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Strategy for implementing a BI solution in a Cloud

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Strategy for implementing a BI solution in a Cloud.

The last few years has witnessed a paradigm shift in the way software is deployed and consumed by the enterprise. Economies of scale have driven "cloud computing" to the forefront where computing and software is served as a utility much like power. The emergence of this model has seen a spate of new technologies, virtualization being at the forefront. Sanjay Mehta, CEO, MAIA Intelligence was invited for speaking on Customer Perspective; Strategy for implementing a BI solution in a Cloud on Friday, November 26, 2010 at the Computer Society of India (CSI)'s Annual National Convention 2010 program - iGen - Technologies for next decade.

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Strategy for implementing a BI solution in a Cloud

  1. 1. BI Product on cloud Sharing experiences Sanjay Mehta – CEO MAIA Intelligence
  2. 2. Introduction First Indian Business Intelligence Product Over 20000+ users of the product 4years young start up Creating BI product on cloud Written about in Gartner, Forbes, Media on Innovation Winner / Finalist for Innovation and Technology by MICROSOFT, Nasscom, Red herring, UTV Bloomberg CXO and …………………..
  3. 3. BI Model Comparison In-house BI local resources IT- provisioned user- operated Cloud BI remote resources self- provisioned user- operated Outsource BI remote resources vendor- provisioned vendor- operated Cloud wave is for real ?
  4. 4. Does it make sense for Cloud BI Cloud is good. Business Intelligence is good. …so, they must be good together, right? Good Actor + Good Actor = Great Pair
  5. 5. Vendor Pitch for Cloud BI Traditional BI Cloud Benefits Need tech skills to set up  Easy to use / no tech skills Requires IT support  Easy to use / no tech skills Costly to deploy  Low cost / no fixed investment Time-consuming to implement  Quick deployment / easy to change May be short-term or one- time project  Easy to expand (or reduce) capacity May require large computing resources  Easy to expand (or reduce) capacity We think
  6. 6. Customer Mind Set Security Concerns Data integration Reliability Product lock-in Promise of BI tools Do not want data to move out of company Moving out data is concern System may not deliver what is expected Unscheduled downtime Integration with other corporate systems
  7. 7. Aligning the Customer • often better than in-houseSecurity Concerns • APIs more availableData Integration • most BI projects are not mission criticalReliability • negotiableProduct lock-in • pick the right solutionPromise of a BI tool It works !!!! CLOUD BI is happening
  8. 8. Technology • Provisioning • Functionality • Scalability • Complexity • API / integration • Maturity Product Offering • Data access • Service levels • Intellectual property Professional services • Strategy • Project management • Data integration • Analytics Pricing • Upfront and ongoing cost • Impact of volume • Contract period Getting the BI Product Right MAIA development think tank working on the next innovation with CLOUD BI Product
  9. 9. Development Paradigm Shift Need to think fresh, different for cloud !!!!!!!!! Porting existing applications will not work
  10. 10. Why 1KEYWEB ?1KEY SaaS Architecture 1KEY Application 1KEY Application 1KEY Application 1KEY Application 1KEY Application Service Delivery Platform Runtime Access Control Billing Management (Metering) SLA Monitoring CRM Service User 1KEY Metadata Security Availability Identity Management Usage Tracking Load Balancing Mechanism Provisioning Usage Love what you do Do what you love We are trying We will be glad to take inputs from you
  11. 11. Thank You • http://www.maia-intelligence.com • http://blog.maia-intelligence.com • http://www.facebook.com/MAIA.Intelligence • http://in.linkedin.com/in/bisoftware • http://www.maia-intelligence.com/bi-group.htm