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Social Media for Non-profits

  1. #NH4NP An overview of how social media can benefit non-profit organizations
  2. The Team @hannahrose41 @katelynnmoreau @acptachi @megangriffo
  3. #NH4NP
  4. NPO #sm goals  Communication & Volunteers  Fundraising  Disaster Response
  5. Spread the Word
  6. Facebook Gifts
  7. United Way of CNY Kelly Griggin | Marketing Director for The United Way of CNY @Kcools12
  8. 895 Followers 411 Likes 21,340 total YouTube views
  9. “Open and easy communication translates to great ideas and more volunteers,” Kelly Griggin.
  10. Home HeadQuarters Karen Schroeder | resource development and government relations manager at Home HeadQuarters @KarenJSchroeder
  11. 224 followers 491 Likes 70 followers 11 shared videos
  12. "If we tweet about them, then they know they're in our thoughts," Schroeder said. "This beneficial relationship could lead to grants in the future."
  13. #BlockBlitz—Funding
  14. The American Red Cross Wendy Harman @wharman Director of Social Strategy
  15. @redcross, @CNYRedcross +redcross
  16. Internal Disasters - (A Twitter “ooops”)
  17. Response
  18. Don’t Fear Mistakes "Our first instinct was to delete it but we didn’t. She and I came up with the response and went ahead and posted it. I think we provided a real window of what’s happening behind that curtain. I was like, Wait a minute this is our chance to show that we’re human.” - @wharman
  19. External Disasters: Hurricane Sandy
  20. #NH4NP

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  1. Why is social media different for NPOs? Because it's cheap and, often free Rely heavily on sharing One study shows that 1 share = $6 for an NPO (
  2. Before we tell you about how NPOs use social media, we want to show you how you can find volunteer opportunities in your area. It’s a direct link to get involved yourself. You can also share it on Facebook to get others involved. It’s as easy as…. Download “Catalista” from your app store Allow it to track your current location Pick a volunteer opportunity or share opportunities over social media with your friends
  3. Contacted through Facbeook - replied within an hour and was able to set up an in-person meeting.
  4. Team of 3 (Kelly, I.T. Director, Intern) (@uwcny) ( ( There is uniformity across platforms Primarily used for volunteer coordination and ideas celebration of volunteers engagement with the general public Saving Money! They run 600 campaign events in 4 month period Campaign videos developed from VHS to DVD to now YouTube Cut down on cost of labor and outsourcing to make the VHS and cut down on time of in-house burning of DVD’s More accessible Content - on Youtube anybody can watch it anytime Volunteers LOVE to see themselves! - They can now show friends and family their work, easily (SHOW VIDEO)
  5. someone in the community connecting with the FB came up with an event for extreme couponing! (They asked The United Way, "what could I do with extra product from my couponing?") Working with the volunteer - uwcny came up with a whole event surrounding this idea, all because that one woman reached out to the United Way through FB. Excellent way to highlight companies that donate and agencies that sponsor events and giveaways (I.e.) Step Up Program which they give something away every day - SM allows them to increase engagement with community and publicly thank the sponsors which they love and in turn makes the sponsors more willing to participate
  6. Messaged Home HeadQuarters on Facebook and Tweeted at them. I heard back the next morning and set up a phone interview.
  7. @homehq HeadQuartes Inc. on LinkedIn TheHomeHeadQuarters on YouTube Twitter—432 tweets, following 422 , less than one tweet per day Facebook—Joined Nov. 9, 2009, 19 talking about this, 89 were here LinkedIn—31 employees have profiles YouTube—last activity: Sept. 21, 2011, most views on a video: 1,715
  8. Twitter—“exponential increase during disasters” 4,000 mentions/day on Twitter , ,,
  9. Pull up blog and Twitter account