applied cns diancephalon functions of braim brainstem s.n.s. sns ans a.n.s. somatic nervous system automatic nervous system peripheral nervous system pns p.n.s. c.n.s. intro to n.s. introduction to nervous system nervous system bucket handle movement pump hendle movement mechanics of inspiration movements of diaphragm movements of lungs movements of thoracic cage lung mechanics mechanics of respiration causes of oa risk factors of oa degeneration of cartilage degeneration of bone degenerative condition clinical features of oa osteology arthritis o.a. oa osteoarthritis injury of n. to serratus ant. erb's point klumpke's paralysis applied anatomy branches of brachial plexus cords of brachial plexus trunks of brachial plexus roots of brachial plexus brachial plexus shoulder joint condition investigation treatment of frozen shoulder pathophysiology of frozen shou anatomy applied anatomy of shoulder jo shoulder joint musculoskeletal adhesive capsulitis frozen shoulder periarthritic shoulder periarthritis shoulder normal calculation of ventilat pulmonary ventilation alveolar ventilation dead space v/q ratio significance of v q ratio ventilation perfusion ratio perfusion ventilation mal practice ppt damages in mal practice litigation costing examples of mal practice informed concent lowsuit mal-practice malpractice claim malpractice in physiotherapy medical malpractice mal practice reflex creeping reflex rolling reflex locomotion musculoskeletal system locomotion reflex neurological approaches approaches neuro rehab neuroscience vojta approach vojta technique
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