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Adobe Holiday Retailer Survey 2019

Adobe Analytics’ survey of key decision makers at 403 U.S. retailers reveal valuable insights about how they plan to engage consumers this holiday shopping season.

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Adobe Holiday Retailer Survey 2019

  1. 1. ADOBE ANALYTICS HOLIDAY RETAILER INSIGHTS - 2019 METHODOLOGY Visit our website: adobe.com/experience-cloud/digital-insights/holiday- shopping-report.html Sign up for email alerts: http://www.cmo.com/adiregister.html • 403 U.S. retailers were surveyed between Oct. 23 – 29. The respondents were required to be a decision maker or influencer for their company's marketing and retail strategy (e.g., planning the marketing mix, advertising or promotion, or other aspects of strategy), and the retailer must have annual revenue of over $500k • Company size is derived from their net yearly revenue $10M+ and $10M< ** Source: Adobe Analysis of Internet Retailer 2018
  2. 2. Almost 2/3 of retailers are expecting the holiday season to be better than last year • Companies with annual net revenue 10M+ 65% believe more this year, 33% same • Companies with annual net revenue 10M< 55% believe more this year, 40% same 3/4of retailers are planning on offering sales earlier this season due to the fewer shopping days between Cyber Monday and Christmas 41% of retailers are concerned about the shorter holiday shopping season this year ADOBE ANALYTICS HOLIDAY RETAILER INSIGHTS - 2019 Retailers Cautiously OptimisticThis Season 61% 36% 3% What are your expectations around holiday revenue this season? Greater than Last Year Same as Last Year Less than Last Year
  3. 3. ADOBE ANALYTICS HOLIDAY RETAILER INSIGHTS - 2019 How Retailers Are EngagingTheir Customers 56% of retailers say that they’re creating experiential shopping (mock show-rooms/AR experiences, additive elements to overall shopping experience) experiences for their customers 66% of retailers say that Loyalty Programs are a net benefit to their business 62% of retailers agree that social media influencer campaigns are becoming an important marketing channel Company apps driving sales during the holidays becomes increasingly important to retailers (73% advise) • 10M+ 75% advise more important • 10M< 65% advise more important 6% 29% 34% 34% 44% 47% 52% 61% Augmented reality Alternative currencies or payments (Paypal, Bitcoin) Point of sale dashboards In-store free wifi used for customer tracking Location based marketing Push personalized customer offers, coupons, or… Mobile payments (such as Apple Pay, Google Wallet,… Send holiday specific marketing emails, text messages,… Which sales and marketing technologies does your company employ?
  4. 4. ADOBE ANALYTICS HOLIDAY RETAILER INSIGHTS - 2019 Varying Interest inVoiceTechnology Only 7% of retailers are currently using voice technology as a sales tool, while 62% are investigating or plans to leverage it as a sales tool in the future. Conversely 31% said they don’t see value in implementing voice technology as a feature Of those that offer voice technology, over half (56%) said they track use and results of customers who use voice tech 56% 19% 26% Yes No Not sure Does your company track the results from customers who use voice recognition technology?
  5. 5. 94% of retailers agree that a physical retail presence give them an edge over those with only an ecommerce presence A little over half (55%) of retailer offer BOPIS 10M+ 64% offer BOPIS - 48% say it represents a significant portion of their sales 10M< 42% offer BOPIS - 45% says it represents a significant portion of their sales ADOBE ANALYTICS HOLIDAY RETAILER INSIGHTS - 2019 BOPIS Is an EffectiveTool for Conversion for Retailers 64% 42% 48% 45% 10M+ 10M< Do you offer BOPIS, and does it represent a significant portion of your sales? Offer BOPIS
  6. 6. 78% of retailers are planning on increasing their communication because of the condensed shopping season (6 days fewer than 2018) 61% of retailers are sending holiday specific marketing emails, text messages or social posts 61% of retailers net 10M< advise they have benefited from awareness of Small Business Saturday Retailers big and small are keeping politics out of their advertising, 62% of retailers are not taking political stances in their ads ADOBE ANALYTICS HOLIDAY RETAILER INSIGHTS - 2019 Driving More Engagement with Holiday Ads 82% 73% 72% 50% 35% 32% 17% What channels does your company use to communicate with customers? YouTube A dedicated mobile app Television Display advertising Social media Email Company website
  7. 7. Top concerns for retailers when it comes to selling products online include: • 40% Staying price competitive • 23% Shipping to consumers (on time) • 22% Converting visits • 20% Competing on “perks” such as free shipping, and driving website traffic Just over half (54%) of retailers feel large online merchants like Amazon pose a serious threat to their ability to drive sales 51% of retailers claimed that they’ve had to increase the price of certain products, in order to manage the cost of tariffs ADOBE ANALYTICS HOLIDAY RETAILER INSIGHTS - 2019 Top Challenges for Retailers