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  1. 1. Which of the following statements about sexual reproduction in both animals and plants are true? A B C D Fertilisation occurs The sperm fuses with the egg The eggs are released from the ovules The male and female sex cells are required (1)A and B (2)A and D (3)B,c and D (4)A,B,C,D The answer is(2) Since plants don't has sperms and egg cells and humans does not have ovules,so the remaining correct answers are A and D,which is(2). PLS don't kill me if i'm wrong 1. Ferns and mushrooms both grow and reproduce themselves. (a) In what way are they similar in their reproduction? (b) Are they similar in the way they get food? Give a reason. 2. Method of breathing. Group Group group group A: B: C: D: Crab, damselfly nymph seal, walrus tubifex worm, tadpole water stick insect, mosquito larva. (a)One animal in the diagram has been classified wrongly. Name the animal. (b) In which group (A, B, C, D) should this animal be classified. Why? (c) The water beetle cannot be placed in any of the groups above. Explain why. 3. In germination, the part that grows out from the seed first is the ________________, followed by the ____________________. 4. When a new plant grow from the bud of an old plant (eg. ginger), this is an example of _______________? (a) fertilisation (b) dispersal (c) reproduction (d) adaptation 5. Why is is that plant do not grow as well in boiled water which has been cooled to room temperature than in normal water which has not been boiled? . The gills of a fish are covered by a very thin membrane. Why is it necessary for the fish to have such a thin membrane over the gills? (b) The mudskipper has a special adaptation that enables it to stay on land for short periods of time.
  2. 2. What is the adaptation and how hoes this adaptation function? (c) Besides fish, name two other animals that use gills for breathing. a) I believe that the thin membrane covering the gills allow efficient exchange of gases like carbon dioxide and oxygen. b) Mudskippers have enlarged gill chambers that allow them to trap air bubble when they are above water, this allows them to survive on land for a short period of time. c) Sharks, lamprey, newt larva Are the following statements false or true: 1) Cells increase in numbers when an organism grows. true 2) the cells become bigger when an organism grows.