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CarSwappings: Now Travel without paying anything in your visiting city..

  1. Welcome To CarSwappings Travel easy in your visiting city 1
  2. When you travel to any other city in spite of being a car owner in your own city…  Do you use an expensive taxi, a shoddy auto rickshaw or private transportation?  Do you compromise on your comfort, style and luxury?  Do you pay more or get cheated? Or  Do you wait in long queues for public transport? If the answer to all is 2 YES …
  3. Then is here with Unique & Revolutionary solution for the 1st time ever in the World… CarSwappings allows you to give & take (SWAP) your own car, with an almost similar car, owned by someone else, in another city where you wish to travel. 3
  4. HOW IT WORKS When you travel to some other city you compromise with comfort, style, luxury and safety in many ways. With CarSwappings you can get an access to a chauffeur driven car similar to the car you own in your city without paying anything, and makes your travel hassle free with the same comfort, style, luxury and safety as of your own Car, wherever you travel. Cont’d 4
  5. HOW IT WORKS CarSwappings connects you (Guest*) to the Host* who can provide you with his Chauffeur driven Car at your disposal anytime, anywhere. No monetary transactions are involved, it is a point based swap. *Guest is a member who visits to any other city and avails the facility of chauffeur driven car. *Host is a member who provides his car along with the driver to the guest visiting to his city. 5
  6. POINT SYSTEM CarSwappings unique point system replaces the monetary exchange. How our point system worksAs a Guest – When a member uses the services being a guest 3 points are debited from his account. As a Host - When a member provides the services being a host 3 points are credited to his account. Cont’d 6
  7. POINT SYSTEM • Purchase Points – Purchase Points facility is available for our registered members. A member can buy points only to make a grand total of 3 Credit Points (If you have 1 or 2 credit points due to reward/penalty). Points cannot be purchased for using our services. Purchase price is INR 400 each point. • Redemption of Points - A Member can redeem his points in multiple of 3 barring the first 3 points in their Account. Redemption price is INR 350 each point. 7
  8. REFER A FRIEND Registered members can refer their friends and relatives to become a member of CarSwappings and member can earn 1 referral point, if the referred person joins under the advance plan. 8
  9. PRESENCE Our services are available in the following cities • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Ahmedabad Amritsar Bangalore Bhopal Chandigarh Chennai Cochin Delhi Hyderabad Indore 9 Jaipur Jodhpur Kolkata Lucknow Ludhiana Mumbai Patna Pune Ranchi Surat
  10. COMPARE WITH RENTALS WITH RENTALS WITH CARSWAPPINGS • Stand in lines or wait for a pick up. • Have to Pay huge fares. • It’s very uncomfortable in Auto, in cab though you might get the comfort but the feel of your own car will be missing. • Safety issues • Need not to wait, just enjoy the trip as you are the proud member of CarSwappings. • No need to pay anything(Just provide your car in your city). • Carry the same comfort as of your own car. • Safety is implied 10
  11. WHY JOIN (Approx. COST for 80kms/day) (In Rs) Cost Effective 800^ 1100* 2200* 1600* 1800* * (Including Waiting Charges) ^ (Fuel Cost(80 kms)+Driver Cost for a day) Cont’d 11
  12. WHY JOIN • Cost Effective/ Cheaper : If you are swapping your car by being the Host, the only cost while providing your car is fuel cost of 80kms + a driver cost for the day, which is approximately INR 600-800 which later enables you to use a car by becoming the Guest in the visiting City where you need not to pay anything. • So ultimately the cost of using a car (almost a similar to yours) as the Guest, in the visiting city is just fuel cost of 80kms + driver cost for the day which you have already borne when you were the Host. • Hence, CarSwappings provides you a better alternate to all the existing transport system, which enables you to travel in a new city just at fuel cost that too with the same comfort, safety, style and luxury as you have in your car. Cont’d 12
  13. WHY JOIN • Safe - As you and your car's safety is our priority, so we have made a provision that the driver has to be arranged by the host only. Also all the members of CarSwappings are duly verified. • Convenient & Comfortable - Very convenient, as driver would pick you & drop you at your destination so no more waiting for cab/taxi. No queue or bargaining for auto, also the same comfort as of your own car. 13
  14. THE BENEFITS • • • • • • • • Travel in similar car you own. Safe travel for you and your family. No travel/ rental company involved. No standing in transport queues. No problem of Auto / Taxi strikes. Chauffeur driven travelling experience. No unforeseen extra fares. No trouble & struggle. 14
  15. PLANS Free Plan • Get almost a similar car along with the driver. • Hosting is mandatory to be the guest. • Validity of 12 months. • Unlimited Swappings. • INR 0.00 Advance Plan • Get almost a similar car along with the driver. • Hosting is not mandatory for the first time. • Validity of 12 months. • Unlimited Swappings. • Free one time Portability. • INR 1200 15
  16. Registration Process STEP I On selecting your suited plan the above registration form open up, fill the required details in the form and click on NEXT button. 16
  17. STEP II After clicking NEXT button, the above slide appears fill the required details and click on SUBMIT button. 17
  18. STEP III After registration is completed this message will be displayed. You will be getting a link on your email on which you have to attempt a single click, after which your account will be activated. 18
  19. STEP IV Welcome to CarSwappings your account has been activated. Click on upload photo and document. 19
  20. STEP V Now please upload your documents (registration certificate of the car and a photo id) after uploading documents the verification process will take maximum 30 days. 20
  21. MEMBERSHIP KIT • Once your documents are verified you will receive a confirmatory e-mail and message. • You will also receive a membership kit which will contain do’s and don'ts booklet, CarSwappings logo & sticker, membership card and driver’s card at your registered address. • After the verification process you can avail the benefits of CarSwappings. 21
  22. RESERVATION • This feature is available in the user panel where a member can reserve car or he can also call us before 7 days of his scheduled travelling date for making a reservation. • Before 24 hours of the scheduled journey, the guest will receive a message on his cell phone about the details of the car and the driver. • Any change in the travel plan or a cancellation request can be made before 48 hours of the scheduled travelling date. 22
  23. LISTING • “List my car” is a feature in the user panel where you can list your car for particular date/dates, on which you can conveniently offer your car with a driver to the guest. If any member having the car of similar segment as of your car visits your city on that date, we shall provide your car along with the driver to the guest. • Preference will be given as per the listings of the car. 23
  24. VISION To offer our clientele quality in offerings with the portal accompanied by efficient services and complete customer satisfaction. OBJECTIVES • • • • • Enhancing the scope of CarSwappings. Commitment for Excellence. Cost Effective Solutions. Efficient services and complete customer satisfaction Maintaining your status while travelling. 24
  25. GENERAL TERMS • Always carry original CarSwappings membership card while travelling. • Car running limit is 80Kms/Day. For any overrun if host permits, charges at Rs 12/Km for hatchback and Rs 16/km for other than hatchback cars should be paid to the Host. • Timings for service will be between 8 A.M. to 8 P.M. Further it depends on mutual understanding between the Host & Guest, if the time limit can be extended. • Driver is mandatory to be arranged by the host. 25
  26. Helpline: +919251509000 Quick Mail: Website : 26
  27. THANK YOU Drive your comfort wherever you travel. 27