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Gilger news engagement

ASU's Public Insight Network program: AEJMC 2014 panel for Media Management & Economics Division

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Gilger news engagement

  1. 1. The Public Insight Network Bureau at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication Teaching Engagement
  2. 2. Adapted by David Ryan (ASU) from Meg Pickard (The Guardian) via Joy
  3. 3. Source: The Lear Center Media Impact Project, adapted from Harmony Institute’s Impact Playbook.
  4. 4. Reasons for Engagement • Find unexpected stories • Broaden sources • Personalize stories • Build audience relationships
  5. 5. The PIN bureau at Cronkite A community • 220,000+ sources • A platform • Connects journalists with knowledgeable sources • Expands reach, depth and diversity of coverage • A toolkit • Source data collection • Follow-up functions
  6. 6. The Pin bureau at Cronkite
  7. 7. What students learn: • How to engage with audiences/make reporting more personal, relevant and inclusive. • How to ask questions that elicit thoughtful, helpful responses. • How to process mistakes and setbacks in order to adapt and move forward.
  8. 8. What students learn: • How to communicate and develop relationships with journalists across the country. • Different approaches to reporting (investigative, feature, daily news, etc.). • What it what it takes to launch a startup and how to make strategic business decisions
  9. 9. What students learn: • How to manage workflow • How to manage their time • How to act professionally • How to work together
  10. 10. Recent PIN Bureau Examples Sources found: Bankers frustrated about bonuses Small-business owners making health care decisions for employees People who had experienced gun
  12. 12. PHOTO: Morgan Spiehs / News21 Paula Reed -- a Public Insight Network source -- was a teacher at Columbine High School during the 1999 shooting. Our reporters struggled to find sources 15 years after the shooting who were not mentioned in prior reporting. We found Paula, as well as others in Colorado and other states who had direct ties to Columbine. They included mental health professionals who worked with Columbine survivors, funeral home staff, students and teachers.
  13. 13. Stats Participation rates during the first two weeks of dicussion
  14. 14. Engagement Tool Reading List Site Content URL Gigaom Analysis of emerging technology http://gigaom.com/ VentureBeat "Tech. People. Money." http://venturebeat.com/ re/code Tech news, reviews, analysis http://recode.net/ GitHub Code review/collaboration https://github.com/ Mashable Social media and tech news http://mashable.com/ MediaShift Media technology, engagement tools, trends http://www.pbs.org/mediashift/ National Center for Media Engagement Webinars, tools, resources about engagement http://mediaengage.org/ Nieman Journalism Lab Journalism engagement posts http://www.niemanlab.org/tag/ engagement/ Reynolds Journalism Institute News and research about technology and engagement http://www.rjionline.org/blog Columbia Journalism Review News and research about journalism industry http://cjr.org/
  15. 15. PIN Bureau at Cronkite For questions and more information, contact PIN Bureau Chief Rebecca Blatt by email at Rebecca.Blatt@asu.edu or by phone at 602.496.0297.