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  1. 1. A variation /budee/ B Variation /budee/ 1. Write the comparative and superlative degree 1. Make the questions. a. hot __________ ___________ a. are Where children the? b. good __________ ___________ b. friends How are your old? c. heavy __________ ___________ c. many there How arestudents? 2. Complete with and or or. 2. Complete with some and a/an? a. Saran is tall ___ thin. a. Do you have _____ cheese in the fridge? b. Is your friend’s name Susan ____ Sandra? b. Can I have ______ apples, please? c. Is he fat ___ thin? c. I have ____ book in my bag. d. He has got long hair _____ a small nose. 3. Guess the words. 3. Guess the words. a. 48 ______ a. A room where we can have lunch, dinner and breakfast b. 99 _____ _____ c. 200 ______ b. A thing that you can draw a picture with. ________ 4. Complete the suitable verbs in the blankets. c. A vegetable that it is orange and good for your eyes. a. _____ in flat _______ b. _______ in the river 4. Complete the suitable verbs in the blankets. c. _____ Mongolia a. _________ homework 5. Answer the questions. b. _________ dinner a. Can you ride a horse? c. _________ English b. Who do you live with? 5. Answer the questions. c. What time do you have breakfast? a. Have you got a sister? b. Where do you live? c. What is your friend’s name?
  2. 2. C Variation /budee/ D Variation/budee/ 1. Short answers. 1. Short answers. a. Do you read a book? ____________ a. Can you play tennis? _____ b. Does she have a dog? ____________ b. Does he have braekfast in the morning? _____ c. Have you got a brother? __________ c. Has she got long hair? ______ 2. Write the comparative and superlative degree 2. Make the questions. a. dry __________ ___________ a. time go do What you school to? b. bad __________ ___________ b. he book a in Does read evening the? c. small __________ ___________ c. play you Can tennis football or? 3. Guess the words. 3. Complete the suitable verbs in the blankets. a. A place where you can buy something. ____ a. _____ a horse b. A thing you can write with._______ b. ______ trousers c. A room where you can wash your face. _____ c. ______ in Mongolia 4. Complete the suitable verbs in the blankets. 4. Write the numbers. a. ______ a song a. 45 _____ b. _____ a banana b. 100 ______ c. _____ a movie c. 77 ____ 5. Answer the questions. 5. Answer the questions. a. How old are you? a. What is your favorite cartoon? b. Can you play the paino? b. What colour is the sky? c. What is the weather like? c. What do you do in your free time?