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As a part of the connecting class room with British Council, the Inter National School Award Dossier prepared by P.U.M.S Guduvancheri.

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  1. 1. PROJECT – EIGHT HOUSES – CLASS INVOLVED - VII Thai houses: Thai Isaan houses and Stilt houses. Isaan houses and stilthouses are constructed on top leaving space at the bottom for ashady area to work and leave cattles there. They also prevent themfrom flood. Most stilt houses are constructed out of wood near therivers.
  2. 2. English houses are of same outlook and need specialpermission when needed to change their outlook.
  3. 3. JAPAN HOUSESJapan houses are made of wood to prevent them from Tsunamiand earthquakes.
  4. 4. SOUTH AFICAN HOUSESTepee means tent. South African tent houses aremade by our students.
  5. 5. ANTARCTICA’S IGLOOSIgloos are made by people who go on research or expenditure toAntarctica to stay warm from cold. They make houses from theice.
  6. 6. We arranged for an exhibition of the model houses made andasked the students to explain the reason of the different typesofhouses in different regions.
  7. 7. Explaining to other students about theirhouses.
  8. 8. FOLLOW-UP ACTIVITYMaking models of houses gave them confidence and motivatedthem to model of their school.This is how our school looks!