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Web Design Consultant UAE

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Stellar Eastern Provides Food & Beverage Consultant services in UAE. We are the top most Food & Beverage Consultant service provider in UAE.

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Web Design Consultant UAE

  1. 1. Chocolate Retail Plus Food of the gods (that is what Theobroma Cocoa, the scientific name for the cocoa tree, literally means) and the most popular product on the planet, chocolate is a business that is particularly lucrative, with versatile retail formats that can be tailor-made to suit specific preferences. Just passion for chocolate, however, is not enough and innumerable decisions have to be made and challenges to be surmounted, before you are ready to deal with your first customer. Furthermore, in the vast world of franchising, a company that provides comprehensive chocolate know-how is a rare occurence. The biggest brands at the very least, insist that their product be imported from the country of origin. When that happens, an original cost of a dollar becomes almost two by the time the chocolate is received in the country of import, hence rendering these brands unable to compete effectively in the market.
  2. 2. This is where Stellar Eastern provides truly unique value with the Chocolate Retail Plus. In this part of the world, gifting forms the core of most chocolate businesses and as overseas brands are not equipped to effectively cater to regional needs, most major chocolate players are home grown regional brands. This also means that unlike other food categories where giant foreign franchises dominate, chocolate still provides realistic opportunities of creating and succeeding with an original brand. Our CHOCOLATE RETAIL PLUS programme includes the following services: Setting up an economical and efficient production facility from scratch, including layouts, work flow, equipment, food safety regulations and training by qualified chocolatiers. Selection of ingredients (do you prefer Beligian, French, Swiss or some other?) suppliers, decorative materials and packaging. Planning, design, construction, training and branding Corporate gifting programmes
  3. 3. The stellar eastern assurance: We endeavor to provide as much cost efficiency as possible to our customers throughout the process. We also keep absolutely no margins in any procurement process as our role is that of facilitator, project manager and mentor, but NOT that of broker. For more details please visit our website@ http://www.stellareastern.com/