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Learn Content Marketing Lingo: Here’s 17 of the basic terms!

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Here is a list of some of the most basic terms in a content marketers arsenal. To understand some of the concepts on my blog you may need to just glance at this just to see what I am referring to more in-depth.

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Learn Content Marketing Lingo: Here’s 17 of the basic terms!

  1. 1. Content Marketing Lingo 101 Presented by: BrandonDoesSocial.com
  2. 2. Content Marketing Lingo 101 Learn the basics of content marketing from a glossary of words you will find throughout my blog
  3. 3. Instagram Instagram is one of the most popular social networks around. With over 300 million active daily users they have a lot of exposure to offer to your business. Instagram only allows you to share photos and videos with a text caption. You can also add hashtags to these posts to to categorize them. Instagram is very big with the younger generation and is very easy to engage and talk with your audience.
  4. 4. LinkedIn LinkedIn is a social network that is for professionals and allows them to connect. This is great for B2B marketing and businesses that are looking to find professional clients. LinkedIn has a blogging platform and has many way to reach out to your audience on there.
  5. 5. Twitter Twitter is a platform that allows you to share 140 word character tweets, you can also share 30 sec videos and up to 4 photos per post! They are a micro publishing platform that is really great for outreach and conversations. If you have ever wanted to contact someone famous Twitter is definitely the way to go!
  6. 6. Facebook Facebook is a popular social media platform that has 1.19 billion users and is made for publishers and people to interact and engage with their networks. Facebook has so many active users and the ad targeting is amazing for bang-for-buck marketing with Facebook. What’s working now on Facebook is video!
  7. 7. YouTube is a popular video sharing and publishing platform. They get 3 billion views per day which is MINDBOGGLING. You can use this to post and store videos for your business. You can also use these videos to help viewers and to drive more business and traffic to your site.
  8. 8. Pinterest Pinterest is a very visual and a very targeted platform. Pinterest is great when marketing to women and younger people because there are a few great topics that thrive on Pinterest. It is all visual based and allows you to save and look back on previous collections of posts that you have organized.
  9. 9. Google+ Google+ is basically Google’s facebook. It is a little different though because you connect with people and put them into circles or networks. With google+ you can share long form posts, high quality photos, youtube videos and such more. The benefit of Google+ is that it is owned by Google so it ranks a little better on search.
  10. 10. Hashtag (#) Hashtags is a way to categorize content. Hashtags are marked on o photo or social media post because it is stating what/who this hashtag is for. There are hashtags for events like The World Series (#WorldSeries) or just on Monday’s when you post a #motivationmonday post. The hashtag tell what the overall general topic of a post is about which allows people interested in that hashtag to potential find your post interesting too.
  11. 11. Analytics Analytics are basically reports on what is going on with your social media. You don’t have to go back and look at all these posts individually so you look at a report that will show you what you are doing bad, good, and hopefully this will lead to what you need to change for next time. Having that review process with analytics will drastically increase your understanding.
  12. 12. Blogging It is basically a weblog or BLOG for short. The act of posting to this blog is called blogging. Posting is frequent and is usually full of relevant or useful information. It is like a news article or an individual post that iks created by your business. Blogs are crucial to all content marketing, driving site traffic, quality leads, and getting more business more often
  13. 13. Content This is a piece of information given in many forms. For all forms the information needs to be valuable and help/benefit/entertain the people that engage with it. That being said, content can be expressed in text, video, photo, live stream, audio and any other forms which can turn into blog posts, and ebooks, and youtube videos.
  14. 14. Visual Content Visual content is photos, infographics, videos, and data visualizations. All of these help make your content more interesting to consume. This is really crucial when dealing with platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook because all of the best posts always have some sort of image or video attached to it.
  15. 15. Infographic An infographic is a highly visual piece of content that is basically a storyboard or picture book. It gives so much information in such a comprehensible way. A lot of people understand things when they are reading and also seeing visuals.
  16. 16. Influencers Every industry has influencers -- people that the rest of us look up to because of their experience and intelligence. Knowing or being in contact with influencers can easily help you increase your reach and audience. Imagine this. You walk by Obama and you take a picture with him, that picture ends up getting significantly more likes than any picture you’ve posted. You have used someone's influence to attract awareness to your page. Those are people who didn’t know you but know the influence of this individual and took an interest.
  17. 17. Quality When it comes to social media, quality matters. You could easily scare people off by being too spammy or aggressive and getting people to follow your page again is really hard. Keep your true fans true and post what they want to see and interact with. Your goal is to not try an advertise and sell to your followers, your goal is to post things that will get them talking.
  18. 18. Quantity Quantity is also important in social media because if you are putting out quality posts for a period of time and keeping the quantity consistent than you should start seeing some results. Finding the balance of how good content needs to be and how much needs to go out is the key!
  19. 19. Social Being social means being in your surroundings and actively engaged in a conversation or interaction with another person. This being said this is the same thing in life as it is on social media. Those who go out and talk to more people normally know more people. Same thing on social media, the more you are actively engaged with the community the better!
  20. 20. Thanks For Checking This Out! Find This Post And Many More At BrandonDoesSocial.com