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HAPPYWEEK AUGUST 227 2017.08.01.

August - Month of Monkey: how to harmonize your life balance using beautiful energies of August. Use clever Monkey energy to prepare for successful second half of 2017.

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HAPPYWEEK AUGUST 227 2017.08.01.

  2. 2. www.akademiestesti.webs.com The yang energy of the summer is irretrievably gone. After the fiery active period, Metal comes and passes Jina's passive energy. They tell us that we are about to begin to process the results of our efforts so far. Yes, there is a period of harvesting and processing of the fruits of our work so that we can endure as much as possible. Are you afraid you do not know how to do it? You do not have to worry about it at all. In August, Monkey is in rule and it knows all the advice. So it's enough to leave it behind and follow it. It will show you the best way. You should be able to use the monkey again in all important areas of life. With the Monkey it can be fun, but it can also ruin your mood very quickly (sometimes unexpectedly). So make sure the Monkey has fun and do not "push" it into any problems. In August, everything should be playful, entertaining and clever. As you also know, Monkey likes to show off and loves the audience's applause. You will appreciate others’ appreciation in August a little more than in previous months. So try to make a good impression. Boast your clever ideas, achievements and achievements. Do everything so you can enjoy your (not just 5) few minutes of glory. It will be a very strong motivation for you to work and work. Good Luck and HAPPINESS Jirka & Dagmar CONTENTS AUGUST – THE CLEVER MONKEY •Thanks to the clever Monkey, you can prepare yourself well for the rest of the year. HOW TO EARN IN BUSINESS •Business and the monkey energy understand each other. You can make money off of it. PLAYFUL LOVE •In August, do not be bored. Everything should be playful and lightweight. Even relationships. FAMILY ADVICE •If you have a working family, use the Monkey's cleverness to make the best of your family. TIME OF EXPANSION IS COMING TO AN END •In August, it's not about how to increase everything, but how to get the most out of the current. MAKE YOUR OWN RULES •Set up rules and systems to suit your needs. DON’T COMPLICATE ANYTHING •If you need something new in life, then make sure that it does not make your life more difficult. HOUSE FULL OF FUN AND GAMES •The monkey likes to play. Make it a good place to do it at home. WE’RE JOUYFUL AND PLAYFUL •Your August goals must be light and seamless. WEALTH OF THE CROP •The coming energy of autumn will want to make sure you have everything. TIME FOR VITAMIN BOMBS •The period of cold is approaching. Your body needs to be strengthened to defend itself. STRENGTHEN THE ENERGY OF YOUR GOALS •Learn effective techniques to help you achieve your goals. English version by Jirka Černák JR
  3. 3. www.akademiestesti.webs.com AUGUST ONKEYWe're starting to think again - how best to use for our benefit. f you wanted to enjoy a nice holiday vibe, then you should have used the energy of July. It was a sensational energy that allowed us to enjoy everything and enjoy a nice summer experience. August brings a rather significant change. Feelings are slowly transferred to thinking and calculating. That is why you should use this month, in particular, to calculate correctly what and how to make the most of it. The monkey is smart and can deal with everything very quickly. If you have something to decide, something to solve, do it in August. Count, look for the best solution and concentrate on the outcome. It will go easy and fast. The right solution comes almost itself. You will not have to put so much effort and energy into it. Let the smart Monkey lead the way. Do not complicate anything. Just think of what you have to deal with and see that the Monkey will give you the answer and the solution right now. There is nothing to think about. Just do it and do it as soon as possible. The Monkey likes doing just what she likes now. Do not worry about something complicated. It hates problems. So do not wait until what you want to solve turns into something that will frustrate you. You would tend to run away from it, postpone it and make a big deal out of it. Do not be afraid to delegate the solution to someone else. The monkey has good ideas, but it rather leaves the realization to others. So think about who can help you with the situation. August is the perfect month to prepare a good ground for everything to be settled in September. Take a list of everything that needs to be resolved quickly and let the Monkey guide you. Do everything with ease and fun. The monkey hates when it feels it needs to do something. On the contrary, it likes playing very much. Take some time to be entertained, play and enjoy your free time. If you are planning a holiday, then enjoy it and have as much fun as possible. If you spend August working, try to present your work so that you get recognition. The monkey likes praise and likes to be popular. So definitely don’t hide anywhere and let the others admire your success. Use August to plan the second half of the year. We call the summer "cucumber season", but it will end with the arrival of September. Suddenly you will find that you have a lot of work, tasks and decision-making. The better you think with the help of the Monkey, the easier it will be in September and the next months. I
  4. 4. www.akademiestesti.webs.com HOW TO EARN FROM IT August is the first month where you should seriously begin to think about how to get the best work results this year. Focus on the result. Make the most of your current situation. Do a so-called SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats). With this, you can quickly identify what you can use this year to maximize your efforts and vice versa, which can threaten or weaken you. Then focus on the strengths and let the Monkey figure out how to maximize your success and profits as much as possible. Write your ideas immediately. Pay close attention to having the right "executor" for each task. You do not have to do it yourself. Conversely, the more you delegate, the better for you. Set everything to run like butter. Make sure you make the most of your year-long effort. Think about what you have done so far and how to make more use of it. Try to get the most out of it. The Monkey knows exactly how to do it. Do not forget that the Monkey will be followed in September by the Cock. This is a practitioner who needs a clear assignment that can be brought to perfection. The Monkey must prepare the land for him, give him a clear assignment. Consider this assignment right now in August. The clearer this will be, the easier it will be to make it work in September. August is about thinking and so engage your intellect. Do not forget that Monkeys can handle everything. So don’t be afraid to think about those occasions that may not even have occurred to you. It is also important that you realize that the energy of the Monkey is here for all, including the people around you. So be on your guard. It may happen that someone will want to use you for their benefit. You must avoid this. Cleverness is the basic energy of August. Use it. BUSINESS
  5. 5. www.akademiestesti.webs.com RELATIONSHIPS Playfulness, lightness and cleverness. These are the energies that you should use as much as possible in August. Your relationship can not only improve, but also consolidate. In July, you should have used the most of your relationship for romantic experiences. August will be different. The monkey likes to play. That's why you should focus on entertainment, play and relaxed atmosphere in August. Your relationship will definitely grow while having fun with your partner. In this month, plan as much fun as possible with your partner. Have fun with friends, go to interesting places where you can enjoy various activities and engage in different games. Definitely do not stay alone and at home. Ideal will be a company that likes you both. Your relationship will be strengthened if others notice that you like that you like being together and that you are doing well in your relationship.Show everyone how happy you are with your partner. Show off what's going on in your relationship. If you are happy with your home, invite your friends over. Organize a nice reunion at your house. Show your friends your home and tell them how you got it with your partner. In August, you should participate in as much various social events as possible. Join them with your partner. Never alone. What you have to show is your loving relationship. The focus of attention is not on you, but your relationship, your love, and how happy you are. Beware of jealous people in your neighborhood. Don’t spoil your mood with their unpleasant and bitter comments. On the contrary, take it as a clear proof that you are doing well in your relationship. That's why they are jealous too. This year is the year of the Fire (ruling Fire Cock). Therefore, it is important that your relationship is accompanied by true love, amorousness and passion. Don’t be afraid to show it to others. Don’t be shy and don’t hide. Your relationship must be as bright as possible. If you have a problem with your partner to deal with, just do it in August. Clarify your situation. Clearly define what you are doing and what is lagging behind a bit. The monkey can advise you how to deal with the situation. Take advantage of her intelligent and reasoning side. Engage your intellect together. Everything you can reasonably clarify, explain and agree on common goals. Define them clearly and simply. The monkey then finds a quick solution. Don’t wait for anything. Just act. The monkey does not like delays. If it appears to be lengthy, complicated, it tends rather not to deal with it. So if you get the idea of a solution, that means you have to deal with it now. You will see how easily you can solve the situation. Before you realize, everything will be the way you planned.
  6. 6. www.akademiestesti.webs.com amily advice There is nothing stronger than when the whole family keeps together. The family has great power, strength, and the potential of wealth and prosperity. If you are lucky and your family is functioning on these principles, then in August, it’s the best time for you to determine what and how to continue within your family. You have been behind for more than half a year. You have a pretty clear idea of how you are doing this year in your family and how everything is evolving. So the profits and achievements can already be in sight. Therefore, it is important to clearly identify how to insure your profits and how to use them throughout the family. Assemble your whole family and organize something like a family meeting. Talk about how things work for everyone. Who needs help. Clarify what your priorities are and what is most important for the family at this time. F A M I L Y Determine where the greatest potential is and what to take advantage of. Then devise a plan and assign responsibilities, tasks, and write down everything. It is important that you keep clear in your next process and that no one in the family feels like he doesn’t know what to do. Try to make the family align as a whole. It will be so much stronger and you can achieve your goals much faster. It is important that everyone is clear about what, when, and how they should do and what they have to contribute. The monkey brings the first metal energy and they want order and rules. Although the Monkey is not so metal yet, it is still necessary to take metal energy into account in August. Its power will take effect in September, when the Cock will take over the government, who also rules the whole year. The cock will have great power in September and you have to make the most of it. You have to set everything up for your family to work well and you could use the Cock's hard work to get you to the best final result. But you have to settle for everything now, under the domination of the Monkey. It has to come up with ideas what to do and how to do it. The cock can handle it without any problems. And because Monkey likes entertainment, it's important to plan your family meeting as a little celebration. The meeting should be pleasant, relaxed, and there should be a good mood. If there are conflicts among some members, then it’s important to not invite them to the family meeting. Either they leave their disputes "at home", or it's better to not invite them. Disputes and conflicts could spoil the whole meeting. Children are also family members. The new school year is slowly approaching. Don’t wait until September. Already in August, think about what kind of activities your children should do in the new school year. Which clubs or courses to sign up for? What kind of day regime they should have, etc. If you have future schoolchildren at home then it's time to start preparing for change. Children need a sense of security, support and tradition. Slowly, start getting used to the new life that is waiting with the advent of the school. Do it so that they enjoy the change, but also feel safe and secure. This upbringing can only be provided by a family. The more family members you engage in this preparation, the better for the kids.
  7. 7. www.akademiestesti.webs.com WEALTH TIME OF EXPANSION IS COMING TO AN END Energies are weakening slowly but surely and everything starts to head inwards from the outside. You should, therefore, stop trying to expand your field of activity. Instead of that, you should concentrate on taking the most out of what you’ve accomplished so far. The energies of expansion are now gone. The energies of concentration and of securing the already accomplished goals are coming. If you will try to gain something more, then you can lose a part of what you own, or you can even lose everything. Now comes the time, when you must slowly but surely start concentrating on maximizing your profits. You should make a thorough analysis of the things you’ve gained and accomplished this year. In August you should have a good overview of your situation. Do not lie to yourself. Be realistic instead of being optimistic. You should consider the worst situation possible rather than thinking of good results. Your goal now is to prepare for protection of your profits, your harvests and of your results. It is important for you to successfully hide the things you’ve accomplished and prepare these things to work to your benefit in the new season, which comes at the beginning of the upcoming year. The wisdom of the Monkey, which is ruling in August, will help you realize how to secure your possessions, possibly it will even advise you on how to increase your profits. If you use its energy, you will clearly see what to do with your possessions and your finances for your profit to be at its zenith. It is advisable for you to consult with the experts in the field, in which you want to maximize your profits. You should have the correct financial and juridical documents. If it is necessary to undertake audits, analyses or inspections, then prepare so that everything goes smoothly. August is time when there is no longer place for heroism. It is the time for experience and cleverness. Look for ways to secure good results for this year. Do not expand your possessions in August, but start defending and securing them. Now comes the time, when it is necessary to create reserves, supplies and plans in order to protect your future profits. If you are a businessperson, then concentrate on inspecting your business’s budget. Make sure that your expected profits are realistic and also be aware that your expenditures should not exceed your profits. Starting August, you should also slowly start preparing the budget for the upcoming year. Start your work with the energy of the Monkey. It will give you many smart ideas on how to propose a budget for next year.
  8. 8. www.akademiestesti.webs.com SUPPORT START MAKING YOUR OWN RULES The falling energy of coming autumn requires you to start creating rules and systems to make your work easier. The energy around us is starting to weaken and we are slowly starting to lose their support. In order to avoid unnecessary exhaustion in our activities, we should create a certain regime or system to help us handle everything easily. The domination of the Monkey is starting to strengthen the energies of the Metal that belong to autumn. The metal serves for reinforcement and protection. It is also energy of leadership. That is why order and rules help us to bring everything to the best result. If we have the correct rules, just follow them and they can guide us to the goal without having to get exhausted. It's a kind of a map, or a GPS, if you will, which always leads you to the target. In August, you must remember your yearlong goal. What did you want to achieve this year? What was your main goal for this year? You are now halfway to this goal. You've already done something, got something, gathered something. And now is the time for you to correctly set up how to deal with it in order to get to the finale. The Monkey brings the energy of intelligence. The Monkey knows every situation. It knows very well what to do to make it work for you best. It is therefore very important that you start working on the preparation of the plan and rules that you will follow until the end of this year. It must be the rules that will lead you to this year's goal. Do not forget the rules of the rules: 1. Must be established 2. It must be announced 3. Must be respected You must set the first two points of these rules in August with the help of the Monkey. It will help you figure out and fix the rules. You will be clear about what to do and how to do it. You must then declare these rules. Everyone needs to know what rules to follow now. It is very important for you to do well in the next month - September. The Cock will rule this, and he must have a clear definition of what to do and how to do it. He needs to get the most precise assignment so you can use his strengths. The set rules will then play a significant role in the energy we call "helpful friends". They will be your friends to help you reach your goal.
  9. 9. www.akademiestesti.webs.com The legality of the future is clear: everything new is a concern, and therefore everything new must bring joy. During the reign of the Monkey, it is double. FUTURE Your main goal in August is to PREVENT CREATING THINGS FOR YOU TO STRESS ABOUT. If you want to start something new or purchase something new, make sure that it will give the most happiness possible and create the least amount of stress possible. The monkey does not like stress and nurturing. It does not like problems. When it must nurture someone, then it only nurtures itself. That is something you should also focus on. Make sure that your future will be pleasant for you. You have to feel good, everything new should bring happiness to you. We know, that Monkey is primarily about playfulness and joy. That is why you should concentrate on things that entertain you, the things that you are in the mood for. Definitely do not start something, that will make you annoyed, something that will give you excess stress and will make your life more complicated. The monkey has the tendency to run away from these stressful things. By dealing with these things, you can create a problem, that is definitely not one you want to deal with. It is important for you to decide wisely. Everything new must work to your benefit. Everything new must suit your current position and must strengthen you primarily. You need to set a future that is totally accomplishable for you. The Monkey wants to play, it wants to be entertained. You have to subordinate everything new to this. That includes totally everything: activities, people and things. Do not let anyone or anything potentially stressful for you into your life. You should contrariwise set everything in a way that will help you, in a way that will make your life easier so that you have a chance to enjoy it as much as possible. If you want to create something, then do it in a way that will make you proud of yourself. The Monkey likes to be recognized. That is why you should show your results to your colleagues, bosses, friends and family. For example, if you are setting up a new apartment, invite your friends and colleagues to a welcome party. If you are, for example, creating a new project, show it to your bosses. Do everything in a way for your work to be recognized; for you to be rewarded. That will definitely give you the energy for your future endeavours. Do not Complicate anything
  10. 10. www.akademiestesti.webs.com House full of games and FUN he monkey likes to play. You have to create a very playful environment. You should adapt your interior to games and entertainment. You should relax everything. Energies cannot be blocked anywhere. Everything should be variable and easily changeable. Each game requires a different environment, a different space. Your interior must allow it. The Goat wanted romance in July, the Monkey wants to play now. It must have where, with whom and for whom. Your interior should therefore be as flexible as possible. Make use of your space for various social entertainment or family games. Then change the interior as needed. The space needs to be changed with respect to how much space is needed. If you invite friends or a larger family, you need to be flexible in enlarging your sitting space. Don’t be afraid to "bury" your stable interior. Freely move tables, chairs, etc. Always adapt your home and apartment to your needs. If a fun party is about to take place, you have to turn your apartment into an environment where everyone can enjoy themselves and move. To organize a great family reunion, you have to set everything up so that the whole family feels comfortable. The energy of games includes freedom, loyalty and flexibility. Space now needs to adapt to you and your activities. On the contrary, you must not force anyone to adapt to your space. If you want to maximize the energy of the Monkey, then the space must serve its current moods. Change your interior and atmosphere according to your specific needs. Even though the Monkey brings the first energies of Metal, they are still young and very strongly influenced by the previous fiery energies. So don’t worry about changing your habits and be flexible. Always set your interior to be appreciated by those who use it. Their praise that they felt good at yours, it will be the source of your energy. INTERIOR T
  11. 11. www.akademiestesti.webs.com Personal Profile Typology and personality character• Profiling• Strenghts and Weaknesses• Natural Talent and Potential• Relationship Correlates• – Partnership analysis Life Coaching Life Balance Tuning• Tuning of currently important area of life (fixing problems, using opportunities etc.)• – career, relationship, family, wealth, values and rules, future, home, vision and goals Home/Office/Shop interior solution and desing based on Feng Shui I Ching (Yi Jing) Reading Contact us at jirka@byu.cz or +420 602 556 359 COACHING & CONSULTING
  12. 12. www.akademiestesti.webs.com WE’RE JOYFULL WE’RE PLAYFUL The goal of this month is to play and enjouy the successes and our life. Show everyone that you’re doing fine. If you set your target for August, then it must be a goal that will make you entertained and that will also show others that you are really great. August is definitely not the time for big and difficult challenges. Your dreams and visions should rotate around good mood, games and enjoying your life. Your goals should not be complicated nor tiring in anyway. The Monkey wants to play, it wants to enjoy and wants to evoke attention in others. It wants to show off a little. So fulfil its wish and use this situation to your advantage. In August set a goal that will entertain you. It should not be something big, however, it also can’t be something tiny and forgettable. It is important for you to be able to brag about achieving your goal. It will be necessary to show it off. The more recognition you will get, the better you will consequently feel. You can brag about your already accomplished goal, you can set up a new aim for August. Choose wisely, however. Recognition and valuation will be vitally important to you. If you won’t get recognition for accomplishing your goal, it will make you feel uncomfortable. You could even lose your enthusiasm because of this and that would be a pity. It should be contrariwise. Recognition should be a force that will move you forward into September, the month when the Rooster is ruling. The Rooster will then help you move further because of your determination. Your goal should be interlinked with a social event. It is necessary for you to be able to show off in front of others, whether it be your friends, colleagues or your supervisors. The biggest source of your further inspiration will then be if your smartness and wit will be recognized. Your goal should not be that simple. It must require intellect and agility, which in return must be recognized by others. That is why you should think of your goal for August in keeping with the Monkey. VISION
  13. 13. www.akademiestesti.webs.com WEALTH OF CROP THE BEGINNING OF AUTUMN HAS TO HAVE A SENSE OF WEALTH AND PROSPERITY. The harvest season and other harvest festivities are a rich harvest celebration. You should also support your wealth as much as possible. Here, we have one beautiful saying: “…..when winter asks what you did in summer time“ Winter does not bring us any crop, so we have to live from what we managed to grow in the summer. If we take good care of our crops, we will do well even in the winter. If not, we will suffer in the winter. And it is precisely the August season that we try to make the harvest as large as possible, the richest and a guarantee of long-term prosperity. We can support this energy just as we set our diet in August. This should be based on a rich harvest. In August, we are ripening a great deal of vegetables, but also certain fruits. And vegetables and fruits should be the main element of our August diet. The dining room is especially hard about vegetables. Peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, pumpkins and other types of vegetables are ripe. These fruits of summer should not only be on our plate, but you should also decorate your interior with them. Especially in the kitchen and dining room you should have different bowls and baskets with picked vegetables. You can enrich them with fruit baskets. Your interior has to shine through the richness of your crop. Monkey brings the first metal energy in August. These are mainly used to protect, store and store. This is a very good time for making various jams, spreads, etc. Your pantry should be filled with jars full of goodies. It is the promotion of the energy of wealth and prosperity. And most importantly, it is the energy of security that you are ready for the future. The more jars you have, the stronger the energy of prosperity you create.
  14. 14. www.akademiestesti.webs.com TIME FOR VITAMIN BOMBS Even if you are enjoying the summer holidays and holidays, the autumn is already knocking on the door. The Energy of Fire slowly begins to alternate the cold Metal. It also reminds us of one Czech saying: Holy Anna, cold from the morning. Yes, there is already a period of cold. Especially in the morning and in the evening, you will feel how cold Metal will try to get under the skin. Therefore, it is high time that you prepare for the cold days the best you can. And what else do you get when you're not immune. All nature will slowly but surely begin to close up, so that the cold does not come up to its feet. And man is no exception. Immunity has the task of protecting you from unfavorable external influences. It's a sort of "armor" (Metal) to prevent cold, but also other unfavorable and harmful influences. Fortunately, the end of the summer is associated with a crop harvest that brings you a wide range of minerals and vitamins. The biggest sources are good vegetables and fruits. In addition to classic vegetable dishes, take advantage of other forms of processing. Recently, so-called "smoothies" are very popular. It's a mix of fruit or vegetables. You create a very delicious and tasty healthy drink. Mainly children love them. You can also season it with various indredients. In the case of vegetable smoothies, it is recommended to give a few drops of olive oil. It should improve the acquisition of all healthy ingredients from vegetables. One smoothie a day and your immunity will protect you from the inappropriate incoming season.
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  16. 16. www.akademiestesti.webs.com STRENGTHEN THE ENERGY OF YOUR GOALSThe second half of the year will require a tremendous amount of concentration in order for you to fulfill your goals for the year. The upcoming Metal energy will help you with that. This energy makes you more concentrated, it also makes you more aware of your goals, it stimulates your attention to details and it exercises your power of will. In case you set your goals for this year correctly and you work hard to fulfill them, then with the beginning of August you should concentrate your energy as much as possible in order for you to fulfill these goals. It is important for you to realize what your goals are – you have to have a clear vision of your aims and targets. You have to realize what your goals are to the tiniest details. You should also concentrate on your emotions and feelings interlinked with your goals. Metal provides toughness and decisiveness. That is why you should, once again, define your goals clearly and accurately. Maximize your concentration. Do not let anything interrupt you. Nothing must divert your attention to a different path. From now on, everything must head towards the goal and towards the goal only. For that, use the very powerful and effective “metal” method: mantras. What is a mantra? A mantra is a clear definition of the goals you want to achieve. Mantras consist of present tenses and are written in a way as if the goals were already fulfilled and at this point you only enjoy the fact that you’ve achieved your goals. A mantra should be clear, simple and accurate. It strengthens the energy of the spirit of purpose. The stronger this spirit is, the firmer the “awareness” of achieving your goal is (no second thoughts whatsoever) and also the stronger your will is overall. Mantras are words. Words are the reification of spirit, thus they are its building blocks (even in the Bible it is written “In the beginning (of creation) was the Word.”) You should convert the feelings you have when you fulfill a goal to words. By using this method you strengthen the realization of your target. For example, if your goal for this year is a purchase of a new apartment, your mantra can sound this way: “I enjoy the beautiful energies of my apartment, I relish in the view of charming nature and I feel totally happy.” Mantra must be repeated a few times in a row. If you are working with spiritual energy, then you should include your mantra to your ritual of meditation or to your prayers. In this case you can repeat your mantra up to 66 times in a row. If you are not that experienced spiritually, then you should repeat your mantra at least 9 times. You should repeat your mantra at least twice a day: right after you wake up in the morning and also directly before you fall asleep in the evening. You should, however, also repeat the mantra anytime during daytime, when there is a chance to do so. If there is little time, then repeat the mantra three times (number three defines and confirms our existence). •Words form reality. That means that they strengthen the energy of your dream realization. A mantra will lead you to your aim and will also pull your goal towards your life. The upcoming season of metal (August, September and October) is almost perfect for this exercise.
  17. 17. www.akademiestesti.webs.com HAVE A STRONG SPIRIThe power of spiritual energy has been known to man for several thousand years. Already since the time of the ancient Taoists (up to 10,000 years back) we know that we live in a dual world where there is energy and matter. We know that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only change its forms (the material world). Energy in its pure form (ie, if we think of any form, shape, etc.) is exactly what we call spiritual energy. It's energy feeling. We can not make it, write, draw or sing (it is already the form of expression of this energy). We can only feel it. If you live in a balance between energy and matter, that is, between spiritual and material life (or between your inner feelings and material security), then life is all right, life is pleasant, beautiful, filled and happy. The development of civilization also brings about the emergence of a religion that has "appropriated" spiritual energy. Unfortunately, most religions have been abused to power and strengthen their influence in society. However, this approach has nothing to do with working with spiritual energy. Therefore, you should know that the place where spiritual energy is the most powerful manifestation and the best way to experience (and process) it is nature. Nature is a manifestation of how spiritual energy works. They are not temples, churches or other religious buildings. You are just another expression of power. Nature will best show you how spiritual energy works, as it manifests itself in the most beautiful forms. Just take a moment to sit in the wild and concentrate your attention, for example, on a beautiful flower of the plant. Immerse yourself in his beauty, "inject" into it and experience something called nirvana - a wonderful feeling of healing that is a feeling of Heaven, paradise, etc. Nature is the only real and natural "temple" of spiritual energy. It is realized spiritual energy in many different forms. All great spiritual leaders and teachers refused temples and churches. They considered them only as a manifestation of power. Nature does not do this. It does not have to show its power by artificial creations. Its power is natural. It shows the richness, variety and diversity of spiritual energy. Nature is the only real great fortune to draw energy from for our lives. Man is a part of nature, so every person has the potential of its wealth. Everyone can be as rich as any other creation of nature. No tree is born to not bear fruit. It is born in order to have as many fruits as possible. And you have the same potential. Learn from nature, strengthen your spirit in nature and leave nature to be your true teacher and spiritual counselor. .
  18. 18. www.akademiestesti.webs.com FORECAST OF ENERGIES - AUGUST 1 Tuesday Dog 9-6-1 On the first day of August, it will clearly warn you that summer and relaxed energy is slowly coming to an end. Start slowly becoming accustomed to order. The dog will really require it. So today, realize what you want and how to do that. It will help you create a precise plan. In order to relieve the dog's strenuous energy, use the food to a pleasant and friendly atmosphere. Even the dog feels good among those he likes. Today you can invite your friends and enjoy their presence with good food. 2 Wednesday Pheasant 8-7-2 Today, energy will be relatively weak and heavy. Do not go into anything difficult or demanding. It could drain your energy. Today, take care of activities that do not require too much invention. Even the food should be rather earthy today and it should make you eat. Today, you just have to feel strong and feel a solid ground beneath your feet. Synthetic food will allow you to. 3 Thursday Rooster 7-8-3 On Tuesday, active and working energy will dominate. So take a taste of what needs to be done. You can engage in activities that require a sense of detail. The motivation of today's day will be mainly praise and recognition. Detail will also play an important role in the meal. It should not only be delicious but also look beautiful. If you cook today, try to boast your work. 4 Friday Raven 6-9-4 This day is ideal for discovering mistakes, checks, strict audits, and so forth. If you want to be sure everything is revealed, that everything is as it should be and that an adjustment is made, then use it today. Beware that everything may look worse at first glance than it really is. Do not even experiment with food today. New things and efforts for originality may not be valued by anyone today. So try to prepare the food exactly according to the recipe and hold your thumbs to get it right. If anyone is going to cook for you today, try to avoid criticism. 5 Saturday Monkey 5-1-5 There will be a sense cleverness on Saturday. So, if you need to solve something, think fast, do it today. Avoid deception and fraud. The monkey feels lies and deceit for a thousand hunts. Everything will turn against you. Today's food must be mainly about you. Do not eat anything that you do not like and what you do not feel like eating. 6 Sunday Primate 4-2-6 Even today, cleverness, but mainly focused on the real needs of others. Try to meet others and advise them on what to do and how to do it. Be empathic and sensitive. On Sundays it's time to enjoy regular banquets. It is better if you prepare more varied meals. Wealth should be mainly in different tastes, but also in the colors and styles of the kitchen.
  19. 19. www.akademiestesti.webs.com FORECAST OF ENERGIES - AUGUST 7 Monday Tapír 3-3-7 On Monday everything should be as it should be. So, if you do not know something about what to do and what to do, leave it to the tapir. He will do it the way it is best in the situation. Do not really wonder if you could do it better. Today it would be a waste of energy. Today is a good day for home- made family food. So prepare the food that the whole family likes. 8 Tuesday Goat 2-4-8 Today, dedicate yourself to your partner and take all the energy to strengthen your relationship. Ideal for a romantic dinner with a partner. Do not plan anything else today. 9 Wednesday Muntjak 1-5-9 Today, think about your path to the goal. Make sure you did not leave of it. Today is not a good day for complicated activities. Today's food needs to be simple and it should mainly be liked by you. Just eat what you want. 10 Thursday Horse 9-6-1 On Thursday, do a great deal. Put in your heart, passion and emotion. Transfer your enthusiasm to others. Good day for presentations, sales and advertising. Today you must shine. Take the shine into the food. It's an ideal day for big gestures, great celebrations, parties and dinners for a big company. Show yourself today in the best light and enjoy a great feast. 11 Friday Deer 8-7-2 Today is a good day for presenting and spreading your fame, news or information to help you break through the market or in your company. But beware, today you should be holding on to the ground and use facts and be realistic. On Friday, food should be a symbol of stability and security. So eat food that you know will not disappoint and everyone will be happy. 12 Saturday Snake 7-8-3 On Saturday, you can devote yourself to your inner thoughts. You can think of your future, new approaches, etc. Explore new practices. Do not interfere with anyone. Today, beware. Today's food should be perfect in every detail: taste, appearance, environment and society. 13 Sunday Maggot 6-9-4 If today is not a beautiful sunny day, you better not even put your head from under the duvet. It will be better to spend all day in bed and do nothing to solve. If it's nice, enjoy the sunshine. Do not cry any more. Keep the rules today. Cook everything as the recipe advises and do not try to improve it at all. It could end in disaster.
  20. 20. www.akademiestesti.webs.com FORECAST OF ENERGIES - AUGUST 14 Monday Hornless dragon 5-1-5 On Monday, you should realistically evaluate your life situation and the activities you are dealing with. Evaluate everything realistically and objectively. Stay true and do not rely on others' feelings or ideas. On Monday, just eat what you just taste right now. Do not waste your food dramatically. 15 Tuesday Dragon 4-2-6 Today, powerful and expansive energies dominate. Think about a possible expansion to expand your activities. Make sure your visions are big enough and do not be afraid to let them go. The richness and variety of today's energy must also be reflected in your food. Do not worry about eating today. Be generous and have a good dose of good food. 16 Wednesday Badger 3-3-7 On Wednesday, make sure your plans and vision have sufficient backgrounds. If not, start building this site. Do not let go of anything unless you have a protected back. Rather, do not think of anything revolutionary, but build on something that already exists and what works. Today, treat yourself to some good traditional food. Ideally according to an old family recipe. It is a good day for a family meeting around the dining table. 17 Thursday Hare 2-4-8 Today it is good to be friends with each other rather than a rival. Avoid conflicts and resolve conflicts rather diplomatically or through your friends. Do not be afraid of anything. Make sure everything works well at home. You can also use friendly energy to help strengthen your relationship with good food. If you have a dispute with your partner, resolve it nicely. 18 Friday Fox 1-5-9 Beware of too smart solutions or ideas. Do not try to overlook someone. You better focus on yourself and your activities, and use the cleverness to move a little further. Today's food needs to be simple. Do not try anything complicated or to amaze anyone with food. Just give what you like and treat yourself to others. 19 Saturday Tiger 9-6-1 On Saturday, you can boldly embark on your current plans. Let them in with passion and joy. Do not think too much and do what you like. It is important to have a feeling of joy at that. On Saturday, enjoy the meals for good entertainment. You can experiment differently. You should eat in a company and not be at the table yourself. Good mood is the most important thing. 20 Sunday Leopard 8-7-2 Today, be prepared to adapt to any changes. Be flexible and do not get caught up by any change. Be active and perceive change as an opportunity. Sunday food should be hearty and sour. Ideal are today's sweet tastes. A sweet dessert shouldn’t be left out.
  21. 21. www.akademiestesti.webs.com FORECAST OF ENERGIES - AUGUST 21 Monday Condor 7-8-3 Today look at everything with greater insight. You can also think about your long-term plans. It is a good day to contemplate and think about new ways of dealing with the current situation, talk about the future, You can relieve the energy of today with an interesting meal. Try something new, a new recipe or a new restaurant. Food should be interesting. 22 Tuesday Buffalo 6-9-4 On Tuesday, beware of possible conflicts. If someone is standing in your way today, you may have the tendency to break through even the violence. Rather, follow the rules and resolve everything on the basis of the systems or agreements. Even though they have relatively strong individual energies, it would be good to enrich them with friendly energies. You can use this to have a good meal with your friends. 23 Wednesday Bat 5-1-5 Today, deal with everything with with lightness and insight. If something does not work out according to plan, turn your hand over. Why worry or experience stress. Today everything is light and therefore nothing to worry about. Today's food should be just about you. Do not worry about what and how it tastes for others. It is important that you enjoy yourself. 24 Thursday Rat 4-2-6 On Thursday, take care of everything. You could handle a lot today. It is also a good day to process information, analysis, or various surveys. Do not rely on only one resource. Today's food needs to be varied. It would be good to have a chance to taste from different meals. 25 Friday Swallow 3-3-7 Friday is suitable for advice and consultations. If you do not know something, talk to someone more experienced. Do not look for the original solution yourself. Rather, you learn from something that's already working, or have some advice from someone who has already solved a similar situation. Have some good traditional food on Friday. Again, there is a day when the family should meet at the dinner table and have a good family meal. 26 Saturday Swine 2-4-8 On Saturday, enjoy your well-being and abundance. You have to feel that you are doing well and that there is nothing in your life. It's also a good day to take care of someone, help someone, or get involved in charity. On Saturday, enjoy something good with your partner. Make a good lunch or dinner. There is nothing to be missed with food and it must be enough. The feeling of abundance is very important. 27 Sunday Porcupine 1-5-9 On Saturday, make sure that everything in your life is all right. Focus mainly on your background, privacy and family fireplace. Today you can also think about your plans and activities. Sunday will be better to spend at home.. Sunday meal should be simple and should not disturb the overall Sunday welfare.
  22. 22. www.akademiestesti.webs.com FORECAST OF ENERGIES - AUGUST 28 Monday Wolf 9-6-1 On Monday, be careful that everything is as it is. Many things today may look different than they really are. That's why you can verify everything and rely on the facts. Today it is advisable to use food for a pleasant meeting with friends. The food should serve mainly to a good atmosphere. 29 Tuesday Dog 8-7-2 Today it is of course important that you observe the rules and behave according to the order and order. Otherwise, an unpleasant conflict may occur. On Tuesday, enjoy something earthy and filling. Have a meal that will not disappoint you. 30 Wednesday Pheasant 7-8-3 Wednesday is not suitable for demanding activities. Do not let go of anything complicated. You better make sure everything works the way it is. Today give yourself something new, unusual or exotic. Eating might make it harder for you to get enough energy. You do not have to be critical to eat. 31 Thursday Rooster 6-9-4 Beware of overworking. Do not take more than you can. Today you should also be proud of the results of your work. Today, food could serve as a nice meeting with friends. Go to a nice restaurant or go for a party with friends. Good mood will be important.