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Question 3 - evaluation

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Question 3 - evaluation

  1. 1. 3.) What have you learned from your audience feedback?
  2. 2. Once I had decided on a song to do, I had come up with lots of ideas, and parts from other videos which I would like to incorporate into mine. I then decided to conduct a questionnaire to find out what the target audience would expect to see so I could narrow down my ideas what they wanted and what fit the genre. The feedback also helped us decided on a fount and what to put on our album cover and the writing to choose for each section.
  3. 3. Through doing audience feedback it has enabled me to take on critism and improve the video to fit to what they like. This was useful with the fair ride video as the majority of people said that it either didn’t fit in or was messy because it was too long, from this we decided to add double exposure, and change it to black and white to enable it to fit.
  4. 4. I posted my video onto YouTube and put a link to a survey underneath where 16 people answered, this enabled me to be able to make sure that it fit the genre and see if I needed any to make any more changes. I also got feedback after the first video to see if it fit the genre, I went around the school as this was the age which it was aimed at and got there feedback on the video, I showed the same people the improved video and all was all positive comments made. https://www.surveymonkey.c om/results/SM-RVK58KGV/