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Marketing in Recruitment | Members Only Event with Simon Lewis

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Recruitment Marketers need ROI from Marketing - whether it is more candidates, clients, colleagues, or cash...

With that in mind, we presented the Marketing in Recruitment event with Members Only. It was for recruitment marketers who need to understand and prove ROI.

Recruitment Marketers Need to Measure the Success of Their Marketing

Generating tangible ROI remains the holy grail for all recruitment marketers, but it can be a difficult goal to achieve. Simon at Members Only asked me to compere the event, so used it as an opportunity to "pep talk" the marketers and their leaders.

I talked about:The compelling reasons for sales and marketing to work together… 38% higher sales and 36% higher retention.

How 98% of Marketers have experienced conflict with Sales at some point in their career and 73% of recruitment marketers are frustrated that their leaders just don't "get" them.

What I think needs to happen for sales and marketing to be more connected and thus effective. If 60-70% of the content a marketer generates is never used, and 80% of leads are never followed up... what needs to happen? If 2/3 of the marketers who left their jobs last year said "not enough training", how on earth does the recruitment industry expect their marketers to generate any ROI? Read the slide deck from the event - food for though?

​I train and mentor recruitment marketers to deliver the 4Cs - candidates, clients, colleagues, and cash!

Read more about my recruitment marketing, mentoring and training here... https://www.barclayjones.com/recruitment-marketing/recruitment-marketing-training

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Marketing in Recruitment | Members Only Event with Simon Lewis

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