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How to unleash your creativity and generate million dollar ideas

  2. • Identify your problems first • Observational learning is crucial to form new ideas • Why Uber describes itself as 'Amazon for transportation'? • Believe that you can definitely do anything you set your mind to • Keep pivoting until you make your idea a success • Bring a change in your life by following these small steps • Enhance your creativity • Rejection is the first step to success UNLEASH YOUR CREATIVITY TOPICS TO BE COVERED
  3. AAMIR QUTUB ACADEMY | 2020 • Problem-solving is the process of observing what is going on in your environment; • Identifying things that could be changed or improved; • Diagnosing why the current state is the way it is and the factors and forces that influence it; • Developing approaches and alternatives to influence change; making decisions about which alternative to select; taking action to implement the changes; • Observing the impact of those actions in the environment. IDENTIFY YOUR PROBLEMS
  4. To execute your ideas successfully, you need to observe and study the subject you are working on. Creative ideas are not formed just by sitting idle. Observation learning is crucial because: • Observation fosters an in depth and rich understanding of a phenomenon, situation and/or setting and the behavior of the participants in that setting; • It is an essential part of gaining an understanding of naturalistic settings and its members' ways of seeing; • It can provide the foundation for theory and hypothesis development. OBSERVATIONAL LEARNING IS CRUCIAL TO FORM NEW IDEAS AAMIR QUTUB ACADEMY | 2020
  5. The concept of Uber isn't really unique. They have taken inspiration from e-commerce giant Amazon as both of them have a buyer and seller and work digitally. • Amazon sells books, toilet paper, toys — pretty much everything, really — and it provides cloud computing services and makes artificially intelligent speakers; • In contrast, Uber lets people hail rides through a mobile app. But just as Amazon began as a modest online bookseller before growing into a digital retailing behemoth, Uber wants people to believe its ride-sharing business is the foundation for a larger “platform” spanning multiple transportation industries. WHY UBER DESCRIBES ITSELF AS 'AMAZON FOR TRANSPORTATION'?
  6. • Absolutely, you can definitely do anything you set your mind to, it takes action, it takes perseverance, it takes facing your fears and most likely getting out of your comfort zone; • Unfortunately, the majority of people are cramped to a life of mediocrity because they don’t make an effort to achieve what their heart desires. • They live their whole lives scared to move out of their comfort zone and afraid of taking their life to a new level, not realizing the potential that they have and what they’re capable of; • Believe in yourself, if you don’t believe in yourself then you won’t be able to achieve what you set your mind to. BELIEVE THAT YOU CAN DEFINITELY DO ANYTHING YOU SET YOUR MIND TO
  7. • Launching and running a startup or a new business is filled with risks. But when it comes to planning for success, just remember: the more you prepare, the less you need to. • Making decisions without thought is a recipe for disaster, so before you decide to take your company in a new direction, take the time to prepare. So, keep pivoting till you make your idea a success. KEEP PIVOTING UNTIL YOU MAKE YOUR IDEA A SUCCESS
  8. • Identify the problems; • Try to find already applied and proven solutions to similar problems; • Change your attitude and mindset. BRING A CHANGE IN YOUR LIFE BY FOLLOWING THESE SMALL STEPS
  9. ENHANCE YOUR CREATIVITY • Creativity isn’t necessarily a characteristic you’re born with; it's a trait that can be honed through habit; • With the right practice and persistence, you can rewire your brain to make the most of your inherent ability to generate original ideas.The best way build your creative mind is through practice and acquire knowledge; • Pick your favorite creative pursuits and do them regularly -- daily if you can. The more you flex your creative muscle, the more your mind will naturally innovate.
  10. • It's often remarked that the most successful entrepreneurs refuse to be deterred by rejection; • The story of Airbnb, the home-rental service now valued at a whopping $25.5 billion, provides yet another example of why that trait is so important; • In 2008, the year Airbnb was founded, the company was looking to raise $150,000 at a $1.5 million valuation. The company approached seven prominent venture capital firms, hat in hand, only to get a round of rejections; • The rejections didn’t stop the founders. They kept at it, they found other investors and went on to build one of the most valuable startups in the world; • So, don’t give up. Even the biggest and best operations faced rejection early on. REJECTION IS THE FIRST STEP TO SUCCESS
  11. YOU THOUGHT THAT WAS IT? NOT AT ALL. AAMIR QUTUB ACADEMY | 2020 Creative ideas are all around us, all the time. Uncovering them is often a matter of how we’re looking at things and less of where we’re looking.And yet when we’re feeling uncreative or stuck it’s often helpful to get away from the work: to get up and go for a walk, or do a chore, or otherwise change scenery. For more information, check out my Youtube Video: