Medicaid Expansion Program- BillingParadise

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Medicaid coverage to roughly 900,000 more people under the federal health overhaul

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Medicaid Expansion Program- BillingParadise

  1. 1. Medicaid Expansion ProgramMedicaid coverage to roughly 900,000 more people under the federal health overhaul
  2. 2. What Governor Rick Scott Says?“Gov. Rick Scott announced plansWednesday to expand Medicaid coverage toroughly 900,000 more people under thefederal health overhaul, a surprise decisionfrom the vocal critic of President BarackObamas plan” Mr. Rick Scott(Florida Governor)
  3. 3. Why Florida Supporting Expansion?“Scott said he would support theexpansion as long as the federalgovernment pays 100 percent of theincreased costs, which is the deal offeredto states by the Obama administration” Mr. Rick Scott(Florida Governor)
  4. 4. Scott Concerns over the Medicaid CostsThe governor said he still worries that thepresidents plan could "lead to less patientchoice, worse care, and higher costs" Mr. Rick Scott(Florida Governor)
  5. 5. Do States Supporting the Expansion?The other six GOP governors who plan to expandthe program are the leaders of Michigan, Ohio,Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada and North Dakota.So far 21 states plus Washington, D.C., plan toexpand their Medicaid programs under the healthcare law. Mr. Rick Scott(Florida Governor)
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  7. 7. Thanks “Designed By”BillingParadise( Free 1-(888)-571-9069