articles of association memorandum of association prospectus wind up meetings commencement of business capital subscription incorporation promotion restrictive trade practices consumer protection council remedies national commission state commission district forum defect complaint consumer auction sale rights of an unpaid seller rights of buyer & seller rules regarding delivery performance transfer passing of property caveat emptor implied condition & warranty warranty condition price types of goods goods agreement to sell sale misrepresentation undue influence coerción fraud minor persons of unsound mind performance of contract lawful object free consent competent parties capacity to contract consideration agency contract pledge contract lien bailment contract guarantee contract indemnity contract quasi contract contingent contract discharge of parties from liability presentment of promissory note bill of exchange & protest noting dishonor of negotiable instrument types of crossing crossing of cheques difference between promissory note bill of exchang essential elements of promissory note & bill of ex cheque specimen of bill of exchange bill of exchange specimen of promissory note promissory note negotiable instruments revocation of offer classification of contract acceptance offer agreement indian contract act 1872 quantum meruit specific performance damages impossibility to perform breach of contract remedies for breach of contract discharge of contract
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