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nCOVID-19 pivot-and-fan map

@healthmap shared detailed anonymised data. Filter England data to match Local Authority boundaries. Pivot-table them into time-series attributes per Local Authority. Use @kennethfield coxcombs in ArcGIS. Parse the class_ field into dates. Post the newly time-enabled coxcombs to fan out and show infectuous arrivals. Step-by-step starts slide 11.

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nCOVID-19 pivot-and-fan map

  1. 1. nCOVID-19 pivot-and-fan map How to do Map Stuff: A Live Community Sharing Event bit.ly/map_stuff, 29 April 2020 @azolnai
  2. 2. Premise Pandemic & Open Data
  3. 3. OS PHE Wiki ONS + +
  4. 4. Background Data infrastructure
  5. 5. Numeric E10000003 Centre point Spatial Symbol point WEB MAP GIS MAP
  6. 6. Pivot-and-fan Time-enabled coxcomb symbology
  7. 7. Step by Step ArcGIS Pro and Open Data
  8. 8. New Project
  9. 9. Counties and Unitary Authorities Dec. 2016 Full Clipped Boundaries in England https://geoportal1-ons.opendata.arcgis.com/datasets/687f346f5023410ba86615655ff33ca9_0/data
  10. 10. Basemap (British National Grid projection)
  11. 11. Healthmap COVID-19 Dataset https://healthmap.org/covid-19/
  12. 12. Github repository https://github.com/beoutbreakprepared/nCoV2019/blob/master/latest_data/latestdata.csv
  13. 13. Filtered for Province: England
  14. 14. Pivot table by location for date_confirmation
  15. 15. Counties & Centroids added from ONS original
  16. 16. Import Excel worksheet and reproject to BNG
  17. 17. Kenneth Field’s “Mapping Coronavirus Coxcombs” adapted to this dataset https://www.esri.com/arcgis-blog/products/arcgis-pro/mapping/mapping-coronavirus-coxcombs/
  18. 18. Add date_conf field & calculate from CATEGORY_ using Arcade script
  19. 19. Voila! Animated Coxcombs
  20. 20. Post individually: - CountiesUAs as vector tiles to maintain projection - rest added to vector tile based map will post AOK
  21. 21. Lessons learned • Open data from ONS and HealthMap • Shared practices from Kenneth Field • Communities like Geonet & GIS StackExchange • Active Twitter channels incl. #gischat • Also on live streaming, YouTube and OBS Studio • Opportunities to explore and extend processes • “Learn a new thing a day, and you’ll stay young”