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Artificial grass Aruba - Artificialgrass24.co.uk

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Aruba is the artificial grass that will revolutionize the way you think about artificial grass surfaces. Forty millimeters of softness and charm that will make you walk on a cloud of pleasure. Everything is designed to achieve the best results and to excel.

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Artificial grass Aruba - Artificialgrass24.co.uk

  1. 1. http://www.artificialgrass24.co.uk Artificial grass Forbalconies,swimmingpools,solarium,terraces,gardens,outdoor ARUBA
  2. 2. ARUBA Aruba is the artificial turf that will revolutionize the way you think about synthetic grass surfaces. Forty millimeters of softness and charm that will make you walk on a cloud of pleasure. Everything is designed to achieve the best results and to excel. The choice of soft colors with three shades of green and ecru to simulate the dry grass is the result of extensive studies on color. The best textured yarn on the market, offering a rippled and voluminous effect, it is combined with C-shaped filaments that disperse heat and return to their original shape. Landscape architecture requires higher and higher standards, also in terms of environmental sustainability and of the materials used, and Aruba satisfies them all. That’s why those who plan and design green urban and rural landscapes use products such as Aruba synthetic grass. ARUBA
  3. 3. ARUBA But be assured that Aruba synthetic turf features distinctive characteristics: it combines softness with unmatched tenacity and resilience. In addition to its indestructible yarn, the triple base over which it is stitched makes it an incredibly resistant surface. Aruba turf is a synthetic grass surface that equals natural grass. So, whatever your goal - whether it’s urban furnishings and embellishments, decorative works, winter gardens, greenhouses, or pools - Aruba is the right product for you.
  4. 4. ARUBA It’s hard to find all these features in the same product. Aruba artificial turf offers them all, as can be seen. Add to this 180,000 filaments per square meter and you’ll have unparalleled density. When you tread on it, perhaps barefoot, those four centimeters of thickness will make you sink into a soft and delicate green ocean.
  5. 5. ARUBA Technicalfeatures: Arubasyntheticgrass Structure High Memory extruded and textured curly Pile height (mm) 40 ± 2,0 mm Yarn Type 100% Polyethylene and Polypropylene Color two-tone apple green and forest green + two- tone green and ecru Total weight (Gr/M²) 2.600 gr/m² ± 100 gr/m² The best artificial grass on artificialgrass24.co.uk Artificialgrass24.co.uk is an e-commerce platform dedicated to the synthetic grass sector: it is designed to offer users absolutely excellent cutting-edge products at competitive prices. Dozens of types of quality products are available for any need. Our advice and desire to be of use are at your disposal together with all our expertise in the synthetic turf and outdoor furnishings industry. The most beautiful pages dedicated to the world of synthetic turf are only on Artificialgrass24.co.uk. And for the first time the grass on the other side won’t be greener. http://www.artificialgrass24.co.uk
  6. 6. ARUBA http://www.artificialgrass24.co.uk The grass is always greener on our side Per support and information: support@artificialgrass24.co.uk