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CES Takeaways 2018

Y&R Insights and Takeaways from CES 2018

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CES Takeaways 2018

  1. 1. The Consumer Electric Show in Las Vegas is one of the largest tech conferences in the world, featuring breakthrough products and innovations from more than 150 countries. We had a glimpse into the latest applications and strides in innovative technology. Here are some of our insights and takeaways from this year’s event.
  3. 3. AKIA mitchell GLOBAL director of innovation, Y&R We’re entering into another, more accelerated pace of innovation in technology thanks to advancements in chip technology. And with faster speeds, we can expect improvements in both delivery and consumption for both goods and content. 1. Chip technology: Advancements in chip technology will be responsible for the acceleration of innovation in neural networks and machine learning. Since we now have GPUs (4 tegra chips), there will be a drastic change in the trajectory of machine learning VERY SOON. This will power autonomous driving, screens, voice recognition, image recognition, etc 2. OLED screens from LG and Samsung: Bigger, better, and less expensive. Samsung’s screen reminded me of a Black Mirror episode, but better! LG’s OLED Canyon experience was impressive and immersive. These screens had the best contrast I’ve ever seen. According to Group M’s Irwin Gottleib, “Screens like this will be available in our homes, at a moderate price in the near-distant future.” See a clip of these screens on my Instagram. 3. Quantum computing: We’ve reached the age of quantum computing. Computer scientists projected that quantum computing would be achieved in 2030, but a wonk at Intel managed to figure out how to put an electron in ”super state.” Data will be moving SUPER fast in the next few years.This will cause an explosion in autonomous driving. 4. VR ubiquity: Seriously, it was everywhere — with some noteworthy updates in the gaming sector. Many companies were using VR technology to simulate skiing, piloting, and other experiences. I’m more interested in VR being used to transport consumers/fans to concerts, sporting events, festivals, resorts etc. 5. Chinese technology: Martin Sorrell said – in multiple talks – that the Chinese presence is what stuck out to him the most. China’s pace of innovation is aggressive, and since the next billion consumers may come out of Asia, western innovators need to be on their toes. 6. AI: Despite the vast potential, much of the conversation remains dominated by the current limitations of AI. The race is on, and it’s between the US, South Korea, China, and other leading nations to make AI more nuanced and “smarter.”
  4. 4. jj schmuckler global chief marketing officer, Y&R “Will a smart washing machine change my life? I wanted to believe it would. I really did. I went to CES this year with a similar focus to my past few visits; it’s a chance to meet prospective clients… talk about issues and find opportunities for how we can help them. But I also go to CES for some inspiration… not just about lusting over the newest screen on the market, but about how technology can continue to augment and impact our lives. And yeah, also, checking out HUGE screens! As we learned on our tour with Irwin Gottlieb (GroupM Chairman and overall guru of all things CES), technology is doing exactly that. 5G LTE technology is revolutionizing the healthcare industry and enabling remote surgeries in ways that had never previously been conceived. And that’s only the beginning. But as I continued on the tour and turned a corner, we approached the formidable connected washing machine section. And as a new home owner, my eyes and ears perked up. In fact, earlier that morning, I received a panicked call from home that my washing machine was malfunctioning due to the severe cold on the east coast. I was excited to see what the future had to bring. Truth be told, the connected washing machine is impressive. Especially LG’s SideKick. It cuts down on overall wash time and saves water. I approached the technician next to one of the devices and told him my situation – cold temperatures in New York, exploding washing machine, freezing pipes. And I optimistically asked him if a connected washing machine would have solved my new home owner problem of the day. My checkbook was out. I was ready to buy on the spot. At that moment I was reminded that at its best technology can support and offer relief in our daily lives. However, in the case of the connected washing machine, something was missing. There were bells and whistles, but the core experience was not a change for the better. It was just a veneer of technology, but not innovation in its truest form – that is, something that drives a better way for a consumer to engage. As marketers, technology continues to give us new and seamless ways of engaging with consumers. Our job is to harness it all and make sure our clients never launch the “connected washing machine” of campaigns.
  6. 6. GREG TAYLOR SENIOR MANAGER, GLOBAL STRATEGIC GROWTH, Y&R As soon as I landed in Las Vegas and the large video billboard above the taxi line could be heard asking the question, “Hey Google, play that song Viva Las Vegas,” it confirmed that voice would be a big theme of CES and, more broadly, the connected home. The show floor delivered on this prediction with connected lightbulbs, thermostats, security cameras, washing machines, and even a refrigerator by Samsung that can respond to voice commands. While these new products had consumers buzzing, many of the technology enthusiast and developers were focused on pushing internet connectivity beyond products in the home. Major companies like Deloitte, Ford, and mapping company Here, released their vision for smart cities at this year’s show. Ford CEO Jim Hackett, predicted a total disruption of the current cities we live in due to our overcrowded and congested roads, freeways and city blocks. Cities are at capacity and have to get smarter in order to provide a healthy happy place for people to live. The challenge is to figure out just how all the technology in these connected cities will work together. These new advances face serious barriers. Debates around public policy, infrastructure, security and social change are starting, but solutions and decisions are years out. While many consumers wonder when the technology will be available, the real question is when leaders of business and community will see a way forward that’s worth the investment. And, when regulators will agree on the policies. Consider regulation barriers on drones in the last few years; how will the inevitable volume of drones, autonomous cars, service robots and beyond fit together in one connected ecosystem? What I heard from speakers and people I met on the bus, was a feeling of uncertainty with cities of the future. One gentleman I spoke with from the US but who lives in China and works in the auto industry, expressed the difficulty in developing products for a city and consumer who is unprepared to receive it. Brands from all categories came to the conference seeking insight into how their products will evolve to fit in these future cities. Retailers are uncertain if future cities will promote more digital engagement or perhaps more accessibility two storefronts. Ford and Here both launched digital cloud based platforms that replicate a fully functioning city. These platforms will allow programmers, entrepreneurs and businesses to come together and collaborate on these future cities. The hope is that these platforms will provide the forum for discussion and for testing the processes and systems inside a Sims like digital world. Similar to Apple allowing programmers to build a million kinds of Apps for their iPhone at its release, this platform will allow innovators in all sectors to find efficient, and environmentally safe new products, services or processes for future cities.
  7. 7. Ann Carey Group Account Director, Y&R I had the pleasure of attending Irwin Gottlieb’s tour for the second year. Irwin’s knowledge of the category and CES is impressive, to say the least. I’ve noted some of the key trends Irwin pointed out, as well some others. Quantum Computing Is Advancing Rapidly: What wasn’t expected until 2050 seems to be advancing much faster. Both Intel and IBM announced big advancements in quantum computing, yielding faster, smarter, more complex computing that will enable big advancements in healthcare, inventions, as well as understanding and predicting climate change. Screens Are Getting Bigger, More Immersive And More Flexible: Check out this amazing video – as you walked through this LG labyrinth or OLED Canyon, different scenes would appear and honestly, it really felt like you were there.And that’s despite the hundreds of other people next to you with their cameras in the air. Also impressive is the ultra thin, stick-to-the-wall type of TV screen.And a screen that even rolls up (also by LG). Chips, GPUs and Connection to Everything: What I didn’t realize prior to this CES is that the advancements in the computing power and chip technology are powering almost all of the greatest technological advances – from screens to IOT,AI, autonomous cars. It’s all linked. Samsung SmartThings & Connected Life: Samsung continues to dominate the smart home arena and interconnectivity/automation of all things home - IOT. They are also getting into the digital assistant arena (and voice activation), but Irwin predicts only Alexa, Google and Siri will survive. Samsung also unveiled an insanely gorgeous 146-inch MicroLED TV, not yet for sale. 5G Is Coming – But When? A few companies are claiming to own this, including Qualcomm, Erickson and Intel. But trillions of dollars will be needed to make the dream real. The reality, however, is limited by the ability to wire the country with fiber – no easy task. It’s predicted by 2023 only 20 to 25 percent of country will be wired. Health Technology is Expanding into Sleep: Think beyond wearables -- more and more technology is being targeted to the need for relaxation and sleep. Beds, lighting, monitors, pillows, massage chairs that lull you to sleep. This is a fascinating new emerging category and if you are an insomniac (like me) up at night watching infomercials, you’ll notice more and more companies are jumping on the bandwagon. We Still Rely on Basic Electricity: Despite AI, Quantum Computing and all the advancements in tech, one truth holds true… We still need the power to work. This was evidenced by the lights going out on CES for 2 hours, which pretty much brought everything to a standstill.
  8. 8. Ann Carey Group Account Director, Y&R (continued) DELL AT CES 2018 This year Dell held their press conference in one of the Sands auditoriums vs. Yardbird, where the rest of their product showcase is held – and press attendance was incredible. Here is a highlight of their key announcements. 5th Consecutive Year of Growth: While overall category laptop sales are shrinking, Dell continues to grow share for the 5th consecutive year in a row. This is quite an impressive feat that is driven by tremendous inroads in gaming (growing 50% faster than rest of pc gaming industry) and innovative new high end offerings (such as XPS), as well as the continuation of high quality, value offerings (Inspiron & Latitude). Two New Laptop Entries + Dell Cinema: The impressive ultra-thin, infinity edge XPS 13 with thermal insulation by GORE (think Gore-Tex) and the Inspiron 15” 2-in-1 were the laptop announcements of the year. In addition, Dell announced the introduction of “Dell Cinema” technology, which includes superior color, sound and streaming capabilities - great for binge watching. Stay tuned for new TV spot launching in February! Dell Mobile Connect: Dell announced functionality that enables wireless connection between mobile devices and Dell PCs. The PC will mirror your phone screen on your Dell or Alienware PC, thus allowing you to check and manage your phone from your PC. Crushing it in Gaming: Dell continues to dominate the PC gaming industry with a range of offerings from Alienware to Inspiron.They launched an Alienware command center, making it even easier to control and manage all games and advanced functionality from Alienware systems. Dell’s partnership with E-Sports is expanding and they are opening two new Alienware training facilities in Los Angeles & Netherlands, demonstrating the intensity and seriousness of this sport (among other things, there will be areas to focus on content creation, scrimmage rooms, etc). It is predicted that gaming could ultimately become the largest sport in the world. Currently over 2 billion people game worldwide. Upcycling To a New Level – Including Gold: Continuation of the Ocean Plastics initiative has led to a closed loop plastics system. Dell recycles plastic waste discarded into the ocean and uses that to develop new packaging. In addition to this, Dell has started a recycling initiative to recycle the gold from motherboards. Did you even know there was gold in motherboards? They are partnering with Nikki Reid Jewelry in this initiative. For more information, visit the Dell blog.