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byteLAKE for the 2nd EUREKA GlobalStars-Singapore Call (2020)

Please check our pitch for the 2nd EUREKA GlobalStars-Singapore Call (2020). We are looking for a commercial partner (worldwide) with whom we could find a synergy and jointly build a solution that would leverage one of byteLAKE's products. In particular:

1. CFD Suite: a collection of AI / Artificial Intelligence Models to significantly accelerating and enabling new possibilities for CFD / Computational Fluid Dynamics.

2. brainello: AI / Artificial Intelligence-powered OCR, extracting information from invoices. There is no need to prepare any templates upfront. We left this task to AI.

3. Ewa Guard: AI / Artificial Intelligence for automated drone's footage analytic (i.e. counting trees, detecting illegal dumping areas) or for manufacturing (intelligent cameras detecting errors on production lines).

- CFD Suite: https://www.bytelake.com/en/CFDSuite
- brainello: https://www.bytelake.com/en/brainello
- Ewa Guard: https://www.bytelake.com/en/EwaGuard
- byteLAKE research: https://www.bytelake.com/en/research/
- byteLAKE products: https://www.bytelake.com/en/artificial-intelligence-products/
- Related Call: https://eureka-globalstars-singapore-open-competition.b2match.io/page-901
- Recording: https://youtu.be/ddHGdQytbs0

Reach out to us if you would like to discuss more. E-mail: welcome@byteLAKE.com

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byteLAKE for the 2nd EUREKA GlobalStars-Singapore Call (2020)

  1. 1. byteLAKE Collaboration opportunities for 2nd EUREKA GlobalStars-Singapore Call Highly optimized AI Engines and High-Performance Computing Apps for multiple industries
  2. 2. About byteLAKE Cognitive AutomationEdge AI Services HPC Products CFD Suite AI for CFD / Fluid Dynamics Brainello AI OCR for invoices, no templates Ewa Guard Machine Vision Federated Learning AI models training across Edge AI Green Computing (FPGA, GPU) Intelligent Restaurant Incubation
  3. 3. Already involved in other EUREKA •AI for Intelligent Restaurants –Computer Vision detecting meals, drinks and dining environment. –Real time analysis for staff and optimal restaurant management. •Consortium with Protel (Turkey) 3
  4. 4. Who are we looking for? 4 Partner: • Commercial Partner 3 Project Ideas: • Visual data analytics with AI (i.e. quality inspection for manufacturing, smart city with AI drones / IoT) • Documents processing (i.e. AI reading documents like invoices) • AI to accelerate Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) industrial simulations (i.e. aerodynamics, chemicals mixing, weather simulations etc.) Game Plan: • Let’s pick one project together • Any synergies with Partner’s products or services or ideas? • Build joint product on top
  5. 5. Opportunity #1 • Use byteLAKE’s brainello (AI powered OCR to read invoices) • Add more languages? • Read more document types? Video: byteLAKE.com/en/brainello-video
  6. 6. Illegal Dumping Detection More: byteLAKE.com/en/EwaGuard Opportunity #2 • Use byteLAKE’s Ewa Guard (AI detecting objects / shapes) • Quality inspection for manufacturing? • AI powered drones for Smart City?
  7. 7. byteLAKE.com/en/CFDSuite Opportunity #3 • AI for CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) • Accelerate industrial simulations? • Automate simulations with AI?
  8. 8. Thank you! We build AI and HPC solutions. welcome@byteLAKE.com
  9. 9. AI • highly optimized AI engines to analyze text, image, video, sound and time series data. • Detecting shapes & patterns. • Complex tasks automation. • IoT/ edge, Cloud, on-premise. HPC • accelerating time to results and adapting complex algorithms to GPU, FPGA, many-CPU architectures. • From single nodes to clusters. Meet byteLAKE AI and HPC Experts Your software partner for AI & HPC projects Experts in adapting & optimizing software for Among top AI companies in Poland R&I • R&D • Licensing "It contains information on practically all meaningful companies operating in Poland which offer services or products in the field of modern technologies. We believe this map will be necessary to help both domestic and international investors looking for interesting projects in Poland.” Aleksander Kutela, President of Digital Poland Foundation Map of the Polish AI
  10. 10. Collaboration More at: bytelake.com