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Inspired digital citizenship: The essential elements

The kind of digital citizenship that fosters agency, engagement, literacy and empowerment in online youth

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Inspired digital citizenship: The essential elements

  1. 1. Inspired Digital Citizenship Anne Collier Co-director, ConnectSafely.org Founder & writer, NetFamilyNews.org
  2. 2. This is the Internet now HuffingtonPost.com
  3. 3. NOT THIS!
  4. 4. • Hanging out – casual socializing • Messing around – social tinkering, with info, ideas, media, tech • Geeking out – professional tech & media use, like that of artists, musicians, code writers, videographers Social networking’s progression
  5. 5. In participatory media, we all – users, governments, corporations – find ourselves signatories to a new social contract drawn up by the media shift. “By using this, you consent…”
  6. 6. The rise of digital citizenship Hugo A. Quintero G.
  7. 7. “If the notion of digital citizenship in policy discourse is to have traction with its constituents and prove effective, it is vital that our understanding and use of the term be directly informed by young people’s values and insights.” --Third & Strider, Univ. of Western Sydney No citizenship without… the citizens
  8. 8. Digital citizenship instruction as a national priority RECOMMENDED TO CONGRESS
  10. 10. Rights are exercised online too.
  11. 11. The pillars of citizenship learning Photo by Julian Turner • Infrastructure • Agency • Practice • Guidance
  12. 12. Five elements of digital citizenship • Participation or “civic engagement” • Rights and responsibilities • Norms of behavior ("good citizenship”) • A sense of belonging (membership) • Literacies: digital, media, social
  14. 14. Some of the literacies from social media use • Socially and materially distributed cognition • Collective intelligence • Collaborative problem-solving • Computational thinking • Reciprocal apprenticeship • Appropriation • Transmedia navigation
  15. 15. Consequential media, powerful users
  16. 16. 5th grade teacher writes about her students’ ‘Digital Citizenship Minute’ Digital citizenship tends to unfold…
  17. 17. Our Space: Being a Responsible Citizen of the Digital World (great free curriculum from USC and Harvard)
  18. 18. Henry Jenkins
  19. 19. • The safety & support of community • Self-actualization & the rights of citizenship • Power – as agents for the social good • The safety & efficacy of digital, media, and social literacy • Practice in the collaborative problem-solving their futures will demand • Opportunities to co-create the social norms of our networked media & world • Preparation for success, leadership What’s in it for the citizens?
  20. 20. WHAT INSPIRES autonomy, mastery…
  21. 21. …RELATEDNESS
  22. 22. Thank you! Anne Collier anne@connectsafely.org NetFamilyNews.org