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Getting Started With ANDROID

The presentation provides a basic overview on ANDROID. What is the structure, what you need to start and basic building blocks of ANDROID

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Getting Started With ANDROID

  1. 1. Getting start on Android - By Amit Yadav
  2. 2. Topics coveredWhy Android?Introduction to AndroidHow to get started?EmulatorDive inResource availableQ&A
  3. 3. Why Android?Open market placeInstant publishing & feedbackYou can create anythingCreate background apps(mail notifications, FBupdates, twitter etc)
  4. 4. Why Android? (cont…)Develop on ANY platform FREE Windows Linux Mac
  5. 5. Introduction to AndroidOpen software platform for mobile developmentA complete stack – OS, Middleware, ApplicationsAn Open Handset Alliance (OHA) projectPowered by Linux operating systemFast application development in JavaOpen source under the Apache 2 license
  6. 6. Why Android? (cont…)Android can run on multiple platforms Mobiles Notebook Desktop
  7. 7. Android Architecture
  8. 8. Linux KernelWorks as a HAL(H/w Acceleration Layer)Device driversMemory managementProcess managementNetworking
  9. 9. LibrariesC/C++ librariesInterface through JavaSurface manager – Handling UI Windows2D and 3D graphicsMedia codecs, SQLite, Browser engine
  10. 10. Android RuntimeDalvik VM Dex files Compact and efficient than class files Limited memory and battery powerCore Libraries Java 5 Std edition Collections, I/O etc…
  11. 11. Application FrameworkAPI interfaceActivity manager – manages application life cycle.
  12. 12. ApplicationsBuilt in and user appsCan replace built in apps
  13. 13. How to get started? (cont…)Things to start with Java Developer Kit(JDK) Eclipse Android SDK Android Developer Tool(ADT)
  14. 14. How to get started? (cont…)
  15. 15. Emulator
  16. 16. Dive in…Create new Android Application Project Application Name Project Name Package Name Minimum Required SDK Target SDK Compile With Themeandroid create project --target <target-id> --name MyFirstApp --path <path-to-workspace>/MyFirstApp --activity MainActivity --package com.example.myfirstapp
  17. 17. Dive in…(Application Building Blocks)AndroidManifest.XMLActivitiesViews & ViewGroupIntentsServicesNotificationsContent Providers
  18. 18. Dive in…(Manifest File)The manifest file describes the fundamental characteristics ofthe app and defines each of its components.
  19. 19. Dive in…(Activities)This represents the presentation layer of an AndroidApplication e.g. a screen which user sees.An Android app can have several activities and theapp can switch between these activities duringruntime
  20. 20. Dive in…(Views & ViewGroup)Views are basic building blocksViews object are usually UI widgets(buttons, text fieldetc)ViewGroups are invisible containersOrganized as tree to build the GUIDescribed as an XML in the layout resource
  21. 21. Dive in…(Intents)Intents are used to move from Activity to ActivityDescribes what an application wantsProvides late runtime bindings
  22. 22. Dive in…(Services)They run in the backgroundThey don’t interact with usersRun on the main thread of the processIs kept running as long as Is Started Has Connections
  23. 23. Dive in…(Notifications)Notify the users about the eventsNotificationManager is used for this purposeTypes Persistent icon Turning LEDS Sound or Vibrations
  24. 24. Dive in…(Content Providers)ContentProviders are objects that can Retrieve Data Store DataData is available for all the applicationsOnly way to share data across packagesBackend is SQLite
  25. 25. Resource availablehttp://androidcore.com/home.html Here you can find more than 300tutorial for android this is the best site for android.http://www.androidpeople.com/android-tutorial/ This is the anothergood site for android.http://developer.android.com This is site here you find all thedocumentation of Android.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Android_(operating_system) This is the linkof Wikipedia for Androidhttp://www.vogella.de/articles/Android/article.html#overview This is theanother good site for Android Development.http://www.pdftop.com/ebook/android+tutorial/ This is the link hereyou find lot of book related to Androidhttp://code.google.com/p/android-wheel/ This is the side here you findsource code of the projects.
  26. 26. Q&A No questions please!!!