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BayLISA meetup: 8/16/12

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Introductory slides for the BayLISA SmartOS meetup on August 16th, 2012

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BayLISA meetup: 8/16/12

  1. 1. BayLISA Meetup
  2. 2. Joyent and SmartOS • Joyent is tackling the challenges of cloud computing: multi-tenancy/density, observability, storage and network virtualization • Joyent believes that the solutions to these problems begin in the operating system — that the operating system matters more than ever • We have our own illumos variant, SmartOS, that embodies that belief
  3. 3. A year of SmartOS • A year ago, we made SmartOS available with the announcement of illumos-based KVM — on which we have since deployed tens of thousands of VMs • Beyond adding KVM, we have also moved the system forward by extending the core illumos technologies: Zones, DTrace, ZFS • While we want to run all application runtimes, we have a particular focus on making SmartOS the premier platform for deploying node.js apps • In the past year, we have integrated node.js with SmartOS technologies, e.g. DTrace, mdb, libumem
  4. 4. The SmartOS community • We have seen explosive interest in SmartOS: many tens of thousands of downloads (!) with a surprising number running it seriously in production (!!) • The enthusiasm has come as a (pleasant!) surprise; we apologize that we havenʼt always had as much time as we would like to help the community • We think office hours in #smartos (Thursdays, 10a to 11a Pacific) have been successful, but weʼre always welcome to new ideas for helping the community!
  5. 5. SmartOS community enthusiasm
  6. 6. Tonightʼs meetup • Thanks to tonightʼs sponsors: Telefónica and Joyentʼs upcoming DTrace training featuring @brendangregg • Tonight: • Bill Pijewski on the SmartOS zpool architecture • Ben Rockwood on deploying SmartOS by the rack • Robert Mustacchi on implementing per-thread caching in libumem • Bryan Cantrill on DTrace in the non-global zone
  7. 7. Thank you.FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT www.joyent.com ORwww.smartos.org