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Hands- on Social Media 7: Building And Selling Social Strategy

  1. hands on social selling social aug 31/sep 1, 2009
  2. The question is not “how do you sell social”. Rather, it’s HOW DO YOU NOT SELL SOCIAL!
  3. #1 Do It Yourself
  4. Qualifying the customer
  5. How to price social media engagements
  6. Social Profile Design & Management
  7. Sentiment Management & Reporting.
  8. How to pitch social media engagements
  9. Know your audience.
  10. Q&A

Notes de l'éditeur

  1. They might think they have an idea of what type of online marketing services they need to employ, but this is often a trend or knee jerk reaction Assuming they are forced to justify expenditures and prove ROI, you need to work with them to identify first the objective and then the tactics (or services) to best achieve those objectives Your job is to make sure your client or prospect understands your ability to assist them with creating strategy utilizing a myriad of tactics to help them prove ROI, increase revenue and ultimately make them the superhero within their organization. Position yourself as their trusted advisor and educate them, if necessary, on the various tactics they might use to accomplish their goals Don’t forget or allow them to forget that it costs much less to keep a client than to continually go get new ones – online is a fantastic strategy for customer retention if it is planned and executed properly Don’t plug in a specific online tactic such as social media, which happens to be the “hot” thing right now, to satisfy the pressure they might be getting from higher up in the organization if the tactic is not part of a larger strategy HOT TIP: The average CMO’s tenure today is less than 24 months; the pressure is HIGH and agencies often get caught in the transition from one to the next – do whatever you can to get exposure to multiple layers and divisions within the organization to ensure you are maximizing your potential across multiple divisions AND making it more difficult for a new CMO or other marketing executive to come in and replace you with their personal agency of record or choice as an easy way to appear to be “shaking things up” REFERENCES (for workbook?):
  2. Ask how many people are using social networking today?
  3. KIMBERLY: Blue sky meetings where anything goes Competitive research – online surveys and user forums are quick, cheap and deliver a considerable amount of good data
  4. KIMBERLY: Not “retainer” in the traditional agency sense of the word; this is a monthly ongoing retainer to execute specified work
  5. KIMBELRY: Use this when you have more upside by taking some risk than by going with a straight retainer Is becoming necessary or expected to use this with retail clients (DoubleClick)
  6. Pricing depends on what level you’re selling within POST
  7. Some things are BIG ideas and worth more than production work / tactical execution
  8. Are they afraid of “social”