASA Marshall Space Flight Center/Flickr
  60. HEALTHIER, BETTER CITIES • less sprawl • less pollution • safer streets • less infrastructure costs Image: EMBARQ
  61. BETTING ON RENEWABLES Image: Abbie Trayler-Smith / Panos Pictures / Department for International Development 100GW of Solar Power by 2022 33x boost in solar capacity
  62. A LIGHTBULB IN EVERY HOME Image: UN Women/Gaganjit Singh
  63. A BALANCED APPROACH? Image: R E B E L, Flickr
  64. LEADERS MEET Image: Official White House Photo by Pete Souza/Flickr
  65. Will India Successfully Embrace High Efficiency, Low-Carbon Growth?
  66. Image: Kreshna Aditya/Flickr
  67. NEW MANDATES: 1.8 BILLION PEOPLE President Dilma Rousseff, Brazil Prime Minister Nahendra Modi, India President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Turkey President Joko Widodo, Indonesia
  68. AND IN THE U.S. Image: Adam Fagen/Flickr
  69. A SUSTAINABLE LEGACY Image: Christopher Dilts, Obama for America/Flickr
  70. AND 2016? Image: Justin Brown/Flickr
  71. Image: Abbie Trayler-Smith / Panos Pictures / Department of International Development/Flickr