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revolution vocabulary

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revolution vocabulary

  1. 1. Assignment 2.1- Revolutionary Vocabulary (Part 1)Nic Block
  2. 2. Magna Carta
  3. 3. What country was it written for? EnglandWhen was it written?1215What did it do to the power of monarchies? took itawayHow was this a form of "rule of law"? because it tookall the power away from the monarchies
  4. 4. Glorious Revolution
  5. 5. Where did it take place? EnglandWho took over as King of this country? William ofOrangeWhat document changed the power of Kings foreverand was a result of this revolution? Magna Carta
  6. 6. The English Bill Of Rights
  7. 7. When was it written?1689In two sentences, explain what it did? The Bill of Rightscombined past grievances against the deposed king with amore general statement of basic liberties.
  8. 8. The Enlightenment
  9. 9. In two sentences, describe what the enlightenment was.Theenlightenment was a philosophic movement of the 18thcentury marked by a rejection of traditional social,religious, and political ideas and an emphasis onrationalism.When did it take place? 18 CenturyWhy is it important?It rejected the idea that we shouldaccept anything the Church says as truth just because thechurch says it was true.
  10. 10. Charles-Louis Montesquieu
  11. 11. Where was he from? FranceWhat is he most famous for?his articulation of the theoryof separation of powers
  12. 12. John Locke
  13. 13. Where was he from? Wrington, Somerset, EnglandLifespan?29 August 1632 – 28 October 1704What are natural rights?
  14. 14. Jean Jacques Rousseau
  15. 15. Where was he from? Geneva, Republic of GenevaLifespan?(28 June 1712  – 2 July 1778What is the Social Contract?
  16. 16. Thomas Jefferson