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Brand activation

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Brand activation

  1. 1. BRAND Powered by: Ali Powered by: Ali Hadi ACTIVATION At the centre of any engaging experiential campaign lives A BIG IDEA. But that big idea must be brilliantly executed, relevant, robust, campaignable, measurable, easily understood, affordable, legal, imaginative and deliverable.
  2. 2. Live Public Events 3rd Party Brand Partners Brand Theatre Strategic Partnerships Product Launch Sampling & Selling Sponsorship Activation Integrated Promotional Campaigns Festival Activity Conferencing & Exhibitions Ambush Marketing Corporate Events Shopping Centre Roadshow Brand ActivationA marketing interaction between consumers and thebrand, where consumers can understand the brand better and accept it as a part of their lives.
  3. 3. To activate brand demand, we have to ignite the passion of the consumer with the power of a big idea.
  4. 4. There is a need to emotionally connect the brand with the consumer at the right time, in the right place and in the right way, thus motivating consumer commitment.
  5. 5. By turning insight into action, the brand’s reason to believe becomes more acceptable and understanding, and the opportunity to purchase becomes more promising.
  6. 6. It is important to understands the consumer decision making process in the targeted segment.Awareness: The ability of the consumer to recall the brand…Knowledge: The ability of consumer to recall the important attributes of brand…Liking: The attitude of the consumer towards the product…Preference: The degree to which a consumer feels more positive about the product…Conviction: The likelihood that the consumer will purchase the product…Purchase: The acquisition of a product or service…
  7. 7. Brand Activation relates to buildinga brand culture and powerfully delivering to both internal and external audiences
  8. 8. A brand can be activated in a range of situations, best summarized in four cornerstones; Products and services, Employees, Identity and Communication. What to activate When activating a brand, look for the core features that constitute the brand. It might be the communicated position or promised customer benefit, or the company vision or people policy – strategies and tactics that often are relevant for the whole company. Therefore, effective brand activation starts with a defined brand.
  9. 9. Benefits of Brand Activation: 1. You can convey your positioning using brand Brand activation. Idea 2. It supports your ad claim if used carefully. 3. Distortion is minimum in this case. 4. It increases your brand salience. 5. Helps in revitalizing a brand. 6. Brand activation can elicit customer insights Prospects as people interact with the brand. TargetedContext Message Brand activation = Interaction New media has caused a revolution in communication: the simplicity of interaction. Almost everyone has access to internet. Stimulate people to interact. A Brand Activation platform often has a site at the basis. The consumer accesses the site of his/her own accord and therefore wants contact. A wonderful opportunity to offer an experience that influences the buying process.
  10. 10. BRAND ACTIVATION BRANDING •Maximize fan/consumer interaction and dwell time •Trigger interactivity and empower consumer activation •Provide a unique platform for sponsorship opportunities •Enroll the usage of social media to promote communication and collaboration across the user base •Create diversified experiences which will appeal to numerous consumer types, from intense users to a casual audience Agencies and brands are continually seeking revolutionary and innovative methods to activate their brands and deliver greater ROI than traditional marketing and advertising campaigns.
  11. 11. THANK YOU For More Information: Contact: +923122205300 / +923002025012 Email: alihadipk@gmail.com www.linkedin.com/in/alihadi

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