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Business model template - design with 16 blocks by @boardofinno

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Business model template: Design your business idea with 16 building blocks, and find inspiration in other revenue model examples.

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Business model template - design with 16 blocks by @boardofinno

  1. 1. Business Model Design made easyeBay, Zopa, Skype, free newspapers, RyanAir,RadioHead… Many success stories are based onnew business models.Design your own business ideas with thesebuilding blocks, and find inspiration in otherinnovative business concepts.Example below: headliner.fm More info: boardofinnovation.com
  2. 2. Build your business model withthese 16 blocks(download this file to edit) 6 stakeholders My company Companies Consumers Suppliers Non-profit Government 10 items to transfer product service experience exposure reputation money less money data right credits More info: boardofinnovation.com
  3. 3. Start simple: subscription model More info: boardofinnovation.com
  4. 4. Introduce new stakeholders:e.g. Advertiser More info: boardofinnovation.com
  5. 5. Learn from others:e.g.: Quirky.com More info: boardofinnovation.com
  6. 6. Download this file & try it yourself! My companyIf you need more inspiration try:http://www.boardofinnovation.com/business-model-patterns/ More info: boardofinnovation.com
  7. 7. We also offer:Business Model Brainstorm Kit The perfect tool to use with a team.http://www.boardofinnovation.com/business-model-templates-tools/Professional Digital Templates To sell your ideas, you need them to look professional.http://www.boardofinnovation.com/digital-templates/ More info: boardofinnovation.com
  8. 8. More info: boardofinnovation.com