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How to regain business direction and focus

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Have you lost direction and focus in your business? Find out how understanding and communicating your core values can help you find your direction again and move your business from the infant or teenage stage, to a mature business.

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How to regain business direction and focus

  1. How to regain Business Direction and Focus
  2. We’ve all been there – start off with the greatest of intentions and then get lost somewhere along the way
  3. In fact, in the businesses lifecycle most businesses get stuck as infants or ‘trouble-some teenagers’ – never quite making it to adulthood and maturity Conception, birth, infant, teenager, adult
  4. You’re keeping your head above water, but sometimes it can be overwhelming and you might even be wondering if it is all worthwhile
  5. So how do you get to adulthood and in total control?
  6. You probably already know that magic bullets or those 7 fantastic tips isn’t a game changer.
  7. You need to go on a not-a-quick-fix journey
  8. Journey rule #1: Lead Well - Do the RIGHT THINGS.
  9. Journey rule #2: Manage well - Do THINGS RIGHT
  10. To lead successfully – to do the right things: • Know what you stand for
  11. • Know where you’re going
  12. • Know how you’re going to get there
  13. • Know what you need to get there
  14. To manage successfully: • Do things right
  15. To manage successfully: • Keep doing things right!
  16. How can you do the right things if you don’t know what you stand for? Ask yourself: what do I and my business stand for? Examples: Superior customer experience, trusted partner/ advisor, value solutions, Creativity, Approachability, Reliability/ dependability, Financial sustainability, Teamwork
  17. Now go and sell theses core values to your team.
  18. The team might snicker, cry, sulk or crown you emperor. That’s all OK.
  19. Work with the team until everyone agrees on the core values and what they mean to the business
  20. And, make sure the business ‘lives’ these values
  21. For example: If Superior customer experience is a core value, how can you measure it, how can you make sure that every interaction with the customer gives them a great experience – website, reception, quoting, delivery?
  22. Now everyone agrees what makes your business ‘tick’ but they still need to understand the ‘why’.
  23. Think that’s any easy one? It’s not but it is one of the most important steps you will take. It’s starts with ‘what you do’ and you keep asking ‘Why?’
  24. For example: A telephone call minding service ended up at: “Creating the right first impression for our customers”
  25. 3M came up with “Solving unsolved problems, innovatively”
  26. A good core purpose allows you think expansively about the things you could do and the things you would not do
  27. And Steve Jobs put it this way “People think focus means saying yes to the thing you've got to focus on. But that's not what it means at all. It means saying no to the hundred other good ideas that there are. You have to pick carefully. I'm actually as proud of the things we haven't done as the things I have done. Innovation is saying no to 1,000 things.”
  28. So regaining focus and attention starts with understanding and communicating your core values and your core purpose – but it does not end there…..!
  29. One thing though that all of us need is a sounding board – someone we can bounce ideas off that can give an ‘external’ perspective
  30. Surround yourself with Smart people who will challenge you
  31. Good Luck!
  32. •Need a sounding board for your ideas? •Need to know what to prioritise? •Want someone to challenge your assumptions?
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