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EDI Support and Service For Gentran, Sterling, Axway and others

Apprisia's EDI team would support your in-house EDI team and your partner team for daily EDI production support activities.

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EDI Support and Service For Gentran, Sterling, Axway and others

  1. 1. EDI Support & Service Provider Presented by Apprisia
  2. 2. www.apprisia.com What are EDI services? Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the electronic interchange of business information using a standardized format; a process which allows one company to send information to another company electronically rather than with paper. Business entities conducting business electronically are called trading partners. Advantages of EDI • It is less costly than traditional system. • It improved customers service and delivery. • It reduces error and clerical work. • It improves business cycle. • It has faster response time. • It helps in better planning and forecasting.
  3. 3. www.apprisia.com Apprisia support for List of EDI Products Our EDI consulting team supports you in all stages of the EDI implementation for following list of EDI products. • IBM Sterling B2B Integrator • IBM Sterling File Gateway/Managed File Transfer • Gentran GXS • EXTOL • Axway • Inovis • TIE Kinetix • Mercator • Microsoft BizTalk
  4. 4. www.apprisia.com EDI Implementation Service Provided By Apprisia Our services can be delivered on-site and remotely for the best value for your IT budget. • Complete software installation and configuration • Application systems integration (SAP, JD Edwards, others) • Map development • Trading partner implementation Training • Train your team on EDI Software • Research and trouble shoot technical issues • Testing of modifications / fixes to mapping code • Development to production migrations
  5. 5. www.apprisia.com EDI Support Service Provided By Apprisia Apprisia will assist you to understand the impact of EDI implementation in your business. Our support service includes following actions: • EDI Issue Resolution - Triage, troubleshoot, and resolve production issues for the EDI Environment • Trading Partner Onboarding - Trading Partner Configuration and Setup • EDI Translation and Mapping - Map implementation as per trading partner specifications • Coordination with Trading Partner - for interoperability testing and acceptance testing
  6. 6. www.apprisia.com Why Apprisia is your trusted partner • Assessment and Analysis - Detail and justify your strategy for EDI with business scenario evaluation, target architecture, transformation roadmap, implementation strategy, and business case. Provide 100% accurate classification despite of classification process complexity to ensure compliance. • Customization - Develop new process, or review an existing one customized to a business's unique needs and compliance risk. Ask us your EDI question. Apprisia is a trusted EDI service provider from US, offers EDI support and EDI implementation service.
  7. 7. Contact : +1 (214) 556-5416 THANK YOU ! www.apprisia.com Address : 9330 LBJ Freeway, Suite #900, Dallas. TX 75243 Email : support@apprisia.com