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Diversifying your investment portfolio

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Diversifying your investment portfolio

  1. 1. Common mistakes that expatriates make - and how to avoid them Part 3: Diversifying your investment portfolio Baruch Labinsky MBA, TEP Licensed by the Israel Securities Authority Financial Planner/Investment Manager October 2013 www.Labinsky.com
  2. 2.  Your portfolio must have a % of your assets tied to the local currency.  Consistently rebalance your portfolio.  Rather than predicting the impossible future, work out your goals and ensure you portfolio can match.  Currency markets are among the most volatile. Don’t depend on those markets plan so that your needs are taken into account.
  3. 3.  Israeli real estate market has shown cumulative growth of over 80% over past 67 years.  No-one can guarantee direction of property prices.  Ensure that you can - and will be able to continue to - afford to buy your home to live in.
  4. 4.  Rent, value of property and average wage should grow in parallel. Value of property has sky rocketed over past few years.  Very low interest rates encourage people to invest in real estate.  Real estate is much cheaper in periphery. If buying for an investment, find an area where prices are less inflated to ensure greater growth potential.
  5. 5. Available in stores in Israel and abroad and via www.labinsky.com
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