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Rakı Harmony in Global Cuisine / UK

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Offering Yeni Rakı to your guests is an opportunity to introduce them not only to the pleasure of the drink, but also to a new experience of established rituals, presentation and gastronomy. Easily spawning its own gastronomy within different cuisines, rakı is the ideal accompaniment to an enjoyable meal, sharing, conversation and entertainment.

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Rakı Harmony in Global Cuisine / UK

  1. 1. Funda Inansal rakı harmony in global cuisine UK 05
  2. 2. Funda Güzelmeriç Inansal Funda Güzelmeriç Inansal founded her own business with the advertising sector experience she gained in Ajans Ultra during her university years in 1990. Her company was active in glass production and export for 10 years in Turkey. Simultaneously she marketed her products internationally with her important partner active in foreign trade in Hong Kong. She took place in the founding period of Konya Cam as founding shareholder. In addition to her other business activities, in 1995 she entered the food & beverage sector and she took the first steps by franchising international restaurant chains in this area which she was interested in. She opened the restaurants such as Chez Bouvier, Santa Lucia and Belgo in Turkey. She has had his expertise in food and beverage sector by the trainings she got abroad and she has been still transferring her expertise to the sector with her consultancy firm, Dude Table which is very different from traditional consultancy firms by creating its own creative gastronomy projects such as Restaurant Week for the companies as a solution partner. She has been aiming to take Turkish cuisine to higher levels on the international platform by her “LocalisBeautiful” project. Funda Güzelmeriç Inansal, who has been taking part in a lot of social responsibility projects in education and creative thinking, is one of the founders of Creative Children Association and board of trustees member of Cappadocia Vocational School of Higher Education.
  3. 3. OfferingYeniRakıtoyourguestsisanopportunitytointroducethem not only to the pleasure of the drink, but also to a new experience of established rituals, presentation and gastronomy. Easily spawning its own gastronomy within different cuisines, rakı is the ideal accompaniment to an enjoyable meal, sharing, conversation and entertainment. The main reason why mezes, the basis for rakı gastronomy, adapt so readily to all cuisines, is that they are snack foods and starters served in small portions, and consumed with different rituals. These small portioned dishes accompanying spirits have different names in different countries depending on their lifestyle and food rituals, such as ‘tapas’ in Spain, but all these names correspond to the concept of ‘meze’. Themanydifferentflavoursinsnackfoodsor“appetisers,”coldstartersandhotstarterscaneachbecome a perfect meze when served in small portions. Rakı will inspire you based on the basic harmony principles detailed in the guide. Regardless of how the rakı will be drunk – as an aperitif or an accompaniment to a long and enjoyable dinner – the pleasant times will start with the one and only constant: mezes. Keep in mind that the technical aspects are not the only criteria in rakı-food harmony; the culinary customs and rituals of different countries encourage you to discover the best harmony. In thıs guide, which provides basic rules for the pairing of foods with rakı, you will find, in addition to traditional national dishes, examples of new dishes based on local tradition, fusion between national cusines, and complex dishes from the menus of Michelin-star chefs. The dishes in this guide have been selected as suggestions in order to inspire you to explore rakı gastronomy even further. Together with the mezes that you will prepare thanks to the experience and creativity of your chefs and suggestions from your service team, Yeni Rakı can also assist you in creating new experiences. 01
  4. 4. 02
  5. 5. 03 Snack food • Pickled cucumbers, gherkins, cauliflower, onions, carrots, onions, eggs • Manzanilla olives, preserved lemons • Baked olives with chillis, garlic & lemon • Salted anchovies, soft-boiled eggs, onions, thyme, flatbread • Artisanal British charcuterie – oak-smoked paprika salami, air-dried mutton, venison salami, fennel anise salami, beef bresaola, garlic salami • Hummus filled cucumber cups • Smoked eel served with horseradish • Marinated salt herring served with pickles • Sardines on toast with tomatoes • Smoked mackerel & horseradish pâté, grilled potato bread • “Scotch eggs” salt cod brandade
  6. 6. Cheese Soft cheese: cheese with a creamy, velvety texture, containing is 20-26% butterfat, and with a moisture content of 50-60%. It is used as a thickener and flavour enhancerformezes,whichgowellwithrakı,andisalsoservedassnackfoodtogether withcrustybreadandotheringredients.Fruitandfruit-baseddessertscanbeserved to accompany rakı. 04
  7. 7. 05 For example: • Wild mushroom crostini • Grilled vegetables with cheese sauce • Grilled peaches with a high-cream cheese • Grand Cheddar Réserve Spéciale & seafood casserole • Mille-feuille with smoked salmon & Le Cabrouet cheese Semi-soft: the cheeses in this category, which have a moisture content of 45-50%, can be used in salads and appetisers that may go well with rakı. Suitable for use in gratins, either grilled or melted, cheeses in this category can also be served melted on garnishes. For example: • Grilled brie • Sushi with L’Ancêtre cheddar • Crusted Le Rang des Îles on a baguette, topped with roasted apples and smoked oyster mushrooms • Coldwater shrimp and la Raclette Champêtre mini pizza • Brussels sprouts au gratin with Curé-Hébert cheese Firm cheese This is the most basic and common category. The moisture content is 35-45%. These cheeses are prepared with different ripening periods and techniques, which determine the fat and moisture content, and the aromas for pairing suitability. These cheeses can be used in rakı-compatible mezes in different ways, such as grilled with thinly sliced vegetables. For example: • Baya cheese with roasted aubergine dip • Grilled halloumi skewers with coriander • Figs, fennel & cheddar • Bacon-wrapped chicken filled with smoked Gouda • Mushroom and spinach frittata with Gouda
  8. 8. 06 Blue veined This category of cheese is called ‘blue’ due to its blue or greenish veins and is also semi-cooked and semi-soft. It can be served with fresh fruit and walnuts as well as with meals prepared with meat and vegetables.
  9. 9. 07 For example: • Endive with blue cheese dip • Cranberry and rocket salad with gorgonzola • Smoky beef stew with blue cheese and chives • Tenderloin steaks with gorgonzola butter • Blue cheese and dried fruit terrine Fresh cheese These cheeses with a moisture content of 60% have a more viscous, smooth and creamy texture. They can be used as a filling in starters or main courses prepared with meat and vegetables which go well with rakı, as a snack food, or served with fresh fruit. • Hot rosemary and garlic ricotta dip • Ricotta-stuffed cherry tomatoes • Radish and ricotta salad • Roasted pear crumble with mascarpone • Pan seared sea scallops with lentils, bacon and mascarpone • Fillet mignon with mascarpone sauce A cheese plate including cheeses such as smoked Gouda, semi-soft cheddar, blue cheese, grilled halloumi, grilled Baya cheese or grilled camembert, which can be served hot or cold with crusty or rye bread, may be preferred as a starter with rakı.
  10. 10. Starters • Welsh rarebit – melted cheese on toast • Endive spears with stilton cheese, toasted pecans and sautéed pears • Bangers & Mash – mashed potatoes and sausages • Classic marinated raw sea bass, lime, chilli, ginger & spring onion, avocado & basil • Sea bass tartare, avocado, orange • Grilled leeks, duck egg and tarragon • Cold roast lamb and pickled cucumber • Soft herring roe, black butter and capers • Smoked fish board – eel, potted salmon, cured smoked salmon, smoked prawns, herring, cucumber & dill • Smoked beef back • Smoked eel with celeriac remoulade • Sea bass carpaccio – roasted beetroot & salsa verde • Roasted scallops with tarragon & garlic sauce • Bone marrow & onions – roasted beef leg bones with caramelised onions • Duck rillettes served with toast • Smoked Scottish salmon with cucumber and shallot dressing • Smoked salmon, pear, and mango stilton • Mixed sushi platter (hot maguro nigiri, California roll, sake roll, ikura) • Ox tongue and apple terrine, beetroot chutney • Seared monkfish cheeks, smoked mussels • Devilled whitebait, lemon, tartare sauce 08
  11. 11. 09 • Twice-baked smoked haddock soufflé • Tuna carpaccio with watercress salad • Mackerel escabeche – hot marinated mackerel, tomatoes, red onion, Panca and Amarillo chilli, coriander seeds, spring onions, olives • Seafood ceviche platter – octopus, prawns, clams, scallops, mussels with Ají Limo chilli peppers • Beetroot carpaccio, plum, smoked labneh, dill
  12. 12. Turkish Cuisine • Cacık – yoghurt with chopped cucumber, mint and a hint of garlic • Broad beans with olive oil & garlic yoghurt • Fried aubergine, Charleston chilli pepper & spicy tomato sauce • ‘SakSuka’ – deep-fried aubergines, carrots and potatoes cooked with vegetables and spices • Hummus – a puree of chickpeas, tahini, lemon and a hint of garlic • Imam bayıldı – aubergine with caramelised onions cooked in olive oil 10
  13. 13. 11 • Baba ganoush – smoky aubergine caviar, tahini and a splash of lemon and olive oil • Red lentil patties with spring onions, fresh herbs and spices • Tarama – caviar spread with lemon and olive oil and a hint of garlic • Muhammara – a mixture of ground nuts prepared with herbs and spices • Fried meatballs with rice • Spinach & garlic yoghurt – fresh spinach mixed with yoghurt (with or without garlic) • Braised artichoke with olive oil – artichoke hearts cooked in olive oil with carrots, potatoes, tomatoes and garlic • Mücver - Patties of grated courgette, goat’s cheese, onions, carrots, dill and parsley, deep fried and served with garlic sauce • Smoked aubergine purée • Hummus with sautéed pastrami • Cheese filo rolls – freshly fried filo filled with feta cheese and parsley.
  14. 14. • “Albanian-style” liver – diced fried calf’s liver with chilli and onion. • Baked halloumi – halloumi cheese oven baked with cherry tomatoes and olive oil • Baked Turkish sausage – Turkish oven-baked spicy beef sausage with cherry tomatoes and olive oil • Grilled Turkish meatballs – grilled Turkish-style meatballs and tomatoes • Kadayif prawns – King prawns wrapped in shredded filo, golden fried and served with a smoked paprika mayonnaise • Deep-fried mussels – skewer of fried mussels, served with garlic sauce • Grilled halloumi – grilled Cypriot goat’s cheese served with salad • Fried Bulgur meatballs – stuffed and seasoned minced lamb meat, served with salad • Grilled lamb’s kidney – lamb’s kidney seasoned with oregano and cumin topped with red onions • Sardine with vine leaves – wrapped in vine leaves and grilled, served with salad 12
  15. 15. 13
  16. 16. Pies • Shepherd’s pie – meat pie with a mashed potato crust • Mixed game pie with pheasant, partridge, hare, rabbit • Braised ox cheek cottage pie • Veal & morel pie • Smoked eel, leek & parsley pie Salad • Root vegetable salad & ricotta • Lamb, chicory & anchovy salad • Artichoke, white bean & parsley salad • Venison salad, roasted pumpkin seeds and balsamic dressing • Quinoa, beetroot, wolfberries • Grains, kale, ricotta • Beetroot salad, goat’s curd • Roasted butternut squash salad with spiced plums, hazelnuts and blue cheese • Smoked duck salad with oranges and Parma ham 14
  17. 17. 15
  18. 18. Main Dishes • Roast lamb with spring herb crumb • Skewer of beef fillet, red pepper, onion and courgette • Braised shoulder of lamb with mushrooms and beans • Grilled leg of spring lamb with peas, radishes and mint • Fillet of beef Wellington • Slow-cooked beef cheek with beetroot • Roast rack of lamb with mint and bulgur salad • Braised shoulder of lamb with fennel and orange • Grilled Aberdeen Angus served with garlic and watercress • Spiced roast beef with seasonal vegetables • Fillet steak with stilton rarebit • Scottish grilled langoustines, olive oil • Mackerel, purple broccoli sprouts and toasted crumb • Pan-fried fillet of sea bass, pickled winkles, sorrel and barley risotto, and chervil butter sauce • Whole grilled Dover sole with sautéed baby potatoes • Poached salmon fillet with Cornish kelp • Wild Cornish sea bass & braised gem lettuce, mushrooms and wild garlic • Whole roast sea bass ‘forestier’ – salsify, potato, burnt baby onions and brown butter 16
  19. 19. 17
  20. 20. Turkish Main Dishes • “Ala nazik” – tender lamb &aubergine puree with browned flour • Beef mousaka – layers of aubergine, ground beef and tomatoes • Minced meat wrapped in vine leaves • Grilled spicy beef shish kebab with grilled vegetables • Grilled shish meatballs with grilled onion and tomatoes • Shish kebab – cubes of lamb on a skewer, cooked over charcoal and served with rice and salad • Kebab with mashed potatoes – sautéed diced lamb cubes with peppers, tomatoes and herbs served on a bed of mashed potato 18
  21. 21. • Iskender kebab – vertically roasted lamb slices with yoghurt and tomato sauce • S slow-roasted shoulder of lamb seasoned with wild thyme • Seafood casserole – king prawn, monkfish, scallops and shrimps, simmered with Mediterranean vegetables and herbs in regional tomato sauce served with bulgur 19
  22. 22. 20 Turkish desserts • Künefe – shredded wheat, fresh unsalted white cheese, pistachio and syrup • Su Muhallebisi – unsweetened milk pudding with rose syrup • Kadayıf – shredded wheat with pistachio nuts and syrup served with clotted cream • Kazandibi – upside-down milk pudding with a browned top dusted with cinnamon • Tahini halva – with pistachio • Baklava – multi-layered flaky pastry filled with chopped pistachios and sweetened with syrup
  23. 23. 21 • Sütlaç – a rich creamed rice pudding • Semolina halva – warm semolina dessert • Pumpkin dessert – Oven-baked pumpkin in syrup with walnuts • Quince dessert – Oven-baked quince in thick syrup topped with clotted cream • Şekerpare – Turkish pastries soaked in syrup with pine nuts • Turkish-style rice pudding, browned in the oven • Fig dessert – poached figs stuffed with walnuts dressed in a special syrup and served warm