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Startup DreamTeam with Scality & Saagie!

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Your best asset? Your team!

As an entrepreneur, building the best team ever is key so let’s talk about Culture & Hiring and share experience and best practices with our two guests:

- Erwan Menard, President & COO at Scality. The Scality RING is a software that turns any standard x86 servers into web-scale storage. To date, the company has raised $93M. They are based in Paris, San-Francisco, Washington, Boston, London, Singapour & Tokyo and went from 36 to 173 employees in 3 years. Erwan will share with you how they maintain a Startup culture, whereas they are based in 7 different locations and they double their team this year.

- Youen Chéné, CTO at Saagie. Saagie is an end-to-end data platform that unites people, data and technologies. They gather now 23 employees (mostly developers). Youen, used to work as an architect for different companies then, he founded his own startup and joined Saagie 1,5 years ago. He is deeply involved in several Java User groups (Devox, Codeurs en Seine, etc.) and will talk about “All you need to know about the CTO”.

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Startup DreamTeam with Scality & Saagie!

  1. 1. WIFIWIFI TheFamily 
 code: lamifasisi
  4. 4. Company Culture ?
 from start-up to growth
 Erwan Ménard, President & COO
 Claire Forest, Culture Captain
 29th June 2016 – The Family, Paris
  5. 5. © Scality 20162 Scality Key Facts •  Software-defined storage for the digital age •  “We bring to Service Providers and large enterprises the storage secret sauce of the web giants” •  Founded: 2009 •  Offices in San Francisco (HQ), Washington, Paris, Tokyo, Boston, Singapore, London – 180+ people •  Ranked #1 by IDC •  100 cloud-scale customers worldwide •  500 million end users •  $92M raised in 4 rounds with IDInvest, Iris, Omnes, Galileo, BPI, Menlo Ventures and HPE Ventures
  7. 7. What is a company culture?
  8. 8. What is Scality culture?
  9. 9. Why does the definition, shaping and promotion of your company culture matter?
  10. 10. Our experience and learnings
  11. 11. Copyright Scality 2015 Seeing is believing [writing and announcing isn’t enough]
  12. 12. Copyright Scality 2015 Hearing is believing [clichés wording doesn’t get remembered]
  13. 13. Copyright Scality 2015 Be Genuine [and the most corporate things will convey your culture]
  14. 14. Copyright Scality 2015 Culture Irradiates [it doesn’t stop at the office door]
  15. 15. Copyright Scality 2015 Introducing Frank Roesner
  16. 16. Copyright Scality 2015 The words from the artist “Companies are living organisms. A lot is already rooted in its DNA, i.e. the founder(s) & management vision, mindset and character. So, as a young - and small - start-up, company culture is sort of set. It is not difficult to be innovative, agile and curious when you're small. As soon as the company begins to grow up, it becomes a challenge to remain a living - or more to the point, a learning - entity. Especially when growing fast and even more so when expanding globally. So, here the company culture becomes really important. One may define a particular company culture and carve the commandments in stone, but obviously that is by far not enough. Buried in powerpoint those things rarely take any effect. It only happens, if every day corporate lives are inspired by the principles which define the culture of the company. And that can be archived only by the example of enough people living them. One tool to let people draw inspiration from how others live Scality values is the book. And not only the end product - a high quality 30x30 cm coffee table book - but also the process of making it, as it involves everyone within Scality. It’s one way of showing what kind of company Scality wants to be. Diverse, Open-Minded, Competitive, Creative, Curious - character trades which are crucial if you want to be a learning, i.e. successful organism. To a varying degree all 4 images show those ingredients of Scality’s culture. A levitating CEO watching the CTO playing bass in the Nevada desert. A group of sales people celebrating themselves after spontaneously deciding to wear their hotel bath-robes (and walking the streets of DC in that outfit). The President of the company performing french rock songs together with the CTO. And a random selection of portraits displaying the diversity among Scality staff”
  17. 17. Copyright Scality 2015
  18. 18. Copyright Scality 2015
  19. 19. Copyright Scality 2015
  20. 20. Copyright Scality 2015
  21. 21. Copyright Scality 2015
  22. 22. Copyright Scality 2015 Your hiring process sets the tone [culture fit > motivation fit > skills fit] [everyone comes with their baggage]
  23. 23. Copyright Scality 2015 The trunk of the tree [culture is alive and dynamic] [“entrepreneurial spirit” > “start-up” in growth phase]
  24. 24. Introducing Scality’s Culture Captain
  25. 25. Copyright Scality 2015 CULTURE DEVELOPMENT Designing our offices Assessing the culture fit of our best candidates Taking the pulse of our various teams Organizing memorable social events Being the guardian of our spirit, our culture and values EMPLOYEE TRAINING Training Program (conferences, training, individual coaching) English coaching to reach professional fluency Group coaching sessions (ex : how can I convince others and influence a decision) BUILDING A STRONG LEADERSHIP TEAM Weekly sync calls to discuss our main challenges “Next 4 months Priorities” sessions to define and share our main objectives Different formats of meeting together, 5 per year, soft skills development, business and product sessions, etc. ON-BOARDING Taking newcomers feedback after a few weeks at Scality Offering a pack of branded goodies Welcoming our new hires: •  Congrats e-mail •  CEO breakfast •  Core presentation of the company •  Understanding of our benefits and programs On-going feedback practice Defining the profile of the Scality leader
  26. 26. Copyright Scality 2015 PULSE OF THE COMPANY Exit interviews Immediate action plan at a corporate level and at a department level Pulse Survey twice a year about motivation, engagement, management, innovation… DEVELOPING RECRUITMENT BRAND Training to pitch Scality Training to improve our skills as interviewers Developing means to show our brand : Glassdoor, Careers web page etc. Promotional videos REWARDING OUTSTANDING PERFORMERS Le Club Speaking about our best performers Being generous (stock options, salary raises) Recognizing people weekly INTERNAL COM’ & SOCIAL EVENTS 30 minutes all-hands every Monday Weekly breakfast / Weekly lunch Team building events for specific teams Internship program SPECIFIC PROGRAMS Sports Program Wellness Program Social Responsibility Program Meditation, Mindfulness, Internal Thinking Process…
  27. 27. It’s so much worth it
  28. 28. Thank You www.scality.com @scality
  29. 29. #DevoxxFR I’m CTO bitch! 1
  30. 30. Youen Chéné CTO@saagie_io @youen_chene Activist @normandyjug @codeursenseine @devoxx4kidsfr @n_w_x
  31. 31. Part I The CTO paradigm
  32. 32. DOS pascal assembleur paint shop pro shareware SystemInfrastructure Code SellPeople
  33. 33. linux apache mysql design php javascript (en 2002) team of 2 contracts SystemInfrastructure Code SellPeople
  34. 34. linux backup mysql mongodb design architecture java, spring GWT UX servers
 amazon Suppliers internship Sell CGU, CGV websites SystemInfrastructure Code SellPeople
  35. 35. CEO I’ve got an amazing startup idea? Are you in? CTO Oh yeah! (I am so bored by my work at Colin Inc.)
  36. 36. linux backup HA hadoop impala zookeeper mesos, docker design architecture java, spring angular php, symfony spark testing serveurs
 cloud suppliers HR, syntec organization agile management presales contract communication web site SystemInfrastructure Code SellPeople
  37. 37. Fundraising
  38. 38. linux backup HA hadoop impala zookeeper mesos, docker design architecture java, spring angular php, symfony spark testing servers
 cloud data center switch power supply suppliers HR, syntec organization agile management pre sales contract communication web site fundraising SystemInfrastructure Code SellPeople
  39. 39. linux backup HA hadoop impala zookeeper mesos, docker design architecture java, spring angular php, symfony spark testing servers
 cloud baie switch power supply steel hardware suppliers HR, syntec organization agile management pre sales contract communication site web fundraising SystemInfrastructure Code SellPeople
  40. 40. linux backup HA hadoop impala zookeeper mesos, docker design architecture java, spring angular php, symfony spark testing servers
 cloud baie switch power supply steel hardware suppliers HR, syntec organization agile management pre sales contract communication site web fundraising SystemInfrastructure Code SellPeople
  41. 41. Sys AdminNihilist Developer Data Scientist Crazy Hacker Star d’UX Data Analyst Agile Lieutenant Ninja Reverse shellPost’It master
  42. 42. Think systemic
  43. 43. Think systemic
  44. 44. Part II The missions of the CTO
  45. 45. Chief Technical Officer An executive-level position in a company or other entity whose occupation is focused on scientific and technological issues within an organization
  46. 46. 1 - Execute the vision of the CEO CTOCEO
  47. 47. 2 - Align the product to the market
  48. 48. 2 - Align the product to the market
  49. 49. 2 - Align the product to the market
  50. 50. 3 - Help organize the company
  51. 51. 4 - Manage technical debt
  52. 52. 5 - Scale the company
  53. 53. Part III Shadow part of the CTO
  54. 54. Pre Sales
  55. 55. CEOs
  56. 56. Being a member of the board
  57. 57. JEI, CIR, BPI, …
  58. 58. « Agences digitales … »
  59. 59. … are not so digital
  60. 60. Part IV To the infinity and beyond!
  61. 61. Super product owner
  62. 62. Incremental release … for real!
  63. 63. 3 month 2 month 1,5 month 1 month 1,5 month
  64. 64. ASSHOLES
  66. 66. QA
  69. 69. Super Manager
  70. 70. Power to the Developers!
  71. 71. Auto-Organization
  72. 72. MISSION
  73. 73. WHY HOW
  74. 74. Delegate technical debt management to the developers
  75. 75. Provide the best tools & conference
  76. 76. Project
 manager People Manager
  77. 77. Grow a coaching and goodwill culture
  78. 78. Let’s experiment
  79. 79. Free creativity and innovation
  80. 80. Part V Find your CTO
  81. 81. #DevoxxFR 59 A bad paid trainee is not a CTO!
  82. 82. #DevoxxFR 60 Hire developers is hard!
  83. 83. #DevoxxFR Meetups, talk to developers! 61
  84. 84. #DevoxxFR 62 Good CTO, Bad CTO
  85. 85. #DevoxxFR CTO 63 Product Management Management Perfect Engineering Technology fashion victim Entrepreneurship Quick & DirtyOrganization Customer oriented
  86. 86. #DevoxxFR Start a small project together 64
  87. 87. #DevoxxFR Communication is key 65
  88. 88. #DevoxxFR 66 Include it as co-founder (with shares)
  89. 89. #DevoxxFR 67 www.ctbro.org @c_t_bro
  90. 90. PS : all pictures have been stolen on the world wide web Questions?