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From Post to Podcast: PodCamp Toronto 2019

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How to use your existing tech and free software to repurpose content. Covers written posts, visuals, presentations, video, streaming, webinars, and a recorded podcast. Presented at PodCamp Toronto 2019. Find the full notes, related links, and additional resources at https://andymci.ca/post-to-podcast/

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From Post to Podcast: PodCamp Toronto 2019

  1. 1. From Post to Podcast PodCamp Toronto 2019 @andymci | #PCTO19
  2. 2. You don't need expensive hardware or software. Use what you have + free tools to get started. @andymci | #PCTO19
  4. 4. Hi! I'm Andy. Content Marketing at GoDaddy @andymci on Twitter / @hello.andymci on Instagram www.andymci.ca @andymci | #PCTO19
  5. 5. Start with a written post. It's your most versatile raw material. @andymci | #PCTO19
  6. 6. What's your topic? Businesses: Answer common customer questions. Personal blogs: Write whatever you want! @andymci | #PCTO19
  7. 7. Stuck for ideas? Use a generator. HubSpot's Blog Ideas Generator Portent's Content Idea Generator Content Row's Headline Generator BuzzSumo's Topic Explorer @andymci | #PCTO19
  8. 8. ...or use headline formulas. Buffer's Headline Formulas Sumo's Headline Formulas Pinterest search @andymci | #PCTO19
  9. 9. ...or do some keyword research. Install Keywords Everywhere for Chrome and Firefox. @andymci | #PCTO19
  10. 10. What's your take? Inject some of your personality and first-hand experiences. @andymci | #PCTO19
  11. 11. There are topics you know a lot about. Lean into that. Include it. Make it resonate across everything you create. @andymci | #PCTO19
  12. 12. What are your main points? What do you want your audience to remember? @andymci | #PCTO19
  13. 13. Do the writing. Sit down. Knock it out. @andymci | #PCTO19
  14. 14. I'm a sucker for templates. My go-to structure: • Intro • Main point 1 • Main point 2 • Main point 3 • Main point 4 • Main point 5 • Conclusion / next steps @andymci | #PCTO19
  15. 15. I'm a fan of Microsoft Word. #sorrynotsorry What won me over from being a Google Docs advocate? • More powerful • Offline editing • Free online version It's come a long way. @andymci | #PCTO19
  16. 16. Edit. Revise. Edit again. Your first draft is always terrible. @andymci | #PCTO19
  17. 17. Hemingway Editor is my secret weapon. My process: 1. Draft the post in Word 2. Self-edit for structure 3. Run through Hemingway 4. Copy/paste to WordPress 5. Final edit for voice @andymci | #PCTO19
  18. 18. Create supporting visuals. Break up the wall of text. Give people something to share. @andymci | #PCTO19
  19. 19. Use presentation software. (Yep.) Follow your post's structure: 1. Intro (title slide) 2. Main point 1 (slide) 3. Main point 2 (slide) 4. Main point 3 (slide) 5. Main point 4 (slide) 6. Main point 5 (slide) 7. Conclusion / next steps (slide) @andymci | #PCTO19
  20. 20. One post. Seven visuals. What can your slides include? • Diagrams for complex topics • Screenshots for app tutorials • Photos & illustrations for stories Written Post Visuals Presentation Video Podcast @andymci | #PCTO19
  21. 21. Juicy quotes! Pull excerpts from your writing, turn them into images. @andymci | #PCTO19
  22. 22. Juicy quotes are sentences or short paragraphs that capture the essence of a section. They act as pull quotes in written posts, and they’re great for sharing on social media. @andymci | #PCTO19
  23. 23. Add pictures. Use stock images as backgrounds to complement your words. Find beautiful photos at Unsplash.com Photo by Jeff Finley on Unsplash @andymci | #PCTO19
  24. 24. Add iconography. Simple illustrations that pair well with quotes and titles. Find free icons at Iconfinder and Flaticon. (PowerPoint has them too!) @andymci | #PCTO19
  25. 25. Have a consistent look & feel. Consistency leads to familiarity. Try matching your website's fonts and colours. @andymci | #PCTO19
  26. 26. Download your slides as images. PowerPoint Online Google Slides @andymci | #PCTO19
  27. 27. Compress the files. Smaller image files make your page load faster. It's better for users and better for your SEO. Free tools: - CompressPNG / CompressJPEG - TinyPNG @andymci | #PCTO19
  28. 28. Embed the images in your post. Place the images next to the related points in your written post. @andymci | #PCTO19
  29. 29. Present to an audience. Do the thing I'm doing right now. @andymci | #PCTO19
  30. 30. Volunteer to speak. Find local speaking opportunities. Search "call for speakers", "call for presenters", "speaker application". Small meetups and community- run events are a great starting point. Example: Local WordCamps, conferences dedicated to WordPress, web development, and blogging. @andymci | #PCTO19
  31. 31. Your points are your guide. Speak to each of the major points from your written post. @andymci | #PCTO19
  32. 32. Reference your post. Give your audience a reason to visit your site. @andymci | #PCTO19
  33. 33. Embrace questions. Use them to improve the quality of your post and presentation. @andymci | #PCTO19
  34. 34. Put your deck on SlideShare SlideShare helps with discovery and reaching a business audience. Add a summary to each slide. Link to your written post. Embed it. @andymci | #PCTO19
  35. 35. Record a video. Have a phone, tablet, or laptop? You're good to go. @andymci | #PCTO19
  36. 36. Record your presentation. You can upload the raw footage or add the slides later. Do a demonstration instead for practical, hands-on tutorials. Prioritize audio. Get the camera close, cut out background noise. @andymci | #PCTO19
  37. 37. Record your screen with Zoom. Yes, the videoconferencing software. Start a Zoom meeting. Hit record. Share your screen. Present your content. It's good for software tutorials, reviews, etc... Zoom creates a video and audio recording of your call. (It's also a scrappy method for recording group podcasts.) @andymci | #PCTO19
  38. 38. Optional: Edit in Shotcut. Free, open source video editor for Mac and Windows. @andymci | #PCTO19
  39. 39. Upload your video. Add a description. Point people to your written post for more info. @andymci | #PCTO19
  40. 40. Streaming & webinars. Extended reach + real-time interaction with your audience. @andymci | #PCTO19
  41. 41. Streaming • Usually entertainment focused • Anyone can join the audience • Twitch for gamers & creatives • YouTube, Facebook, Twitter for broader audiences @andymci | #PCTO19
  42. 42. Webinars • Education and business content • Requires registration to attend • Browser-based webinar tools: Check out Crowdcast and Livestorm @andymci | #PCTO19
  43. 43. Get people to your site. Invite questions. Improve your content. Continue the cycle. @andymci | #PCTO19
  44. 44. Record a podcast. Treat your written post like a script. You're in their head. Adjust your delivery. Make it personal. @andymci | #PCTO19
  45. 45. Use the Anchor app. Free app for iPhone & Android. All-in-one solution for recording, editing, and publishing. Download the app. Create an account. Record and edit. @andymci | #PCTO19
  46. 46. Add show notes. Overview, not a transcript. Follow your post's major points. Reference the written post. Include the URL in the show notes. Point people to your site. @andymci | #PCTO19
  47. 47. Publish & embed. Publish your podcast. Embed the episode in your written post. @andymci | #PCTO19
  48. 48. Put it all together. Bring people back to your website. @andymci | #PCTO19
  49. 49. Find everything in the written post. The written post includes: • Embedded images • Embedded presentation • Embedded video • Embedded podcast • Comments & discussion @andymci | #PCTO19
  50. 50. End with a call to action (CTA). What are the next steps? • Subscribe to your newsletter • Check out a promotion • View your products & services • See related posts Give your audience something to do. Don't leave them hanging. @andymci | #PCTO19
  51. 51. The process, in a nutshell... 1. Write a post. 2. Add supporting visuals. 3. Present the content. 4. Make a video. 5. Record a podcast. @andymci | #PCTO19
  52. 52. Thank you! Find everything and leave your comments @ andymci.ca/post-to-podcast @andymci | #PCTO19