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Byoung Joo Lee

Ingenex Digital Marketing Strategy

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  1. 1. IngenexDigital Strategy Byoung Joo Lee
  2. 2. • A results-driven digital • Leading internet marketing marketing agency firm and social media agency serving clients across the U.S.A. and Canada. • Assists companies/business(target• Focuses on producing results audience) looking to grow with a full range of digital market share, drive traffic, marketing services: and increase sales through the use of digital marketing.
  3. 3. Challenges & Goals• Ingenex provides Google AdWords/Analytics services. Ingenex does not have specific keywords to be found on Google search.• Suggested Keywords Including the company’s name and digital marketing agency, have theservices that Ingenex provides as keywords.• Be able to survive among all other competitiors Make the target audience interested. For instance, be able to demonstrate your agency’s success with the use of social media such as YouTube. SHOW THEM WHAT YOU CAN DO !!!
  4. 4. Digital Strategies •Allows Ingenex to be able to connect and communicate informally with the target audience •Be sure to attract the target audience by popularizing social media and network Social •Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blog, LinkedIn, Google+ Media •Search Engine Optimization through… •Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Online •Choose keywords wisely in order for your business to stand out among other relevant search results. Marketing • Many of business persons are always moving and smartphones or smart devices are always on. • Ads on mobile media application such as Pandora Radio and other search engines or portal sites will beMobile strategy beneficial.
  5. 5. Social Media• Keep social media always updated• Sending news letters and posting up the latest relevant information/news are good but…• Please be sure to provide and receive feedback to the target audience• One good example of social media strategy can be YouTube.if you are an expert at digital marketing, try to achieve one of the most views on YouTube. It will get you attention!
  6. 6. Search Engine Optimization• Suggested Keywords
  7. 7. Timeline Jan Feb Mar April May JuneFocus on SEO, PPC(Google SEO, PPC & YouTube channel Adwords Campaign) & development and social YouTube >1,000,000 view media strategy project begins July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Newsletters regarding the NMDL – it will promote Mobile ads, Facebook ads Ingenex as education is provided.
  8. 8. Budget Total:$12,700(1yr)• SEO / PPC(Google • Mobile : $3,000 AdWords, Facebook Ads) : $5,000• Social Media : $3,500• Newsletter(email) : $1,200
  9. 9. New Media Driver’s License - Brilliant way to promote• Knowledge is a power.• Many organizations today have come to realize the importance of online marketing.• If this program becomes more phenomenon and spotted by major media, Ingenex will be known as #1 in digital marketing as Derek becomes a master figure in this field.
  10. 10.  Measuring Success• Google Analytics Analyze information and data such as search queries or time spent on page• Facebook Ads Track pay-per-clicks and collect the basic data of the target audience• Social Media Track the Number of followers on Twitter and Likes on Facebook.