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The bank manager

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The bank manager

  1. 1. About Bank Manager •What work do bank manager do? •What happen if bank manager don’t to be? •And additional information
  2. 2. What work do bank manager do? • To develop new products, make search the market for need, listen to complaints and requests for products and services and develop new suggestions. • Providing customer satisfaction, as well as new customers and retain old customers save.
  3. 3. What happen if bank manager don’t to be? • Not to be new costumers and stop the move on of the bank. • Product prices and advertising would not be anyone to coordinate the activities of. • no credit crunch would not be anyone to control them
  4. 4. And additional information • I want to bank manager because I love dealing with people and learning something them. • I taken education of engineer and i love deal numbers and i think of myself is a powerful analytical. Previously i done public relations in build company. • I graduated from department civil engineering of university. My qualifications, management, marketing, product identification… • The future, I’m going to do bank manager and bank management. • My hobies and my social life; I belong to chess club, I good at basketball and box, I love read novel books. I go seminars and meetings in my free time.
  5. 5. Other additional information Ali KAYA UnvanRegional Manager la Garanti BankDemografik bilgiler Prahova, City: Turkey Banking Now: Bank Manager in Garanti Bank Preciously: ING Bank N.V. Ankara, department management, marketing and product identification Education: Mersin University, Spiru Haret University The Academy of Economic Studies National College Ploiesti Summary:Financial, management and teaching professional with experience and advanced expertise in following fields: Banking; Management; Teaching; Capita...