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The hazards of wearing a bra 5.2

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The danger of bra. Many studies highlight the risk of blockage of body fluids in the breast due to the bra, fluids can not eliminate toxins, while developing cysts fibrokystes and cancerous tumors. It was also demonstrated that the bra is falling breasts more than it supports, making the muscles and ligaments of Cooper atrophied by lack of exercise and movement. The bra is actually a social problem in our society, a very lucrative business for the textile industry, but that has no medical necessity.

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The hazards of wearing a bra 5.2

  1. 1. The hazards of wearing a bra A standard dictated by social behavior Version 5.2
  2. 2. Preamble  You will read and view a slideshow which required several years of reading, research, and exchange e-mails with some authors of studies on the dangers and uselessness of the bra.  I have absolutely no moral or financial interest with any group or any organization to prepare this presentation. (Just a family history of breast cancer.)  Altruism is my only motive.  I am not a pervert for addressing an often taboo subject.  Share this information, make up your own mind, decide what you want for your body regardless of social pressure and all those who will say, "No, it is not possible! "... Yves M. This is a translation of original french version 5.2 I will complete as the other versions through my readings. For my health ... I AM BRA-FREE!
  3. 3. Another look our way of life  To better understand the aberration of social behavior it's best to be outside the culture ...  The monstrous appearance of foot lotus was regarded as the most erotic part of the female body, and the delicate shoes or boots that covered mutilated feet were a source of delight by association.
  4. 4. Breasts and bras : social behavior  For us one of the most erotic parts of the female body are the breasts and by association the bra. However, the breasts are associated in most parts of the world with feeding kids and maternity.  The bra has become a pillar of fashion.
  5. 5. A complex problem  Wearing a bra is based more on social and cultural reasons, not medical or scientific reasons.  In this slideshow are therefore closely linked: • The medical problem • The anatomical problem • The social problem • The economic problem
  6. 6. Invented in 1889  The bra is a French creation and was invented by Hermine Cadolle in 1889.  It was presented at the World Exhibition in Paris under the name of "Welfare".
  7. 7. The corset was already a health problem ...  From the sixteenth century, Ambroise Paré, MD Henri II, Charles IX and Henry III dissected a dead woman who had worn corsets, discovering that the bones of the rib cage overlapped.  During the nineteenth century many treatises were published concerning the negative aspects of corsets and doctors tried to prevent women from wearing them. Compression, bust deformation, distoring the body ...  The doctors then recommend a "hygienic" corset that completely clears the chest, where the chest is not maintained or raised. It is based on the basin and not on the chest and the chest is left free.
  8. 8. The garment compresses the body  Problems caused by bras involve synthetic fabric and chemicals added to the garment.  We all have the power to reduce the risks to our health by taking simple precautions and exercising our judgment in our clothing choices  In their book "The clothes that kill us," Dr. Anna Maria Clement and Dr. Brian Clement draws our attention to the probable cause and effect between the clothes we wear and the increased incidence of certain disorders.
  9. 9. Warning from the medical community It was around 1930 (41 years after the invention of the bra) that the first study was published showing a relationship between the bra and the increasing number of women with breast cancer. However, this research was ignored, partly because women are conditioned by the media and advertising into accepting bras as safe.
  10. 10. New information is often refuted.  Some doctors even believe that cysts and nodules in the breasts are normal for women and say that it is not a disease ...  Yet many published studies indicate that often cysts can develop into cancers.  Despite newly published medical studies showing a significant link between bras and breast cancer, the issue is being ignored on the basis of opinion only, not fact.  Absolutely no study proves that this link does not exist!  Yet 70% of breast cancers unexplained ...
  11. 11. Lucy has about 3.2 million years.  Scientific studies often have an economic justification.  In our society based on profit, getting rid of the bra has negative economic consequences ...  In recent years, almost the entire female population of Western countries has become convinced of the merits of using bra, despite it being detrimental to health and comfort.  How has the industry over the last few decades convinced women that bras are essential, despite millions of years of evolution without one ...?
  12. 12. The bra and lymphatic drainage  A recent study by two medical anthropologists highlights the possible link between wearing bras and breast cancer.
  13. 13. A study of 4700 women  Sydney Ross Singer and his wife, Soma Grismaijer, studied the habits of 4,700 American women, half of whom had breast cancer. (And not a comparative study between African and American as some suggest)  He showed in particular that women who wear bras for 18 to 24 hours per day had 125 times greater incidence of breast cancer than those who do not wear bras at all.
  14. 14. Compression of lymph nodes  The bra compresses various lymph nodes and channels, inhibiting lymph fluid drainage from the breast. This prevents toxins from being eliminated and causes fluid-filled cysts to develop. Over time, these cysts become hard and fibrous.
  15. 15. The lymphatic capillaries  The lymphatic capillaries are subcutaneous and microscopic.  They can be easily compressed by touch and slight pressure, and this prevents lymph fluid and the waste products in the lymph from being properly cleared from the breast.  + 70% of lymphatic capillaries are subcutaneous
  16. 16. Blocked evacuation of toxins  This lymph becomes stagnant and toxic and can cause tissue damage over time.
  17. 17. Compression of the lymphatics  The bra is designed to change breast shape and is elastic. This creates pressure that can compress the lymphatic vessels preventing proper lymphatic circulation. The lightest bra exerts pressures that are higher than those found in the lymphatic vessels.
  18. 18. A very vivid experience  To check if the bra may actually undermine the effective functioning of the lymphatic system, an experiment was performed on a woman wearing a bra classic lightweight Sloggi 38 C and without reinforcement.  The pressure was measured by a load cell and compared to known pressures in the lymphatic vessels. Studie David Moth
  19. 19. Constant pressure ...  The pressure exerted by the bra on 11 of the 12 points on the surface of the skin is 2.9 ounces (82.21 grams) with 38.7 ounces (1.09 kilograms) per square inch (6,452 cm2)  This enormous pressure on the lymphatic vessels is constant, significantly reducing the lymphatic circulation which cleanses the body. 1,09 Kg pour 6,45 cm2 567 grammes pour 6,45 cm2 731,5 grammes pour 6,45 cm2 771,10 grammes pour 6,45 cm2
  20. 20. A low pressure lymphatic  Researchers at the University Hospital of Zurich working on lymphedema evaluated the effects of lymphatic congestion on lymph capillary pressure.  They found that the lymphatic pressure in the lymph vessels is very low, around 1 (28.35 g) to 5 ounces (141.74 grams) per square inch (6.45 cm2) It therefore appears that even a very light bra, as used in this investigation, is able to exert pressure considerably higher than those required to affect the lymphatic flow.
  21. 21. Permanent blocking ...  The same researchers have investigated the flow velocity in the lymphatic capillaries of the human body in the supine position, and found lymph flow speeds in the order of 10 microns per second. Any excess pressure, such as that exerted by a bra, again reduced the lymphatic flow.  Women who sleep while wearing a bra further impair their lymphatic circulation over time.
  22. 22. A flow constrained  The indentations caused by the bra act as a tourniquet on the chest, and because the blood circulation and lymph goes up in this region of the body, the flesh above the bra line shows signs of a chronic lack of oxygen and nutrients as well as signs of accumulation of metabolic toxins.  Less oxygen and fewer nutrients are delivered to cells, while waste is not flushed.  The response of the organism to these metabolic poisons is to dilute the area with water, causing a plump and even a thickened lump at the base of the neck appearance.
  23. 23. Tissue hypoxia  It is known that disruption of the microcirculation are related to increased vasoconstriction, tissue hypoxia and metabolic acidosis tissue.  Otto Warburg, Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1931 explained that even if the cancer is now a host of new factors, it always starts when a cell filled with acid, and ALL cancers have the same thing in common.  An 35% decrease of oxygen in the cells for 48 hours can create cancer cells.
  24. 24. Pathological angiogenesis  A passive dilatation of the veins and capillaries combined with a decrease in blood flow results in tissue hypoxia.  It is known that the angiogenesis is related to hypoxia inflamed tissue.  Angiogenesis is the process of growth of new blood vessels (neovascularization) from preexisting vessels.  This is a normal physiological process, found especially during embryonic development. But it is also a pathological process important in the growth of malignant tumors and the development of metastases.
  25. 25. Studies on the constrictions caused by clothing are numerous. Studies show wearing tight clothing causes many health problems. This includes shoes, belts, and jeans and panties, pantyhose, tights or socks ... The human body does not always seem suited to the clothing fashions. In addition to urinary tract infections and venous disorders already known, men who always wear tight clothes and tight pants can experience infertility, as well as damage the testes. (The men in kilts are most fertile in the Scottish Medical Journal) For women, panties, pantyhose or tight jeans leads to increased heat retention, as well as an increase in the level of moisture in the vaginal area, which may lead to yeast infections. It can also produce tingling sensations in the legs, or paresthesias. The Italian study SOPHY revealed that women have 35% chance of additional fungal infections from wearing tight jeans. Friction creates small irritations conducive to the development of fungal infections. When the women stopped wearing the tight jeans, the fungal infections disappeared! Tight clothing can also cause gastrointestinal disorders and other stomach ailments, as well as the most sensitive skin irritations.
  26. 26. Medical Study in Venezuela  A medical study conducted by the Department of Public Health, University Hospital of Carabobo March to June 2010 comes with the same results.  During this period, a questionnaire on the use of the bra and a complete physical examination were performed on all patients in consultation whose ages were between 13 and 72 years. "Pathology and breast lesions generated by the bra."
  27. 27. Disease and breast lesions generated by the bra  The study, published October 14, 2011 and supervised by a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology found lesions and breast pathologies generated by wearing bras, which was attributed to bras preventing proper lymphatic circulation. http://www.portalesmedicos.com/publicaciones/articles/3691/1/Patologias-mamarias-generadas-por-el-uso- sostenido-y-seleccion-incorrecta-del-brassier-en-pacientes-que-acuden-a-la-consulta-de-mastologia-
  28. 28. "The bra is an important predictor of the emergence and development of breast disease"  This study also found a 70% risk of developing breast cancer after 40 years when there is presence of breast nodules against 1% before age 30.  72% of women who sleep with a bra with lesions.  78.57% of women aged under 32 have breast lesions and 64.44% over the age of 32 years. (In relation to age: choice of form, whales, size PushUp, duration of use ...) (Study Hospital Carabobo)
  29. 29. Close relationship between duration of use and breast lesions  In this recent medical study, a close relationship was found between the length of time a woman wears a bra and its tightness and the injuries and pathologies found in the breasts of patients during physical examination, confirming what Singer and Grismaijer found in their "Dressed to Kill" study. Visible indentations sustained after removal of bra
  30. 30. Meridians and acupoints  In addition to reducing the lymphatic circulation in the breasts, bra-caused constriction creates a disruption of energy flow in the body's meridians and acupoints (energy pathways of the body in blue) recognized by traditional Chinese medicine, but not recognized by western medicine which is more concerned with the body's chemistry.
  31. 31. A link proof ...  Since May 1999, there are now more than 30 medical research projects and scientific papers showing a link between fibrocystic breast disease and an increased cancer risk.  Numerous accounts exist of women who removed their bra and saw their cysts and nodules diminish or disappear in a few months. http://www.all- natural.com/fibrocys.html  95% of women who have tried have found an improvement. (Selfstudycenter) (Lancet 1999 May 22;353(9166):1742-5 "Risk of breast cancer in women with palpable breast cysts: a prospective study." Edinburgh Breast Group. Dixon JM, McDonald C, Elton RA, Miller WR Edinburgh Breast Unit, Western General Hospital, UK.")
  32. 32. Breasts change volume, not the bra  Seeking the link between breast cancer and the bra, the researchers also found that just before a woman starts her menstrual period, estrogen causes swelling of the breasts.  During each month, a woman's breasts change several times in volume, but the bra size is the same ...  Wearing the same bra size but with slightly larger breasts causes lymphatic vessels to be even more compressed.  We know that hormonal factors are predominant in the development of breast cancer and the link between estrogen and breast cancer has already been done in many studies ...
  33. 33. Estrogen  Normally, estrogen is extremely helpful. Apart from its role in the reproductive cycle, it keeps the blood vessels elastic, increases good cholesterol and strengthens bones by absorbing calcium in the blood.  But too much estrogen can wreak havoc among the cells by accelerating their growth and multiplication, and sometimes cause breast cancer. Hundreds of studies have now definitively linked to excess estrogen levels with higher risk of breast cancer.
  34. 34. Estrogen mimics  Certain chemicals and pesticides are similar in composition to natural estrogen. When they lock onto receptors they also stimulate cell growth and division, which increases the potential for cancer.  It was found that the fatty breast tissue can concentrate traces of pesticides at highly toxic levels, up to 700 times higher than those found in the blood. They have therefore not been eliminated by the lymphatic drainage.  The breast cannot effectively cleanse itself of these toxins because of the lymphatics being blocked by the bra.
  35. 35. The standing warming breasts  Compression from the bra significantly increase the temperature of the breast tissue.  This is proven by thermo graphic studies..  A precancerous or cancerous breast is known to be hotter by more than half a degree than a non-cancerous breast.
  36. 36. Link bra and temperature  In 1978, a California doctor published an article in a medical journal linking the bra with increased breast temperature, suggesting that this fact could be related to breast cancer. He studied hundreds of women in his medical practice and observed that breast temperature was higher in bra wearing women, and that women who do not wear bras had cooler breasts, regardless their size.(The Lancet, November 4, 1978, P. 1001 Dr. John M. Douglass, Department of Internal Medicine, S. Calif. Permanente Med. Center Los Angeles, California).
  37. 37. One in eight women ...  It is currently known that one in 8 women will develop breast cancer. High temperature and unbalanced presentation Symmetric distribution between the two breasts Normal breast Left breast cancer
  38. 38. Natural breast massage  The natural movement of the breast during free walking normally creates a massage to circulate the lymph.  When this natural movement is hampered, lymph does not circulate, toxins accumulate and cysts and tumors appear.  The breast should move to stay healthy.
  39. 39. Movement circulates lymph  In the movie "Sex and the city", Alice Eve shows with humor the natural movement of the breast that allows lymphatic drainage.  This natural movement is still often criticized in our society and women experience social pressure to prevent breast movement.
  40. 40. Trampoline without bra  The lymph is totally dependent on physical exercise to move, and many doctors now recommend bouncing on a mini trampoline without a bra to simulate walking bra-free.  Lymphatic flow increases by 15 to 30 times in a few days, and cysts that were due to poor lymphatic drainage from bra wearing disappear.  This exercise is recommended for the prevention of breast cancer.
  41. 41. Dressed to kill  The bra does not cause cancer by itself but contributes to breast cancer by preventing the body from excreting harmful carcinogens.  In other words, bras inhibit the process by which our body cleanses itself and gets rid of cancer cells and toxins.
  42. 42. A woman is alive (Not an object)  A bra will never be perfectly suited, because it ignores the breath, menstrual cycles, outside temperature, a possible pregnancy ...
  43. 43. Results of drug investigation  The "Dressed to Kill" study revealed that 3 out of 4 women who wear a bra 24/7 will develop breast cancer, compared to 1 out of 168 who are bra-free.  A bra-free woman has about the same incidence of breast cancer as a man, which is about 125 times less than a woman who wears a bra 24/7  The bra/cancer link is about 12 times greater than the tobacco/cancer link.
  44. 44. Correlation and causation  Environmental toxins enter our body  Toxins = estrogenic effects  Storage toxins => body fat  Breast = essentially fat.  Toxins are removed from the breast via the lymphatic system.  The lymphatic system has no pump like the heart.  Anything that slows the lymphatic system is subject to development of symptoms and diseases.  The bra restricts movement of the breasts and significantly reduces the lymphatic drainage.
  45. 45. Can anyone deny a fact?  Given the many studies showing a bra/cancer link, can this be called an urban legend ?  Saying this is criminal!  In fact, in 4700 women interviewed about their clothing habits, all those who do not wear bras are not necessarily those who do not drink and do not smoke. (Risk Factors)  In addition, overweight women (those at risk) who were unconcerned about their image, were part of the women interviewed who were not wearing a bra.  The finding of this study is simple: the longer and tighter a woman wears a bra the higher her risk of developing cancer.  In the United States, after checking the conflicting information, the media no longer say it is a myth.
  46. 46. A multidisciplinary approach  Such a study on the risks of bra wearing falls both in the life sciences (biology, medicine ...) and the humanities (psychoanalysis, psychology, sociology ...)  Those who are concerned only with one aspect necessarily pass off this eloquent statement.  The distribution of breast cancer on the planet is not always consistent with dietary factors. However, where there are no bras, there is virtually no breast cancer.
  47. 47. It takes time for new knowledge to be accepted as true ...  Tobacco took nearly a century before  to be recognized carcinogen, and is still sold ...  Asbestos was identified as a carcinogen since 1890, but only accepted as such between 1980 and 1990 ...  The discovery of cold fusion is still controversial.  Neutrinos go faster than light ...  Dangerous drugs are still available.  GMO-fed rats develop tumors, but of course we are told that this is wrong! etc.etc ...  The list goes on ....
  48. 48. No financial interest in such a large-scale study  Nobody has done a study following two groups of 10,000 women for about 60 years, noting all their clothing habits, food, and lifestyle (alcohol, smoking, contraception, weight ..)  Some protocols, such as the double-blind can not even be used. Imagine:  A group of women wear a bra but do not know!  A group of women do not wear bra but do not know!
  49. 49. A study misses  In 1991, researchers at Harvard University published in a medical journal an article on the risk of breast cancer relative to the cup size of the bra.  They mention in this study that women who do not wear bras have a lower rate of breast cancer by 60% compared to women who wear bras.  This statement of a significant bra/cancer link was not the focus of their study, and was overlooked as important by the researchers who guessed that this is "probably" because bra-free women are thinner and their breasts "must be" more small ...
  50. 50. The bra reduces melatonin production  Melatonin is a powerful antioxidant and a hormone that promotes good sleep, fights aging, stimulates the immune system and slows the growth of certain types of cancer, including breast cancer. (Chronobiol Int 2000 Nov;17(6):783-93 "The effects of skin pressure by clothing on circadian rhythms of core temperature and salivary melatonin." Lee YA, Hyun KJ, Tokura H, Department of Environmental Health, Nara Women's University, Japan.)  Spanish researchers published an article describing a possible use of melatonin for the prevention and treatment of breast cancer.(Histol Histopathol 2000 Apr;15(2):637-47)  Another more recent study (2000), published in Chronobiology International (journal of medical and biological research rhythm), found that wearing a bra decreased melatonin production by 60% and changed the core temperature body.
  51. 51. Spectacular results  According to a study launched on the internet on the site www.selfstudycenter.org / breast_study.htm for thousands of women who have tried to permanently remove their bra, the results are spectacular.  Having imprisoned their breasts since puberty, the feeling of breast freedom can sometimes seem strange at first. But within days, the breasts have a chance to drain of congestion and excess lymphatic fluid.  Menstrual breast pain and cysts disappear or greatly reduce.  Breasts lift and tone. It's like a miracle.
  52. 52. After that, it's already too late ...  The American Cancer Society reveals that it is not recommended for women post- mastectomy to "wear a bra tight" because it causes lymphedema.  Unfortunately, they ignore this affect of the bra prior to surgery.
  53. 53. Lymphedema: Postoperative tips Avoid constriction of breast before support would have been better. Among the list of recommendations for patients at risk of developing lymphedema, there are (* similar to the pressure of the bra on the lymph) Do not wear shoulder bags on the affected side (* Weight) Do not wear tight jewelry around the arm or fingers affected. (* Pressure) Do not roll up shirt sleeves to tighten the arms. (* Pressure) Do not sleep on the affected arm. (* Pressure) Avoid long hours without moving. (* Immobilization) Wear light breast prostheses (dentures * increase pressure on the lymph nodes of the neck). Do not wear a bra too tighty and ideally without metal reinforcement (underwires). (* Pressure indentations) Recommended exercises: walking, swimming, light aerobics movements (* Breast movement promotes natural drainage) (National Lymphedema Network)
  54. 54. Discomfort of bra for women living with breast cancer  An Australian study has clearly established that the discomfort of bra, especially the elastic band of the bra, is a barrier to participation in physical activity for women living with a diagnosis of breast cancer.  70.3% of women participating in the study reported experiencing discomfort in the bra during exercise.  Is bra discomfort a barrier to exercise for breast cancer patients? (PMID:19669168) Biomechanics Research Laboratory, School of Health Sciences, University of Wollongong, Wollongong, New South Wales 2522, Australia. sg490@uow.edu.au
  55. 55. Pressure and pain  French researchers at the University of Paris Necker Hospital found that women with monthly breast pain are twice as likely to develop breast cancer.  Another medical study has found that the straps that cause groves in the shoulder also put pressure on the cervical nerve, causing headaches, neck pain and numbness.
  56. 56. A destructive fashion accessory Some countries (Japan, the provinces of India, Fiji, Maori ...) do not hesitate to campaign for a return to traditional clothing that does not include the bra. Indeed, women in these cultures who adopt the Western fashion of wearing bras are increasingly developing breast disease and cancer, while those who do not wear bras have healthy breasts.
  57. 57. The Fiji Islands ...  As a follow-up study, medical anthropologists Singer and Grismaijer found 24 cases of breast cancer in Fiji. About half the women in Fiji are bra-free. All 24 cases were in women who wore bras. Given the same genetics, with women from the same villages, and the same diet, those who developed cancer were those who wore bras, usually as a requirement for work.
  58. 58. The same results in China  A recent study from the University of Medicine of Zhejiang Province in China in July 2009, studied the risk factors for breast cancer in women and showed that wearing the bra to sleep increases the incidence of breast cancerover 100%.  Cancer experts at the modern hospital in Guangzhou warn women about the bra and that health is paramount to the appearance.
  59. 59. Japanese immigration to the United States  Japanese living in Japan have lower rates of breast cancer than the first generation of Japanese living in the United States (3 times less).  The increase in breast cancer incidence among the first and the second generation is 24%. Studies on the consumption of fats, excess calories and animal protein intake and its relation to breast cancer incidence are conflicting. Traditionally, Japanese women were bra-free. The change of lifestyle with the adoption of the bra in American culture could certainly be one explanation for the rise in breast cancer rates.
  60. 60. Breast cancer in men  Statistically, a man has the same chance of developing breast cancer as a woman who never wears a bra.
  61. 61. The first monokini  In 1964 the Austrian Rudi Gernreich introduced the first monokini.  This is a typical short striped sailor style with crossed straps.  The straps are then abandoned in 1970's and 80's to make way for a topless look which today embodies the ultimate minimalism.
  62. 62. The great sun against breast cancer  While frenzied tanning can lead to skin cancer, several medical studies show that exposure of the skin to sunlight is excellent against breast cancer, which destroyed a legend spread by the enemies of topless beaches. Contrary to popular belief ...  Confusion was fueled between breast cancer and skin cancer.  The medical profession says sun, the rumor heard beach.  The medical body said skin cancer, the rumor heard breast cancer.
  63. 63. The Sun: Best source of vitamin D  The best source of vitamin D, which plays an important role in the prevention of breast cancer, is solar ultraviolet radiation. Under its influence, a vitamin precursor in the skin is converted into provitamin D3 and vitamin D3.  The excess mortality from cancer (including breast cancer) among African- Americans is attributed to their pigmentation, which blocks more than necessary ultraviolet rays at these latitudes and hinders the production of vitamin D significantly.
  64. 64. The great sun against breast cancer. But without abuse… Relationship between UV exposure and disease burden •The skin is the largest source of vitamin D, which it produces in response to ultraviolet (uv) light. However, too much uv is also harmful. •So let's use the sun to get a reasonable amount of sunlight in the direction of recent findings on vitamin D and its effect on the immune system by helping to prevent cancer. •This is the result of 10 years of study on 68,000 women. • In this graph, we can clearly see that the solar underexposure is as bad as overexposure. 78% of women with breast cancer are in a state of deficiency or excess.
  65. 65. The sun, an anti cancer ...  Without abuse and regular exposure, the sun strenthens and beautifies the breast skin.  Swim topless amounts to a free spa: seawater gives the skin its advantage in minerals and trace elements.  In addition, we now know that a lack of sun exposure reduces melatonin levels that are considered in recent studies as an anticancer agent.
  66. 66. Sociology Jean Claude Kaufmann Female body, eyes of men. In his book JC Kaufmann said that the bare breast on the beach is seen when it is part of the standard! (Still social pressure) What happens on the beach is a reflection of our society without walls. It must be loud and clear, but relatively quiet ... (Dictat the bra) Not to catch the eye, the woman must also demonstrate an ability to be at ease.
  67. 67. Fluency: the most visible affirmation of freedom from the constraints that dominate ordinary people (Pierre Bourdieu)?  Social pressure often prevents women from being topless in public even while legally not prohibited at swimming pools.  According to sociologist Jean-Claude Kaufmann, this practice gives women a positive psychological effect, including confidence and greater ease.
  68. 68. Even without breasts a bra is required!  Jodi Jaecks had serious problems swimming in the pool without the top of the jersey that was hurting her double mastectomy scars.  The bra is therefore not a social stress related to breast size ... Especially when there are no breasts!
  69. 69. Allowed in the pool topless  Since March 2008 in Denmark, and June 2009 in Sweden, women are allowed to swim topless in public swimming pools.  On the same date, Toulouse authorizes too! This practice, however, is theoretically legal in France since 1975 in all places
  70. 70. Need a prosthesis ?  Since 1978, several medical studies in France, the United States, Japan and Britain have emphasized that, contrary to popular belief, the bra can not prevent drooping breasts.  Yet the lobbies of the textile industry continues to proclaim that no medical study says this!  Women have become dependent on this accessory to the point of not being able to live without it. Bra after mastectomy
  71. 71. The bra is unnecessary and promotes falling breasts  In many studies, Professor Jean-Denis Rouillon, sports physician at the University Hospital of Besançon has shown that: Wearing Bra promotes sagging breasts.
  72. 72. Contrary to popular belief  From the moment a woman begins to use the bra, there starts a process of complete relaxation of both breasts, on both a physiological and muscular level.  The result, over time, may be the appearance of nodules and cysts, sometimes more ...  From a muscular view, having never exercised, breasts become flabby and vulgarly said, "they droop." A lack of stimulation and elasticity is responsible for early ptosis.
  73. 73. The bra is unnecessary and promotes falling breasts  Indeed, Cooper's ligaments and the fascia which are the natural supporters of the breast atrophy because of the artificial support of the bra. The breast loses its firmness, still drooping more rapidly with time.  The breast is wrapped in a "thin and very strong, especially tough membrane that works." It is also suspended as by a net by the ligaments attached to the skin.  Sometimes when women stop wearing the bra, an unpleasant sensation of tightness may last several days to weeks before the breasts again start to support themselves.
  74. 74. Breast without back support!  "Women experience comfort and improved aesthetics when they stop wearing bras. Contrary to popular belief, the breast does not fall but it strengthens, and stretch marks and the quality of the skin improves. "(Jean Denis Rouillon)
  75. 75. Surprising results A year without a bra: Highest Firmer Less stretch Medical Study on Year Laetitia Pierrot, December 2003.
  76. 76. Growth in young girls  Every mother is conditioned by our society to give her daughter a bra as her breasts develop. (Only 3-5% of French girls do not wear them. In Scandinavia 9% of girls wear them.)  This is already contributing to the droop of the breasts because the anatomical elements of breast suspension in both muscle (the platysma) and connective tissue (all fascias) are reinforced during growth because of gravity and movement, and wearing a bra interferes with this development.  Breast tissue does not stretch without a bra despite an increase in breast size. The breast does not droop and is firmer.
  77. 77. Medical study on the evolution of comfort bra (2009)  At the beginning of the study 42% of subjects felt discomfort without a bra. Three months later and no more discomfort.  Three years later, no subject felt pain, no subject was embarrassed by the decision of wearing bra in daily activities including sports. Extract from the thesis of Olivier Roussel under the direction of Jean Denis Rouillon  Women who have never worn a bra have never experienced this discomfort.
  78. 78. Preventing ptosis (falling breasts) without a bra.  The angle of the axis of the nipple relative to the horizontal increases from 180%!  The breast lifts, a reverse ptosis. The free breast strengthens.  Never wearing a bra naturally gives firmer breasts and, contrary to popular belief, a high chest. Extract from the thesis of Olivier Roussel under the direction of Jean Denis Rouillon
  79. 79. A natural mechanical support  Using sensors on athletes, sports scientists have discovered that their breasts travel 6 cm from top to bottom and 9 cm from left to right during the various sports. These movements (reduced by 70% with a bra) allow the breast to stay naturally supported and healthy. A research finding that is both baffling and bewildering, despite all of our cultural notions about bras, is that after three years of being bra- free the breasts lifted, toned, and experienced improve health.
  80. 80. Movements should not interfere…  Christine Haycock, a surgeon in New Jersey Medical School in Newark, studied athletes who submitted to several rounds of tests with and without a bra for years.  Conclusion: yes, breasts move but "these movements do not harm the breasts and act as an automassage that is better not to interfere with."  "It may be uncomfortable for women with big breasts but does no damage to the muscles or tissues. "  Dr Claire Heigh, médecin du sport, Dr Niels H. Lauersen, MD, Ph. D., & Eileen Stukane (The Complete Book of Breast Care) ont le même discours…
  81. 81. The problem of static breasts  In his book "Gynecology sport. Risk and benefits of physical activity in women "Thierry Adam, gynecologist and sports obstetrician stated:  "The talk of the industry has some misconceptions, including the risk of progressive development of droopy breasts without bra" This is wrong!  It is important for the breasts to move without a bra. You must allow time for the breast tissue to enhance its connective tissue and women to adapt to physical activity without support.
  82. 82. The breast Just a body feeder  Among African women often cited as a counterexample, droopy breasts often result from a tribal custom in which the growth of breasts, ever since the bud emergence, is directed downwards.  This custom makes it easier to feed their child seated on the back when doing housework or other activities. (Thierry Adam, gynécologie du sport)
  83. 83. Breast enhancement without a bra: a media surge  In April 2013 a media outbreak of Blue Radio Besançon France info relayed by the AFP and all the national and international media to the New York Post reported fifteen years of work by Jean Denis Rouillon. http://www.m6.fr/emission-100 Click the link (French video)
  84. 84. A Japanese study ...  In 1991, Japanese researchers (Otsuma University) did a study on the bra and sagging breasts.  Instead of removing the bra women, they asked women to put one on! (This is not a widespread use in Japan)  They proved a bra can actually increase breast sagging, because it is filled with lymph and becomes heavier.  This effect was more pronounced on large breasts.  The accumulation of lymph cited is reminiscent of the theory on the link between bras and breast cancer.
  85. 85. Bra damage  Wearing a Bra thus causes compression, increases breast temperature and decreases the lymphatic and blood circulation.  This results in a decrease in the volume of the gland, an increase of adipose tissue and tissue hypoxia (with its adverse effects).  All these consequences also cause ptosis and a decrease of breast firmness.
  86. 86. Pain relief without bra  Two British breast surgeons have conducted two clinical trials in England and Wales. They looked to see if the women could reduce chest pain by no longer wearing bras. Their study concluded that the majority of women experienced a reduction in breast pain without a bra.  For the study, they asked the women not to use a bra for 3 months, and instead wear a kind of soft T-shirt (or tank), for those who wanted an undergarment alternative.  Following the study, no woman wanted to again wear a bra, as they had won ease and comfort bra-free. In three months without a bra pain disappear and ligaments of Cooper picked up the pace
  87. 87. Ease and freedom  A medical doctor published his results in the treatment of shoulder pain in women with large breasts. In this 5-year study, it was suggested that patients relieve the weight from their shoulders for a period of two weeks by going braless.  The study noted that "the long-term outcome was the presence or absence of pain in the shoulders, if a bra was used or not.  79% of patients decided to unload the weight of their breasts from their shoulders permanently, becoming bra-free because it made them feel liberated. "​​
  88. 88. Caution osteopaths  Osteopaths of the British Osteopathic Association indicate that in some cases the bra can have serious health consequences.  Upper shoulders can slump and upper ribs can be compressed. Compressed ribs affect the respiratory system.  It can restrict blood flow and cause mastitis (breast infection) and local scarring.
  89. 89. The finding of massage therapists  Massage therapists are also experiencing the problem of client's constantly wearing bras.  By constant pressure the bra creates on both sides of the body elastic rolls of fat which are very resistant to massage.
  90. 90. When the bra does not exist Women were already ... And ... did not have a support problem!
  91. 91. Women who wear the least amount of clothes live longer!  In his study of a woman 120 years old we find: "I've never worn more than a pair of socks since I was 7 years old." She was rarely sick, always running marathons, and had the energy and enthusiasm of a woman with half her age.  Another example of this study is a stripper until the age of 83, she now is 117. "The garment chokes the skin." "I do not even need a bra until I was 95 years old."  Sir Edwin Burkhart, a British anthropologist, recently released a study in the Royal Journal of Social Anthropology resulting from over 5,000 interviews with women aged 70 to 120 years. This study shows that women with the least possible clothes live longer!  While simple observation, it nevertheless raises questions ...
  92. 92. A return to a wise decision  Since it is now established that the bra generates only health problems, is of no use to prevent sagging breasts, (and on the contrary increases sagging), removing the bra definitely seems obvious.  Many more women are adopting this lifestyle, and the "norm" to be bra-free, sometimes causing criticism and horror.  In the 80s in France, women lived without bra and had no social problem. The few women who wore them were treated as backward.
  93. 93. A fashion that already existed  In 1370, an edict of Strasbourg requires:  "no woman will support the chest, whether by  provision of the shirt or dress laced ".  This is mainly from the 13th century that the chest reveals no complex with fashion launched by Agnes Sorel (d. 1450), the mistress of King Charles VII of France, appearing topless in the court of France. •Until the revolution, as evidenced by Madame Tallien, it was less appropriate to show her ankles Madonna wearing a dress JP Gaultier Accordin g to Harper's Bazaar in 1868, skirt length of 4 to 16 years Agnès Sorel
  94. 94. Fashion: a social and cultural reflex  Walk around with headphones is nowadays an informal standard that could be installed.  If all the women began to hide their ears (erogenous zone) and show their breasts, in 50 years ears will become a "sexual organ".  It would be socially frowned upon to show an earring. Erotic images of pierced ears would replace current images of pierced breasts.  Fashion with its codes amply exceeds the need to dress.
  95. 95. May 68  Women burn their bras in public.  Indeed, if the bra is emblematic of May 68, it is only because all the women ... were unanimous in rejecting it.  We are witnessing the refusal of this accessory which hampered and alienated the female body  The women wore their sweaters (including the famous tiny Sonia Rykiel) bra-free.
  96. 96. A slowdown linked to the story ?  France is among the countries where the incidence of breast cancer has increased faster over the period 1980-2005, with a slowdown between 2000 and 2005 ...  Many young women since 1968 who made the choice to live without a bra can probably explain this enigmatic slowdown ...
  97. 97. WHO findings on European Habits  From 1950 to the late 1980s, mortality from breast cancer has increased throughout Europe, except Norway and Sweden (Source: WHO 2013)  An interesting combination and perplexing:  In France 95% of women wear a bra  In Scandinavia, 5-10% of women wear a bra. (J-C Kaufmann) Remember that these countries have the lowest in the world sex offender ...
  98. 98. Breast cancer explodes in developing countries  The researchers say they are puzzled when the cause of the increased rate of breast cancer in developing countries ...  Forecasts according to the International Agency for Research on Cancer in Lyon in March 2011
  99. 99. The West as a model ...  With the adoption of Western fashion as a model in developing countries women now proudly wear their bra! Meanwhile, breast cancer rates are rising in these cultures.  In many non-Western cultures, the breast of a woman has always been publicly displayed without any problems, and was not considered a sexual organ.  The Western model changes everything.
  100. 100. The phenomenon trigger ?  When comparing types of cancer, just as tobacco use increases lung cancer in humans, the bra explains the incredible peak of this graph of breast cancer in women.  Otherwise, why is this area of the body (breast) affected more than another?
  101. 101. Health or appearance  Wearing a bra has no medical necessity ...  ... Quite the contrary!  Social pressure guides our choices:  The same irrational behavior seems okay if others are also doing it. Being a woman is not indecent.
  102. 102. An amazing ambiguity !  The absurdity of the textile industry in this area is that it will even create bras imitating nude breasts. But that does not relieve the lymphatic drainage problem ...
  103. 103. Unlike men / women  But they have no problem seeing breasts like this!  Some do not dare out of fear of ridicule ... Which of the two breasts that most deserve to be supported??
  104. 104. Our company does not make sense  Topless: allowed for men, sometimes criticized for women ...  Who needs a bra most?
  105. 105. The gendered female body  The breasts of a woman did not belong to herself. They have become objects for others to see.  They are the product of a society that has sexualized the breast.
  106. 106. Public breastfeeding frowned ... The female body is so sexualized that it is impossible to breastfeed in public. (Youtube or Facebook censors such pictures as something criminal !)  The social pressure is still there, despite worldwide being one of the most natural gestures of humanity. (We would not be here)  Consider breastfeeding as a sexual exhibition shows that our society is out of order ... A breastfed child should be able to eat in a restaurant like the rest of the world
  107. 107. Criminalize all or part of the female body.  Cultural prudishness criminalizes the nude body, becoming a real dictatorship of beauty. This creates a poor body image and self-esteem... veiled elements of the decline of civilization as we now live.
  108. 108. An incredible paradox  While women highlight "sexuality of their breasts" with a bra, it is at the same time a modest coverage to hide a nipple that many consider sexual or perverse to display.  This is because the bra has become in Western society a 'secular veil "which should cover women and keep their breasts from being immodest.
  109. 109. The woman as an object our Western society From a social philosophy point of view, the woman's body has three parts: A physical body, which allows her to live in space and time and perform activities everyday. A maternal body that allows her to give birth and nurture her children. A sexual body that allows her to have the pleasures of the flesh and to give to her partner. Whatever she does, it is through the eyes of men that the woman is most often seen in our society
  110. 110. Shirtless on a site  Bare torso workers on building sites are numerous.  Yet this man who looks at this woman sees her as a sexual object. Moreover, it certainly makes him thinks she is incompetent.
  111. 111. Breasts: femininity prohibited  A mermaid bow, which until now welcomed visitors topless (the Sea Life Chessington United Kingdom), was forced to see her chest covered with a bra. Management feared causing a controversy over her beautiful breast discovery. (August 2011)
  112. 112. Women who want to be free ...  Yet in many countries, women are demanding the legal right to release their breasts from bras, despite social pressure and existing anti-topless laws!
  113. 113. An advanced society ...  Western society:  An advanced society!  Why not put on gloves and a mask to hide my hands and mouth which can also have sexual functions!
  114. 114. Educating men ...  Or is it men who need to be educated? In some African countries, breast ironing on the buds of the girls could finally stop.
  115. 115. Once we change our cultural universe, we are changing the image of women.  Nature gave her breasts,our culture invented the bra and we discover now the dangers that come with it.  If an Indian woman is veiled in her Sari, she can bath naked in the Ganges without this shocking anyone.  "Divine Mother has given him clothes, eyes of passers ..."
  116. 116. Molestation in Tunisia  On 3 September 2012, a young girl was raped by two policemen because she was immoral! (It is she who is accused!)  The FEMEN manifested in front of the Louvre Venus de Milo, topless for centuries and seen by millions of people.  "Viola I am immoral"
  117. 117. The breasts of the woman for her freedom  The FEMEN means, among other things, fight for democracy, the rights of men and women, secularism, sexism, and also fighting what they consider "patriarchal values that permeate most​​ industrialized societies." 18 Septembre 2012, à Paris.
  118. 118. In France: Legal Legality  If in France and in most European countries nudity is perfectly legal without causing public indecency by gestures or sexual exhibitions. Yet, social pressure continues to imprison women in this destructive fashion accessory. Title stupid witnessed a ridiculous social pressure.
  119. 119. Kate topless... Scandal ? Yet natural ...  While social pressure foolishly wants to humiliate Kate Middleton with a few pictures of her topless, nobody takes offense at home with the royal couple during this trip ... Human behavior is really stupid !
  120. 120. In a French department  In Guyana, the French village Wayana Camopi children go to school with minimal clothing and free breasts.  Nobody is shocked to live naturally, and fashion has not (yet) come here to create a customer...       ..and take away their freedom ...
  121. 121. In New York…  Since 1992 a woman can legally walk around topless like men.
  122. 122. Normalize women's bodies  In New York state women can be topless legally, after a 1992 decision of the highest court of the state. This means that any woman can walk around the city at any time without a shirt like men.
  123. 123. Social pressure stronger than law ?  While Moira Johnston, a lawyer, flows freely and legally topless in New York, the pictures of her on the internet are censored!  Why are the breasts of men not censored?
  124. 124. Fashion accessory in Papua  If in our Western society breasts should be covered/supported because they are considered a sexual organ, why don't men adopt the fashion accessory of the Papuans to support their sexual organ??
  125. 125. Support and enhance ...  In both cases: to support and enhance ...  One is encouraged by advertising, the other not!  In the end, the two are identical
  126. 126. A fight for health  This is a fight against social pressure but at the same time for women's health ... Candy Love stopped in the 70s
  127. 127. Attention to mistakes  Women can be bra-free for comfort and health without loosing their modesty.  Each woman has a choice to wear a bra or not.  Find the appropriate clothing for modesty given the circumstances.  Just because bras are a cultural norm, it does not mean you should wear one. Think for yourself and be sensitive to your body.
  128. 128. A choice: health or appearance  Survey results suggest that thinking ... A simple and free movemen t for health, ...
  129. 129. Social pressure is the biggest enemy of your health Is it socially more comfortable to have breast cancer than to be without a bra ? It is not natural to wear a bra.
  130. 130. An accessory that kills  Is it socially acceptable for a woman to go out without a bra even when she no longer has breast?
  131. 131. Normality or aberration?  We live in a society which imposes rules that are not necessarily chosen.  Let's make a choice of our personal behavior.
  132. 132. Choose your lifestyle
  133. 133. Your body is yours, choose for yourself what you should wear or not !  A woman who dresses in the morning and puts on a bra does not even know why she made this​​ gesture. It creates a stress induced by our culture. The gesture is automatic, without any reflection ... It must be done, it's the way it is, others do it!  All this information is from books, medical studies and readings that you can find yourself doing your own research on the internet.  Here are some links (There's a lot especially in English) among many others: http://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?hl=fr&langpair=en%7Cfr&u=http://ezinearticles.com/ http://seinslibres.neuf.fr/fr/etudes.htm http://www.guerir.org/communaute/a-propos-de-ce-site/questions-frequentes/soutien-gorge-et-cancer-des-sein http://forum.doctissimo.fr/forme-beaute/beaute-seins/sans-soutien-gorge-sujet_34_1.htm http://www.jurandoubs.com/journaliste/marcher-courir-bouger/article/le-soutien-gorge-pas-si-sain Three years of reading to do this slideshow ... Good health to all ... Live long ... Yves M. Even links in the following pages, references in this show, my reading ...
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