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Music magazine conventions

These are the different conventions used within a music magazine.

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Music magazine conventions

  2. 2. Title/Logo – The title uses sans serif fonts.New House style - this shows that a The title takes up the whole widths of thenew house style has been used. This magazine and even though the man’s headwill draw in the audience because is covering the end of the title you still knowthey may want to look through the that it is “Smash Hits”.new magazine and see how it isdifferent to the previous issues. Background – this magazine uses more girly colours than other music magazines. It is aimed at girl as you can tell through the colour scheme and the “Red carpet looks” etc. The background uses Cover line – This cover line is three types of pink so on white because it stands out on the shelves it would stand top of the pink. There is a use out because it would be the of bold writing to tell you who brightest. the celebrity is about. Quote from article – This quote is pulled out from an inside article. Images – This magazine has many different This is used because it images not just one. This makes it look more shows the audience unprofessional than the other music Barcode what is going to be magazines. The use of all the pictures shows featured inside. that the articles will feature different celebrities.
  3. 3. Title/Logo – The magazine title is largeStrap Line – This strap line is used because it and bold. This makes it stand out on theshows the readers that they get something for shelf, if it was on the shelf you wouldfree. These are always smaller and above the recognise it because of the size and theheadline. It uses pink because it stands out on bold text. Katy Perry’s head is cover thetop of the black logo. middle of the logo however people would still knows what magazine it is because of its brand awareness. Sans serif font – TheLead – The main cover line is about Katy Perry. majority of musicYou can tell this because her name is larger magazines uses sans serifthan the other smaller cover lines. The lead is font. They are bold andused to make people read on inside the bright – this makes themmagazine. easy to see through the congested smaller writing.Cover lines – the cover lines areinsights to other articles frominside the magazine. They areused to draw in the readers. Background – the background isThey also allow the readers to white. It is basic but allows bright Image – the image is of Katy Perry. Her posesee what’s going to be featured colours to be placed on top of the make her look sexually attractive so males willwithin the issue. background layer. As the layer is be drawn to the magazine. The image always relates to the lead article of the magazine. All plain the other colours stands out the colour schemes of the fonts match her and draws your eye straight to outfit. This makes the magazine flow and them. shows a direct correlation.
  4. 4. Tagline – This is used to accompany the logo. It shows that Q is the UK’s biggest Lead – this is the mainMasthead – this logo is very music magazine so readers who haven’t article. The colour schemerecognisable with the red read it before and looking to read a music still is the same as the logosbackground and white layer on mag would be tempted because of the colours. This makes thetop. Q magazine is a very famous high reputation that the magazine has. magazine look professionalmusic magazine so and the because they only use twomasthead has a very strong brand colours to write on the frontawareness making it very page. The main article is onrecognisable in the music the front page because itmagazine market. draws in the readers to read on inside. Barcode Background – The background is very dark and gothic. There is rain falling at the back which gives the Box out – The use of box out in this image definition. Her bright magazine is to make the text stand red lips makes them stand out. As the background is very dark out and she’s liking her finger they need to use a white box out so which makes the image you can see the text and to add sexually attractive. definition to the magazine. Main Cover line– This is used to draw the audience into the magazine. People who like Cheryl Cole would buy the magazine because they want to find out information about her. The cover line uses the same colours as the mast head. This makes the magazine look more professional.
  5. 5. Music Contents conventions: Sans serif font: this main headline uses sans serif font – this makes the text basic however it stands out Box out – The use of the box out compared to the other text on the allows the text to stand out because it page. uses a coloured background that is a different colour scheme to the rest of the page. Page numbers relating to articles: having a image of the front cover then uses arrows to the page Images – the images numbers allow the are used in the audience to find the magazine in order to article that they are allow the audience to looking for quickly. It also know what is going to contributes to the layout be in the magazine. features of the magazine This magazine is very – In this case I look more creative and visual so informal and chatty. that it is not boring. Contents: The contents allow the readers to know Editor’s Note: this editor’s note is where the different introducing the month’s issue. The articles are located Hyperlink - allows the audience editor welcomes the audience and within the magazine. to find out more information if gives them a brief insight to what’s they want to. Going on the going to happen in the particular website allows you find out more issue. about a certain article.
  6. 6. Article: this is also another smaller interview that is yet to Interview: this magazine has be continued within the included a interview with magazine. One direction. It gives a few lines then includes the page number where it would be continued. Front cover: this shows the front page of theContents: The contents allows the magazine. The coveraudience to find certain articles lines and images arequickly. For example if they were accompanied with thelooking for “Cheryl Coles” interview page numbers wherethen they could find the right page you can find the fullnumber. articles. This contents page is mainly full of interviews and gossip etc. It only contains a small part on “News and Features” so this contents page doesn’t really fit in with a stand content convention.
  7. 7. The magazine has used the mast head of the magazine within the contents page.Sub heading: The subheading isvery eye catching and stands outwhen the audience turn onto thepage. Body copy: These body copies allow the audience to see whats going to be featured within the magazine and they give the page numbers so the audience can find the article instantly. Banner: the banner allows the Editors Note: this is a editors note editor to add either extra that allows the Editors to introduce information or pictures to the issue and tell the audience briefly accompany the articles. what will be mentioned within the magazine. Contents numbers: The titles of the different articles are accompanied with their page numbers so that the audience can find the articles quickly.
  8. 8. Editors note: editors notes are used to make the magazine personal to the audience and also introduce the months issue. Box out: Box outs are used to make the text that sits on top of it stand out.Contents: This is the contents thatwill be featured within themagazine. It will allow theaudience to find certain articlesquickly. Images: Images are used so that they relate to the articles. Banner: Adding extra information into the magazine normally advertising or a small quote.