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Customers Relations: Best practices and mistakes to avoid!

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Let’s face it, it’s 6 to 7 times cheaper to maintain a current customer rather than acquire a new one. Building customers relationships and managing the communication with your clients over time is one of the pillars of any successful business.

During this 45 min. workshop, Alexis will share the principles and guidelines to improve the way customer relationships are managed.

Alexis Lewalle is the Co-Founder & the CEO of Slaask, a customer service app for Slack. He works daily with his client to help them to improve their customer service.

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Customers Relations: Best practices and mistakes to avoid!

  1. 1. Customer Relations: Best practices and mistakes to avoid
  2. 2. Select your clients
  3. 3. Be attractive
  4. 4. Understand why clients stop working with you
  5. 5. Embrace your own style
  6. 6. Define boundaries with your clients
  7. 7. Reward client good behavior
  8. 8. Manage your client's bad behavior
  9. 9. Understand your client's expectations
  10. 10. Allow your clients to invest in you
  11. 11. Tell your clients how much you appreciate them