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Focus Group

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Focus Group

  1. 1. FOCUS GROUP I carried out a focus group to research which magazine name and font was the most appropriate for my pop music magazine. I got feedback for a number of different people and most of them agree on the same name for the magazine and font. Magazine Names: 2. Pop Hitz 1. Pop Hits 3. Music Blast 8. Me & Pop NAMES THAT I COULD USE FOR MY POP MAGAZINE? 4. Pop Starz 7. Pop World 5. Pop Star 6. Simply Pop Opinion 1: I like the name Pop Starz because of the “z” at the end which makes it sound trendier. I emphasizes that this is a pop magazine as it includes the word “pop” in it. The magazine would also include stories about celebrities who are pop stars with also appeals to the type of magazine it is. Opinion 2 I like the name Me& Pop as it associated you to pop music. It shows that you are reading the magazine because you love pop music. The name unites both the reader and the magazine into one. It also shows that the producers of the magazine care about the readers as well as the magazine itself. Opinion 3: I like the name Pop Starz as the reader can automatically tell that it is a pop magazine. My Opinion: I have chosen the name Pop Starz as it was the name recommended by most people in my focus group who like to read pop magazines.
  2. 2. Font Style: Opinion 1 I like number 3 because it looks bubbly which I think relates to pop music. I have chosen number 3 because it’s the typically pop font that maybe used in pop magazines. Opinion 2 I like number 1 because it’s the most eye-catching and looks stylish than the others. It is big and bold which grabs people’s attention. Opinion 3 I like number 13 because it is looks bold and eye-catching; this font looks the most professional and gives a clean image. My Opinion: I have decide to choose the font which is number one because I think that it has a bubbly feel to it as well as looking trendy and stylish.