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Preventing Cancer Growth1

  1. We just learnt that one of our friends has cancer. Certainly it sadden us but this seems too common and why is it so? The fact is Cancer presents a threat in our life. This is very real
  2. A book written by Professor Richard Beliveau and Dr Denis Ginger on “foods to fight cancer” have the following findings: Statistic shows that one out of three people is affected by cancer before the age of 75 This represents 12 per cent of all reported deaths on Earth . However, fear not, there is hope.
  3. People fear cancer and also believe that there is little they can do to prevent it. They put developing cancer down to hereditary factors or sheer bad luck. However, scientific research shows that this is not the case, and that lifestyle factors such as diet can play a major role in preventing cancer Do you know, one third of all cancers are linked to poor eating habits?
  4. Statistic : 30% of Cancer patients are smokers, if you are a non smoker, then risk of cancer will be reduced by 30% 15% of Cancer patients are due to hereditary, if your family line does not have any cancer history, then risk of cancer is further reduced by 15%. Another 30% of Cancer patients are due to poor dietary habits. So it depends on you, you can further reduce the risk of cancer by another 30% by having good dietary habit. The choice is yours. The choice is yours
  5. Poor Dietary risk cancer Higher risk Lower risk Generally, data has shown that individuals consuming fewest fruits and vegetables have twice the chance of developing certain cancers, suggest that these dietary shortcomings could play a role in the higher cancer rates now afflicting the West.
  6. Angiogenesis –an essential process in the growth of a Tumor Chemotherapy therapy Anti Angiogenesis Metronomic therapy process vs
  7. Anticancer compound present in fruits and vegetables, phytochemicals are the most important
  8. Anticancer compound present in fruits and vegetables, phytochemicals block carcinogen action, block the promotion and progression of cancer cells
  9. Higher EGCG has better anti cancer compound
  10. Trans-fats, one of the unknown fats that are unknown in nature and that cause damage to cell. Look at the label behind the food package, it usually indicates if there is any trans- fat.
  12. If you are keen to get more details, you may consider buying the book