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Abraham Lincoln High School (408) 535 6300 ext. 316 
Department of Social Studies George_Adragna@sjusd.org 
G. Adragna Roo...
• Tests, quizzes, homework, reports, and other assignments are assigned a point value. Class 
grades will be d...
Make-up Work, Part 3 
• Caution about over-reliance on advisory! Remember, you only have the day or days equal to your 
World geography syllabus
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World geography syllabus

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World geography syllabus

  1. 1. Abraham Lincoln High School (408) 535 6300 ext. 316 Department of Social Studies George_Adragna@sjusd.org G. Adragna Room 16 www.adragna.weebly.com Course Syllabus and Protocol for World Geography Textbooks: Geography Alive! Regions and Peoples, Teachers’ Curriculum Institute, 2006. World Geography Today, Holt, Rinehart, and Winston, 2000. Course Description • World Geography is a year-long course designed to provide students with a basic understanding of and interrelationship between physical and human geography. Instruction is in accordance with the content standards set forth by Abraham Lincoln High School, social studies grade 9. Major Topics Covered (Semester 1) • The Six Elements of Geography • Introduction to the basics of physical & human geography • United States and Canada • Latin America (includes Middle America and South America) • Europe, Russia, and the former Soviet Republics Major Topics Covered (Semester 2) • Africa • Southwest Asia (The Middle East) • East and Southeast Asia • South Asia, with a focus on India • Australia and New Zealand • Various geography-related topics will be covered, including modern geographical concerns and their historical roots Course Activities • Note-taking from lecture, text, and video • Map labeling, study, analysis and interpretation • Current event assignments • Group and individual projects • Research reports and other various writing assignments • Quizzes, tests, and alternative assessments Student Expectations and Participation • Each student is expected to come to class prepared to learn. Being prepared includes having a pencil, pen, notebook, and anything else required by the instructor for a given assignment. Students are encouraged and expected to participate in class discussions, activities, and projects. Homework • Students should expect homework for this class each weekday evening, except Friday. Homework is due the next school day at the beginning of the class unless noted otherwise by the instructor. It is important that homework be completed; homework content will most always appear on quizzes and/or tests.
  2. 2. Evaluation • Tests, quizzes, homework, reports, and other assignments are assigned a point value. Class grades will be determined by the total number of points earned during a grading period. Six-week and semester grades are based on the following: 90%—100%=A 80%—89%= B 70%—79%= C 60%—69%= D Classroom Procedures • It is my intention to maintain a positive classroom environment conducive to learning. No student will be permitted to disrupt the classroom or the learning of other students. Rules to be observed at all times • No writing or marking of any kind on student desks, in textbooks, or any other place where it would be inappropriate to do so. • No profanity, vulgarity, or any other offensive language. • No eating, drinking (Including bottled water), or gum chewing inside the classroom. • No student is to use the classroom telephone or computer. • Cell phones are not to be seen or heard—violations will result in immediate confiscation in accordance with Lincoln High School policy. • Class is dismissed by the instructor, not by the bell. • Students should always be in their assigned seats during class unless permission to be elsewhere has been granted by the instructor. • Students should always conduct themselves appropriately during this and all other classes. Appropriate behavior includes treating other students as well as the instructor with courtesy, respect, and politeness. →Failure to follow the above rules will be dealt with appropriately by the instructor. Penalties include, but are not limited to, writing assignments, detention, parental contact, Saturday School, AIM, parental conference, and referral to administration. (See discipline plan) Attendance and Tardiness • Students are expected to attend class. Each day of class includes instruction and/or activities important to learning. • During an absence I encourage you to contact a classmate or refer to the course website to obtain information about class and/or homework assignments. • Students are expected to be in their assigned seats before the bell rings. Tardiness is dealt with in a manner deemed appropriate by the instructor as well as in accordance with the rules and regulations set forth by Lincoln High School. Make-Up Work • It is the responsibility of the student to see me regarding assignments given and class work (including quizzes and tests) that was administered during any absence. • When a student returns from an EXCUSED absence, he or she will be given the number of days equal to the absence to submit missed work or take a test/quiz. • Any student with an UNEXCUSED absence is ineligible to submit missed work or make-up a quiz or test. (This includes absences due to any suspension) • Students absent from class due to participation in school-sponsored activities (athletics, performing arts, etc…) should notify me in advance so we can discuss other arrangements should a quiz or test be administered on that day. Make-Up Work Part 2 • Every reasonable effort MUST be made by you to get make-up work when you are absent, particularly if you are only absent from this (or a limited amount) of other classes on any given day. Assume there will be homework every night except Friday. If this does not occur in the opinion of the instructor, you will not by permitted to submit or complete assignments missed as a result of your absence.
  3. 3. Make-up Work, Part 3 • Caution about over-reliance on advisory! Remember, you only have the day or days equal to your absence to get make-up work completed and turned in, and/or to make-up quizzes or tests. Should you be absent on a Thursday, for instance, and you return the next day (Friday), I should expect to see you on Friday at some point to submit work and/or take a quiz. This means giving up your personal time before school, at brunch or lunch, or after school. What you SHOULD NOT do is assume that it will be okay to just arrive the following week during advisory. Begin absent from class requires a great deal of responsibility on YOUR PART to make-up what you have missed. If it is not your desire to assume this added responsibility, including giving up your personal time, then I suggest you never be absent. Tests and Quizzes • Students should expect to take a test at the conclusion of each unit. In most cases tests will be multiple-choice and may include one or more essay questions. Other forms of assessment may also be used. Students are given sufficient time to prepare for quizzes and tests. • Students should expect to take quizzes daily, with an occasional “pop” quiz. Academic Honesty • Students are expected to sustain a level of integrity for this and all other classes. Maintain your individuality by thinking and working independently, completing and submitting your own original assignments. Take pride in your work! (see discipline plan regarding academic dishonesty) Communication • Because of its convenience, I encourage parents and students to contact me via my school e-mail. In most cases I will respond to e-mail questions daily during a normal school week. My E-mail is: George_Adragna@sjusd.org Course Website (www.adragna.weebly.com) • I encourage both students and parents to visit the course website frequently. I will do my very best in updating the website daily to contain homework assignments, class assignments, upcoming quizzes and tests, extra credit, general course information, and anything else relating to the course that might be helpful. In-Class Videos • Throughout the academic year I will show students selected video segments that correlate to the unit of study during that given time. Some of these segments may consist of the documentary variety or motion picture movies. If the movie and/or segment to be shown maintains a rating of “R,” students will be required to obtain a permission slip, provided by the instructor, that is to be signed by a parent/guardian, indicating agreement or disagreement in viewing the segment/movie. Should you have any questions about the videos or content, please contact me. Advisory Period • In accordance with Lincoln’s schedule, an advisory session will occur 2 times per week, 36 minutes per session. This advisory period was designed for students to get additional help, make-up quizzes and tests, meet with teachers, and tend to any academic matters. My advisory period will occur in the same room in which my classes are held, room 16. All classroom rules apply to advisory periods. Recommended Class Materials • Being a successful student requires good organization. The better organized you are, the better student you will be. Because of this, I strongly recommend that you acquire a 3-ring notebook to be used specifically for this class. Your notebook should always have paper; tab-dividers are recommended for organizing sections of the binder. More than one pencil/pen is recommended. Be proactive─assume your pen will run out of ink, your pencil will break, or be lost. Bring this binder to class each day! Final Note • The instructor reserves the right to take into consideration individual differences and, therefore, to occasionally deviate from the above standards when in his judgment it is just to do so.