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Stephen blower inspiring testers - rtc2014

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Stephen blower inspiring testers - rtc2014

  1. 1. Inspiring Testers Stephen Blower Test Bash 2014 @badbud65 Sheffield Test Gathering Organiser
  2. 2. Boredom can be an Inspiring State of Mind
  3. 3. My Journey from a Factory Schooled Tester to a Context Driven Tester
  4. 4. Feature: How to stop being bored and underutilised In order to not get bored As a tester I want to do something interesting and worthwhile with my time at work Scenario: Stop being bored Given I’m bored And doing the same thing day in day out When outside of work Then I’m going to look for a new job
  5. 5. I Know how to Test to Realising I Know Little Anyone can Test to Testing Requires Skill Test Scripts to Check Lists to Exploration Estimation to Guesstimation to Negotiation Automated Testing to Automated Checking ISTQB to BBST and RST
  6. 6. What are some of the challenges facing software testers James Bach, Software Testing Naturalist
  7. 7. How Do I InspireOthers?
  8. 8. Basically: Do as I say, not what I Do Whisky Priest
  9. 9. Integrity With Oneself and Others
  10. 10. When in Rome, do as the Romans do Pragmatism
  11. 11. Use Facts not Assumptions FACTS are objective, observable, and verifiable ASSUMPTIONS refer to things we believe to be true, but may not be
  12. 12. Use Oracles Stephen Blower: “Oracles are powerful heuristics used during testing that can help us determine if a thing is a problem or not.” Work In Progress Michael Bolton: “An oracle is a heuristic principle or mechanism by which we recognize a problem.”
  13. 13. Positivity & Solutions Stop Moaning and Complaining and do Something About it
  14. 14. Paired Testing Two Minds are Better Than One
  15. 15. Trust Without Trust You’re Doomed to Failure
  16. 16. Praise Praise where praise is due not where expected
  17. 17. Testing Games Take up Challenges and Dare to Fail
  18. 18. Questions? He must be very ignorant for he answers every question he is asked - Voltaire -