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Spectrum of privacy consumer privacy levels

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what are the categories of data and what is generally considered private versus not private?

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Spectrum of privacy consumer privacy levels

  1. 1. October 2018 / Page 0marketing.scienceconsulting group, inc. linkedin.com/in/augustinefou Spectrum of Privacy –v2 secret personal private • login/passwords • social sec # • passport • driver’s license • fingerprint /DNA • bank accounts • credit card #s • name • address • email/phone # • medical history • job /reviews • school grades • private msgs • what I buy • social media pictures/posts • my location • my device ID • my friends • ? “services which leak meta data are less private” public • what sites I visit • what I search for • what I type / click anonymous
  2. 2. October 2018 / Page 1marketing.scienceconsulting group, inc. linkedin.com/in/augustinefou Spectrum of Privacy (2017) Less private More sensitive More private Less sensitive secret personal public anonymous • passwords • social sec # • passport • name • address • email • phone # • social media • geolocation • cookies • ad tech / retargeting • ? Meta data No meta data “services which leak meta data are less private”
  3. 3. October 2018 / Page 2marketing.scienceconsulting group, inc. linkedin.com/in/augustinefou Set of Privacy-Forward Services crpt.info pass.wd netw.rk • secure messaging • no meta data • strong passwords • easy to use for humans • device-to- device comms • atomic permissions No meta data brow.sr • session based keys • perfect forward privacy meta data Key problem to solve: weak passwords single private key d2d comms + + Meta data Phone # and email used to identify endpoints reveal identity and meta data. • ownership • permissions to spend ++ mon.ey undemo- cratic
  4. 4. October 2018 / Page 3marketing.scienceconsulting group, inc. linkedin.com/in/augustinefou Site I am visiting can show me ads Consumer Privacy Levels –v3 Site I am visiting can track me and set a cookie to know when I return 1st Party (Site that I am visiting) Sites I am visiting can allow 3rd parties to show me ads 3rd Parties (NOT the site I am visiting) my device – use data to track me across my devices my behavior – what I look at, type or click on a site my personal info – collect personal info my location – know where I am and where I move to