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Stress phala and maya dr. shriniwas janardan kashalikar

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Stress phala and maya dr. shriniwas janardan kashalikar

  2. 2. One of the major causes of stress is inability to cope with the effects, results or fruits (phala) of our action. This is because; our actions are associated with feelings. Failure therefore can be insulting to our intellectual esteem, hurting to our deep seated concerns or humiliating to physical honor. We must appreciate that we feel hurt not merely if our ideology, faith, love and behavior are criticized, but even if our near and dear ones are criticized. We get agitated even if our pets are blamed. We feel disturbed even if our possessions are underrated. The anticipated effects results or fruits (money, appreciation, honor, awards, accolades etc) are thus deeply associated with everything we take pride in and hence; we feel insulted, humiliated and dejected, if we don’t get them.
  3. 3. Thus poverty (deprivation), disease and loss per se, are not the only causes of pain and misery, but the insult of failure and the guilt associated; that we are undeserving, incapable or sinners; is the major cause of agony! This is why a monk is not miserable even if his financial status is poor. Our actions are NOT merely physical actions as in case of physics, where we could easily neglect the results; which are mere reactions!! In contrast; the success in terms of money, fame, honor etc; can boost our ego and give us illusory feeling of unrealistic greatness and make us arrogant and callous. The “karma-phala-tyaga” i.e. detachment from the result or fruit of our action; thus is actually; the detachment from our
  4. 4. thoughts, emotions, instincts and body, i.e. everything subjective, individual or personal i.e. MAYA! One may or may not believe but the aphorism of the saints is that; the consistent and steadfast practice of NAMASMARAN; irrespective of any “result or fruit” in terms of personal gains or losses; is the hallmark of Gnostic individual. One of the greatest illusions of even the great intellectuals; is their subtle but strong projection and expectation of a certain pattern of a dream society (PHALA). This is MAYA and causes stress to one and all. Let NAMASMARAN be the whole and sole concern and let the social change follow; as the dawn follows the sunrise!