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byteLAKE's EwaGuard: reducing manual work in reforestation

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Meet byteLAKE's Ewa Guard: AI helping address humanity's greatest challenges like reforestation (forestry management) and fly tipping detection (illegal dumping).

Learn more by watching out other video at: www.bytelake.com/en/ewaguard-sc19-video or by visiting product's website at: https://www.bytelake.com/en/ewaguard/

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byteLAKE's EwaGuard: reducing manual work in reforestation

  1. 1. byteLAKE We build AI & HPC Solutions Computer Vision in action Trees Counting with drones
  2. 2. Monitor forestry projects with AI powered drones byteLAKE’s software helps monitor young trees and forestry projects by analyzing images taken by drones.
  3. 3. 3 How it works? 1. Upload images to byteLAKE’s software 2. Software uses AI / Computer Vision to analyze the images 3. Get information you need: - number of young trees - location of selected tree types / condition - anything else we can train our system to detect Automate your forestry projects with Artificial Intelligence!
  4. 4. See the video www.bytelake.com/en/agritech-trees-video
  5. 5. Detecting anomalies
  6. 6. Detecting young trees Tree Tree Tree Tree Tree Tree Tree Tree Tree Tree Tree Tree Tree Tree Tree Tree Tree Tree
  7. 7. ✓Enable Scalability (Decentralizes AI services & makes it easier to expand the IoT ecosystems) ✓Enable near-real-time AI experience (By using the modern low power, high performance, small form factor accelerators) ✓Solve round-trip latencies (Deploying AI directly on the device enables making on-the-spot decisions) ✓Eliminate intermittent connectivity related issues (No need for sending the data from the device to external AI services and waiting for results) ✓Reduce costs of bandwidth (AI-enabled devices pre-process the data and send the results to external services vs raw data) ✓Data can stay locally on the device (Having AI on the device allows for sending the data to external storages selectively) 8 Benefits of Intelligent Devices
  8. 8. Explore more from byteLAKE 9
  9. 9. We build AI and HPC solutions. Hardware and software. Our team uses AI techniques to enhance people’s brainpower and deliver real value in businesses across various industries and functions. byteLAKE Explore byteLAKE’s www.byteLAKE.com AI Workshops AI for Products AI Enabled RPA Cognitive Process Automation Federated Learning Intelligent Devices Computer Vision HPC Helping companies transform for the era of Artificial Intelligence. We are a team of PhD scientists and researchers, programmers, designers and technology enthusiasts.